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2 Aeg's And Some Thangs Thread

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Selling two guns. Cash only!!!! Will let go of everything cheap, if you want any accessories pictured you will pay more, but like i said, will let go if anything relatively cheap as im looking to fund my polarstar and an trying to get it ASAP. Everything is OBO as well, so seriously if you want something, shoot me a number. Worst I can say is no. I'm a nice guy :-)


Link to pictures: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=187394218138537&id=100006038803938


-Dboys Scar-L comes with everything seen. Only issue (which isn't even a true issue) is semi doesn't work at the moment, but only because the stupid dual selectors were misaligned when the gun was put back together. All you have to do is take the GB out and align the selectors up to get semi functioning again. Other then that, no known issues. Shimmed and a madbull 6.03 TBB will be included. Brand new gripod if you want it as well, and Brand new sniper scope with nice reticle and mildots. Lens protectors as well. I have 3 M4 flash mags for sale, they work perfectly but the trap doors are slightly bent on two of them. They still close and fee wonderfully. All depends on price negotiated. No flash hider atm, but negative threads just need to slap on a flash hider or suppressor. Other then that, the gun is fine. Hop up is a little wacky when it's freezing cold, probably just needs a weather resistant bucking. Previous owner had two or three gearbox upgrades, but I can't recall exactly what they were. Ill edit the post if I can remember, they were nothing too major. Taking offers, but would like around $110 for the base gun itself.


-Next is a KWA KM4 CQB. Magpul stock and handguard (fde) Very solid gun. No issues whatsoever. Shooting 20-25 RPS on an 11.1. Pretty fast. Shooting 330-350 with .25's so this is a great CQB build. Can include the red dot or grip pictured for more. Make an offer on the package, but would like $170 for just the base gun.


Like I said, cash only. I wil sell the guns relatively cheap, and can add accessories pictured but the price will raise. May consider part outs as well. Most of the accessories are brand new and never used, only mounted. The rest are used but in very good, perfect working condition. Like I said, cash only and any reasonable offer will be accepted. No trades!!!! In addition to the two guns and accessories / attachments listed, I have a few other extra things I'm looking to sell.


-hydration pouch will backpack straps and molle straps, in UCP (acu). No bladder.


-Alice pistol belt(OD) bought off evike, opened but never fielded. Wore once at home and never touched again, perfect condition


-size 30 riggers belt (no Velcro). Ordered before I knew the sizing on riggers belts


-8.4v small type brick battery and standard wall charger. Had them laying around for awhile, never use anymore


-ess profile goggle. Tan with no goggle sock. Clear lenses, lens have some scratches on them but still are reliable.


-arena flack jacks. Tan, no goggle sock. Hardly any noticeable scratches, clear lens in very good condition. Love them but they're too high profile for my liking, comes with fabric pouch that came with them


-flyye admin pouch, front is fully covered in Velcro. Fair condition


All I can think of for now. OBO on everything, may throw in a few things for free on bigger ticket items/multiple items bought. I'm from Louisville, Ky, so I wil most likely be shipping your items and depending on the price I get for items bought, will depend on who pays shipping (buyer may pay, or I may split with buyer, or free shipping). Paypal only if shipped. Thanks for looking!

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I'd be interested in the Magpul stock and the ESS goggles, if you're willing to part with only those. Maybe the optic on your KWA as well.

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