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Wtt: Highly-Upgraded Dmr M4 For Ak-Platform With Mags

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I have a completely custom M4 that I want to trade for an upgraded/nice AK-47/74 with magazines.


G&P Evike Custom

Two-tone brown and black with matte clear coat

Full stock

Magpul AFG2

Angel Custom 320mm Mock Suppressor

Magpul MOE Motor Grip

Matrix RIS with rail covers



G&P gearbox shell

SHS 32:1

SHS Steel rack Half-tooth poly piston

Metal G&P M4 nozzle

SP130 Core spring

Silent Piston Head

Full cylinder

8mm G&P bearings

Lonex A1 high torque/speed motor

BTC Chimera MK.II Computerized MOSFET wired to Deans

509mm 6.03 Madbull Python TBB

Lonex Hard bucking

ICS Hop-up nub


All internals have been used in only one game as I've been busy and just recently got to field it. It shoots weaker than the spring is rated, but I believe it's because it's off-brand as the air seal was superb when I installed it. It's set to semi-auto and three-round burst. Will include the MOSFET manual and 3 rail covers that are brown as well. Will add pictures when I get to my computer. Offer up, I'm a reasonable negotiator. Prefer F2F trades.

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