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Loadout Thread


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Thanks, the soft armor definitely creates a more snug fit, and fills out the plate carrier well. I've even seen people run PACA/CIRAS, which is bulky, but looks good none-the-less.

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Loving the paca and mbss combo. Just picked up an RRV so might look into a paca and run that underneath.


@beastmug - One of our team has been on the lookout for some of those Crye style US woodland pants for aaaaaages so I'll tease him with the above photo ;)

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It seems a cross between the RAID II and Pantacs A-III backpack but not quite either of them.

No labels or anything and the only info I have is it was issued to a medic (British), seems well built tho.

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This board seemed a bit empty,

R07's OP:EC Marksman Kit.

*Head:M81 boonie cover, Replica Comtac 2s Connected to Motorola RGM300 w/PTT and whip antenna, Oakley M-Frames(Green).

*Torso:LBT 6094a (Tan449), Misc. MC/CB pouches, Raid modded DCU top, Green shemagh.

*Bottoms:Merrel Moabs, Brown hiking pants, standard subpar belt.

*Weapon: 14.5in barrel G&P M4 with 9in rail, 4x Optic, vertical grip, 1 to 2 point sling.

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modified picture for easier viewing
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Nice lightweight woodland kit there Rabbit, like it.


Got 2 shots here of a team mate but can't give a kitlist as I can't fullt remember what he runs lol.


Took these quickly during a training game (obviously he doesn't play with the fake Nods down!)





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Something a bit different this time, going for a 2007ish Army Ranger loadout.


Few obvious things that need to change such as ops core to a mich and glock to an M9...


Kit list

Ops core (will be Mich)

- Rhino arm

- Ms2000

- Petzel head torch

- Desert Locust goggles

- callsign and IR patches


- Utility*

- Double M4* (switching to BHI triple)

- BHI smoke

- PRC* with TS 148

- 2 x BHI Pistol Mag

- Team comms on fist mic

Allwin PCU lvl5 jacket*

Paca with foam inserts*

Camelbak gloves

BHI riggers + PRL

Ops UCP trousers (modded)

Medic fannypack*

Safariland with Glock (switching to M9)

3day assault bag


* = repro











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So now the weather has turned a bit nicer I decided to run some woodland kit the other day, no inspiration other than stuff I like to use!


US woodland boonie

TMC aor2 ubacs

Crye MC pants

EI riggers belt w/custom PRL

Salomon Gtx Quest 4D boots


- various brand pouches

Upgraded Dboys SPR lock to semi 400fps (UK site rules)











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Cheers dude, I know the optic isn't the best but had to make do with borrowing the aimpoint from a friend.

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My "NATO" loadout that I used at The Ohio Project


Paraclete RMV with paraclete pouches

Patagonia PCU LVL 5 jacket

FFI old gen crye style woodlands

Vasque 2.0 GTX boots


Systema PTW

Hatch gloves

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Here's my small input into this thread.

This is my "cold weather but not winter" Russian loadout. Not particularly trying for an impression. Just following Ruski guidelines.


Currently a WIP, so dont fret just yet.

-SSO Gorka

-SS0 Smersh


Its literally that simple ;)

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Gave the PJ kit a run out again, few changes so a revised kit list!










Kit list

Ops Core Bump Lid*

- MS2000

- G24 mount*

- PvS15*

- US IR Patches

- IR Glint Squares

ESS ICE Glasses

Sordins (not in photos as I forgot them :P )

Patagonia lvl 5 PCU

- Crye MC UBACs


- Small utility

- Triple M4*

- BFG double pistol

- MBITR Pouch

- TS PRC 148 + TEA PTT

- 2 x CAT

- Medical Shears

- Cylume, Sharpie, Patches etc

Crye MC AC's

- BHI riggers


- M4 Taco*

- Serpa

- Sig 226

Tactical Fanny Pack* (obviously a manly one......)

Issue Medic Bag

Salomon Boots

Mechanix Mpacts


Block 1

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