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High End Gear Buying Guide


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BDS takes forever to make stuff, TAG is MUCH quicker but my TAG Vendetta came without correct spacing in the mag pouch dividers so mags wouldn't fit correctly. I fixed the problem by removing the dividers and everything was fine. Uber high quality and haven't had any issues. I also have the TAG Sustainment Pack and it has been one of the best pieces of gear I own and now I want another in tan!


BTW.. TAG's lead time with my gear was two weeks. I got my gear within 3.5 weeks I believe.

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A quick note, TAG has a lot of their stuff already made, where as BDS is made when ordered. Just a difference in the company philosphies I would imagine plus it keeps unsold inventory to a minimum.

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Its big I mean BIG. I'm not a small guy (6'3" 190lbs) but this rig is a little loose on me even.

Im kinda small so i will probly go with the T.A.G Chest Rig. Thanks for your input.

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I have not been impressed with 5.11 Tactical as well in terms of pouches. However, I use a 5.11 Rush 12 in BLK everyday for class / day hikes as well as everyday out west last summer and it has been amazing. There are a few spots that it is starting to wear, but I've owned and used this pack heavily for over two years and running without a single complaint.


On that note though, I've own some pistol pouches as well as utility pouches, the pistol pouches barely fit standard mags and the utilities zipper was crappy as hell. So I'd stay away.


My favorite gear comes from these producers / what I own from them respectively. My personal favorites of the group are in BOLD

  • HSGI / Suregrip Battle Belt, 3x Rifle Tacos (4x more on the way), Belt, Bleeder & Blowout, Shoulder Pads
  • Emdom USA / Vehicle Hydration Carrier, Dump Pouch (My favorite dump pouch EVER used)
  • Blue Force Gear / Ten Speed Chest Rig (Their 10 Speed line is great for lo-pro / lo-weight)
  • Crye Precision / Hopefully a JPC in the near future
  • T.A.G.
  • BlackHawk! / 40oz Side Hydration Carrier (Great for small OP's)

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