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Format for Posting Events


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Format for Posting Airsoft Indiana Events

MM/DD/YY - OP: Name


When posting an event, to keep posts consistent with one-another in the events section to allow for attendees to receive all the information necessary to attend that event.


Example of an event thread title:


05/05/11 - OP: Cinco de Mayo

(May 5, 2010 then the operation title to follow)

Points to consider when posting an Airsoft Indiana event:

  • Event date in Month/Day/Year format
  • Field waiver
  • How the event organizes players into separate teams
  • Well thought out back-story to the event
  • The event organizer's rules and preferences on the level of eye protection required at the event
  • Feet Per Second Limits
  • Medic Rules
  • Miscellaneous rules pertaining to the event


Full example:


Topic Title: 05/05/11 - OP: Cinco de Mayo

Topic Description: Can you handle the wrath of the piñata?

Link to waiver: http://www.docs.google.com/fieldwaiver


Back Story:

Señor Roberto is off to start a new empire in the southern region of Mexico. The Piñata Lord has come with his opposing forces of garden gnomes to resist the infiltration of his land. Will you fight for justice? Or do you not really care and just want to shoot people with airsoft guns? Come and see what this event is all about!


Feet Per Second Restrictions:

  • AEGs, Pistols, and Support Weapons: 400fps
  • DMR (semi-auto): 450fps - Semi-automatic only
  • Sniper Rifle (bolt action): 550 fps

Other Rules:

- Full-seal ANSI rated goggles required

- Water (in either hydration bladder or bottle) required at all times

- Long white rope for medic system required (Can be purchased in-game and system will be described at briefing)

Camouflage Restrictions:

Team 1 -

- Flat khaki


- Multicam


- Desert Marpat


Team 2 -

- Woodland

- Marpat

- Flecktarn

- Auscam

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