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milsim labs M203 slug round

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just picked up a pack of 4 of these foam grenades

the picture in their ads looks a lot better then the product you get in the mail from them


their casting is pretty poor but no large air bubbles.


I sniped mine for 11$ shipped on Ebay they sell 4 for 10$ on their site + shipping



they are cheaper then buying the nerf mini rockets but not as accurate they tumble in flight


shooting them with a madbull HP 204 or a ICS nade they reach just around 90ft shooting at a 45 degree angle I figure range may increase if it where warmer out but probably no more then 10 foot.


I shot them out of a ICS m203 long barrel next I will try the 2roy launcher the inside dimension is smaller in the ICS so it holds the foam slug tighter.



final verdict at this time

cheaper then nerf, range is about the same maybe a little farther then a nerf, the foam golf balls I have used go just as far but are not enough millsim looking to be used at larger games like blind-fury


are they worth the price ?


IDK yet



I will add a update when I have made some kills at a game with them

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One thing I would add is they are definitely not made for long range targets such as trucks. I personally use them against close range targets such as rooms.



- Price

- Size



- distance

- poor finish (air bubble, etc)

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