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Utg Master Sniper Review

Bravo Hotel

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Bravo Hotel

Hello, this is my review/opinions on the UTG Master Sniper Rifle. Most of the gun in made out of a VERY durable ABS plastic but the barrel, bolt, and the trigger guard/trigger is made from a very strong metal. Great range and accuracy but I would recommend .25's and up. Definetly need a scope (I tried going without one for a little bit; didn't work out great) and it can hit out to pretty far distances. At first I didn't like the weird bolt tip because it's not a metal ball, it's a metal cylinder shape with a rubber coating that has ridges on it that I have grown to LOVE. It's a great starter sniper rifle for beginners who are wanting to learn about being an effective sniper but for novice or experienced players it has potential but won't keep-up with the better sniper rifles out on the market. But for the price ($70 with no scope or bipod) YOU CAN'T BEAT IT!!! Really scares the noobs when you put one right past their heads at 150 FT and up. So my opinion of thid gun is that it has the potential to be great but it really just depends on what kind of player the operator is. RATING: 4/5



Caliber: 6mm Velocity: 460 fps Loudness: 3-Medium Overall Length: 43.4 Shot Capacity: 25 Barrel: Smooth bore Front Sights: None Rear Sights: None Scopeable: Weaver/Picatinny Buttplate: Adjustable Suggested for: Skirmishing Trigger Pull: Unknown Power Plant: Spring-piston Single Shot Or Repeater: Repeater Hop Up: Adjustable Material: Metal/ABS plastic Ammunition: 0.2-0.25g Body Type: Rifle Weight: 6.5 lbs

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