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Aps Uar


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I like bullpups and this one is about 4 pounds lighter than my L85, so that is already a plus. Seen all the reviews on youtube and they are spot on. Polyfibre + PA6 plastic seems very rugged and durable. Its got a bit of shine but with time it'll wear.

Ver. 3 gearbox. I like V3 gearboxes so this is a plus for me also.

Comes with 2 springs. The one thats in it, the card in the box claims shooting at 358fps. With my cardboard test that seems about right. The other spring is the same as a M120.

Rails all the way around, even though I generally dont do alot of add-ons, I will get a peq cause the battery compartment is pretty tight.

3 mag release buttons. 2 on either side forward of the trigger, and one similar to the FN2000. And a spring pushes the mag out of the well.

Ambi-fire selector

Ambi-charging handle. The charging handle comes out and the cheek rest comes off, to switch from left to right. One of the minor things is the cheek rest comes off very easily.

Remove 3 pins and boom gun is tore down. Still have one screw to remove to get the gearbox out but otherwise very simple tear down.

Comes with 2 150rd Hi-cap? mags.

I bought some new mid-caps, cause the color is dark earth, and just like the FN2000 a minor mod is required for them to fit. Sampled one and it fit tight.

On full auto a half squeeze will give semi and full squeeze of course full auto.

On semi trigger pull is a bit far but since this is a toy it does not affect sight picture just gonna take some getting use to.

Distance is wonderful. Using Bioval .20g was getting about 200ft not accurate. Bout 125 to 150ft of accurate fire out of the box.


Putting it through the paces this weekend. So I'll add a field review after Saturday.

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I have been looking at picking up one of these myself Poncho, I am very interested in hearing your review! :)

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Didnt play this past weekend but will be this Saturday so the field review is still to come.

An update to my original review; even though modding the mags allowed them to fit into the magwell, they would not feed. Additional modification was needed. To get the modded mags to feed I had to push the mag at the bottom forward towards the front of the gun. Not a big deal, since the balance on this gun is all rearward until adding tacticool stuff. To aleviate this problem was simple. First attempt was tiny screws on the back of the mag. That worked ok but was extremely tedious. Second attempt was a screw on the top rear of the mag. Totally useless. Then genius hit me. A plastic dixie cup. I cut a strip about an inch and a half long, a quarter inch wide and folded it in half (lengthways). Glued the folded sections together, then glued that a half inch from the top rear of the mag. BINGO problem solved. Every mag feeds flawlessly, and they still work in my other guns too. BONUS.

There is a con to this though. The UAR has a spring which pushes the mag out when the release button is pushed. With this mod that doesnt work very well and in my other guns I have to pull em out. This is a minor inconvience by my standards.

To sum up hi-caps no issues at all. Mid-caps requires some ingenuity.

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Field Review; No complaints. I've been using a bullpup for a little over a year and a half so there was no major adjustments to get use to this gun. What I do want to note is the extra mod that I did to the mags worked perfectly. Absolutely no feeding issues. And the range and accuracy is very good. Better than my L85 with the longer barrel, and new hop-up. I'm use to carring a 9lb gun (L85), but this thing only weighs around 5lbs so after the skirmish I felt really good. I havent mowed in months and the field is extremely growed up, but since this is a bullpup I was able to navigate really well without getting the barrel caught on anything. And the cedars (those who have been to my field know this) are difficult to move around in. However I was able to get through them without too much trouble. So overall I am stoked about this purchase and would recommend it if you dont mind the extra modifications required for the mid-caps.

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