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Large Sale, Rifles, Pistol, Combat Suits, Gear!

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First off, a few rules:

1. NO TRADES OR PART OUTS AT ALL! any messages regarding either will be ignored!

2. No lowballs, these guns and combat suits are like new.

3.PLEASE, PLEASE, serious buyers only! I have a full time job and family and don't want to waste time with games.

4. Purchase everything pictured for $800 shipped!

5. I live in NW Indiana and will drive an hour and a half to meet if the whole lot is bought.


With that said, here's the scoop. I'm a serious impulse buyer and most of these guns and combat suits were bought out of impulse and never used. Every gun has been shot in my backyard but never used in a game and not more thatn a hi-cap through it. Also, the combat suits were bought, tried on and placed in a bin, never used in a game. I don't have to sell the guns, I just never use them, so please, no lowballs, I'll keep them if I don't get my asking price or close to it. I can provide more pics and videos of the guns and gear but plse, serious inquiries only!


First off, I have a Dboy MK17 Scar-H. Comes with gun, battery bag and 7.4v 2000 mah lipo, stock battery, Magpul RVG, rail covers, scope riser and red/green dot scope. Gun is like new and impossible to find new, in the states. Price is $265 shipped15xv57m.jpg

Next is a G&G Airsoft GI custom Dune Knight. It's been painted a desert snakeskin color. It has replica Troy backup sights, URX rail system, rail covers, Magpul RVG, mid cap Magpul P-mag, scope riser, red/green dot acog, PEQ with green laser and pressure switch and replica KAC QD suppressor and flashider. My price on this is $300 shipped.

11sfkwh.jpg 4gfat.jpg 2zqzqs4.jpg

Third is a S&T full metal gearbox TAR 21. Comes with gun, mag, a MOE rail I installed for a tac-light, and repliac C-More sight. Price is $170 shipped.nf00zq.jpg

Next is an ICS G33. COmes with gun, hi-cap, Magpul AFG and replica C-More sight. Price is $215 shipped. 243eo1w.jpg

Next, I have another G&G Airsoft GI, CQBR M4. It is the blowback version but the RIS is metal. In addition to the gun and mag, I'm including rail covers, Magpul RVG and replica red/green Eotech. $180 shipped.24kwrye.jpg

Next I have an APS ACP, CO2 pistol. When I received the gun from Evike, the whole front of the gun was painted orange, so I painted over it, thus the slight discoloring on the front. One thing to note is that the mags for this gun are finicky and will NOT take crossman CO2 cartridges, others work fin ebut not crossman. Along with the gun, I'm including the black outer barrel to replace the horrible orange, stock one, and two, never used mags. Price is $180 shipped. 331hils.jpg

Next is an Emerson replica AOR1 combat suit, never used, just tried on. The shirt is an XXL and so are the pants. These run a little small, so I ordered one size up. I usually wear an XL shirt and 36 waist in pants and these are perfect with room to move. Both the pants and shirt have integrated knee and elbow pads. Price is $100 shipped. 2v0coj6.jpg

Next is another Emerson combat suit. Same as the AOR, bought, tried on and never used. Same description and sizing as the AOR1. Price is $75 shipped.nf6vo.jpg

I also have a BOL smart charger $20 shipped

Brand new Damascus kneepads/black $20 shipped

3 dropleg holsters, unknown brand, black/OD and weird OD/Tan color: $15 shipped

One triple M4 mag pouch dropleg in black and OD: $20 shipped each

Matrix vest with internal plates, cumberbund with MOLLE and a triple M4 OD Molle pouch:$40 shipped




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just curious if my pm about the cqbr was recived


I don't think I got it, however, the CQBR was sold.

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