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Loadout Thread


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So I love gear and I love photos and I was hoping to put the 2 together! However we don't want it to degrade into random photos of people's cat's or whatever so here are a few guidelines....


1. Group photos (as in photos of more than 1 person) are good to go, either posed or in game.


2. Individual photos (as in photos of 1 person) should be of reasonable quality and accompanied with a kit list (no kit list no photo!) This is to stop the inevitable "what X pouch is that strapped to your nut sack?". Not asking for your life story, unless you want to give it, but something like

TMC 6094 in MC

+ Blackhawk triple mag pouch

+ LBT frag 

+ anal lube

+ cyalumes

Or whatever tickles your fancy.This is mainly aimed at the first time people post their kit i.e. if you've just added a new Twinkie holder or whatever no need for a full kit list unless you really like typing... also if you've previously posted but just want to add a particularly cool/interesting photo of the same kit go nuts (I'm a sucker for epic action photos).


3. No bedroom pics! Nobody wants to see what color your bedsheets are and if you can't be bothered to get a decent photo at a game then chances are people won't want to look at it anyway.


4. Photos of individual bits of kit are fine but try and make it interesting "look I got these genuine Crye aor1 trousers and they have X feature" is interesting. "look at my ACM generic m4 pouch" not interesting.


5. A short description is nice but not necessary. "I buy Bison balls not only for their great flavor but the color of the sauce also matches my Coyote brown RRV so if I spill some whilst rappeling through a window no one will notice" or "My CAG 2012 impression" ya know something along those lines.


6. Be constructive, if someone wants an opinion/advice on kit they'll ask for it but "HAHAHA Uz n00b that looks like my d0g shiz on it lolz!!" doesn't really help anyone and makes you look a prat...



7. Where possible use things like photobucket *generic photo internet thing* to upload photos to ease on server load.


If you've managed to read that far give yourself a pat on the back and get posting! I want to see everything from your sunday skirmish to full on military impressions! Chinese wonders to real steel gucciness! High speed low drag to the motherload of gear!

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My attempt at a modern Navy SEAL loadout, advice, comments, criticism welcome!

* note * missing my lid because it was so hot!





Kit list:

MSA Sordins Dual comm + aor1 headband

Bolle glasses (not very accurate but comfy as)


Allwin UBACS

Mechanix m-pact

Cheap ass watch

Korean Gen 2 trousers

Viper multicam boots

Tan Blackhawk duty belt - swapped to a black riggers belt because the duty belt kept slipping!

 - Serpa 226

 - Mobile phone pouch

 - TMC aor1 multitool pouch with SF G2

- TS 9022b w/ qucik clot, Isreal bandage, gloves.


TMC 6094

 - TMC utility pouch w/ delay BFG

 - Triple insert

 - Single point sling

- switching to an LBT sling

 - TS pistol mag pouch

 - TMC 40mm pouch w/ impact BFG

- TMC Double M4 w/ 2 x M4 and 1 x radio

 - Flyee OD MBITR w/ TS prc 148 w/ whip antenna

 - TS Double slap charge w/ Bolt cutters

- TS single slap charge w/ 2x home made slap cahrges

- CAT, Sharpie, IR cylume, US Patch, 2x PTT, Grimlok, plasticuff/tiewraps.

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Team Loadout (Greenside)









-RAID Mod M81 Woodland Jacket

-Crye Combat Mod M81 pants w/ airflex kneepads



-MSA MICH 2000 w/ H-Nape

-Wiley X PT-1 glasses


First Line

-HSGI SureGrip Padded belt

-Kobra Buckle Inner Belt

-FN 5-7 SERPA Holster

-CSM Mini Dump Pouch

-Specter Utility Pouch

-ITW Fast Mag (replica)


Second Line

-London Bridge Trading 6094a Plate Carrier

-TMC S&S Style Kydex Kangaroo Insert

-Blue Force Gear Triple Mag Pouch

-Mayflower Assault Pack Panal (Type 1)

-GMR Double Banger Holster

-5.11 IFAK

-LBT 40mm single pouches

-First Spear Mini Admin Pouch

-Custom 5-7 kydex magazine pouch



-Merrell MOAB Ventilators



Systema PTW Mk18 Mod1



Tokyo Marui FN 5-7

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Looking slick Eagle!

Might have to steal the BFG triple idea off you as a team mate is currently running 3x fast mags in the same position and it just looks far to bulky.



Couple of in game shots..





I'll also get a few team aor1 kits up soon.


edit. just noticed the last one has my lid in it! (can only see the back/side tho) so I'll dig out a decent photo and get it up along with a list of toys!

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Nice load out. Add a pair of jungle/jump boots would help add authenticity, but overall comfort is #1.

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Nice load out. Add a pair of jungle/jump boots would help add authenticity, but overall comfort is #1.


SoF kit (modern) is far more accurate with hiking boots / shoes.

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thought I'd share my HSLD belt rig, mainly used for PMC/CP roles along with a LBT 6094 Slick.


Ops molle Belt

Eagle industries kydex 9mm x 2

Eagle industries kydex m4 x 2

Tactical Taylor multitool pouch (Surefire G2)

Viper radio pouch (need to swap this as it looks rubbish!!)

Warrior small utility pouch (BFG + blanks)

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Bit more of my PMC/CP kit;

Slight change to above belt rig (BFG in taco pouch to replace radio)

LBT 6094 Slick


TM P226 in a Blackhawk Serpa dropleg or if the mood takes me a Glock 17 with Safariland dropleg.



me on left

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So thought I'd share our latest 'campaign' with you guys! We've noticed how most players either have a totally blank back panel or a simple hydration bladder and we're out yo change that!


So out with the boring backs of old and in with interesting and new! Whether it's an assault pack, breaching tools or long range comms we want to see it.


'Backs are the new front 2013'














A selection from our SEAL door kicker loadouts

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Yes and no :)

They arn't 'PVS' 14's but they are pretty much 14's using gen2+ tubes. A team mate has Gen3 pvs7's and they are the same but these have better quality image at closer ranges although he can probably id targets at a slightly further range.


I'll see if i can dig out the exact model and post a link if you're interested.

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Ops core FAST replica

Bungee retention

Ms2000 ir strobe replica

Wilcox nv arm

Callsign + PJ patches



Ops Core Ballistic replica

V-lite IR

Rhino arm

Callsign patch




Ops core Ballistic replica

Rhino arm


Surefire HL1 (green/white/ir)

V-lite x2 green/red

Counter weight pouch

Surefire m300

IR glint square

Spare batteries

Callsign and IR US flag



Ops core ballistic replica

Rhino arm


Surefire HL1 replica

Snail strobe replica


V-lite x2 green/red

Counter weight pouch

Callsign patch

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My kit is NOT finished and I am not going for anysort of military impression, I just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and am very bored sitting around so I thought I would take some pictures of my kit. There are a few things Im going to be swaping out and changing but here it is as of now.


FLash Force Industries (FFI) replica Crye G3 combat set in woodland

LBT 6094a

TMC Airframe

Replica Ops Core ballistic

Hatch gloves in black/tan

Systema PTW w/ mk18 mod1 upper

KJW Glock23

BlackWater battle belt




LBT 6094a coyote brown

LBT triple mag insert

BFG 10 speed triple mag shingle

BlackWater radio pouch holding Motorola P110 (will be using Icom)

Some sort of fance shoulder pads I cant remember the name of

BlackHawk! 40oz hydro (probably replaced by an LBT hydro)

*not pictured is my PIG elastic cummerbund




TMC Airframe (will be my primary helmet)

nothing fancy...yet. Got nice plans for it.

Then there is my replica Ops Core ballistic




Systema PTW MAX

Specter DR (primary optic)/Hurricane 553

7 inch knockoff ris (soon to be replaced with a real KAC rail)

replica KAC foregrip

Pro&T PEQ15

NE dual pressure switch

NE replica surefire scout light

replica KAC rear sight


Spare upper (mk18 mod1)

guy screwed me over and the upper turned out to be a Celcius..

Madbull 9.5inch ris two (needs to be replaced with FDE version)

KAC front sight








Oakley 2.0 Mframe with HELO kit



Flash Force Industries replica Crye G3 woodland set

*so far I love them and seem to be worth the price (good luck finding them)

TMC knee pads (I need real Crye) in khaki

The gloves are made by Hatch. Im not sure the exact model but they are very nice and have served me very well.



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Nice kit man, I'm really digging the Helo M Frames, how do they perform? I'm thinking of picking up a set (if I can even find them, since they seem to be backordered indefinitely) for Irene. Everything else is on point as well my friend, good work. I'll post my kit up in the next couple of days for ya'll, as well.

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Thanks for the warm responses! I've only used the helo kit once and it was at indy indoor which was hot as balls and muggy so they built up condensation..but so did everything else I used. I will be running them at Blind Fury. I have two of the helo kits but am saving the second for my brother Eagle, whenever he decides to get m frames.


As far as eye relief on the specter, its amazing. I love the sight. definitely worth the investment.

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Here's a group shot of most of my gear (missing MICH 2001, Sordin Replicas, Wiley X gloves)


-Woodland/Desert FROG

-Pantac Khaki PACA

-Pantac Coyote Brown MBSS

-Triple M4 pouch

-MBITR Pouch

-Admin Pouch

-MAP Pack w/ 100oz Camelback

-One point bungee sling





Here's a better look at the FROG


And below is a better look at my rig, as well as my '08 Systema, just basics on that with a 7" KAC rail, Magpul VFG, Rear Cut sight, and missing an EOTech XPS replica. I plan on going the Block II look with a 12" DD rail, and I have a CREE LED flashlight on the way.





Here's a shot of all of it together from Northern Lights this year.



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