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The Evolution Of Your Airsoft Career

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Hmm I am surprised I have not done this yet.


Well it all started long ago in 2004, was at a friends house and saw his plastic full sized tm ak. I asked him what it was and he told me a airsoft gun. I got interested and asked him if he wanted to play cops and robbers... I know I know how childish. Any way he pulled out a early spring shot gun which are damn good on accurately long shots. We found some shooting glasses and played all day. I was hooked but at that time my parents did not want me to have any gun even a nerf gun. Thay did not want me near to guns at all even video games.


Fast forward to 2006 I was in shooting sports and my friends all where playing airsoft, so I saved my money and bought the best thing I could at the time. A cybergun panther arms cqb m4. This thing out gunned everyone. Shot easly 380 with .2s. I started a team with my friends task force 666. It only lasted two years. My friends out grew it, or what I believe that happened they got bored playing the same people with the same gear, same teams, same fields, and boreing game play. It all fell appart.


I had seen videos of airsoft in the uk and really wanted to get back out there but had no hints to a local community. Thats when one night I was riding in a car past jokers field and spotted a bunch of guys in gear with airsoft guns. I begged my mom to stop the car but she refused thinking they where holding real guns. It was a game changer. My aeg was in parts and being the fast learner I am i figured out how to get it working again. I felt awesome, and did some digging stumbling onto impacts website. I tried to contact joker but received no response. I started to lose hope but one google search changed everything.

Airsoft indiana was the search and I was about to correct the error of the missing word "in" then spoted this website. I had found the community.


My first event was grill n chill and that was my start. I showed many how much I would put into my gun. Pretty much filing down that upper to fit my lower for the whole day. It took off from there.

Now i have been more active then ever. Taking any event I can.


Old loadout

3 color woodland

dragon tactical vest acu

Cybergun m4 aeg



Plate carrier with military tacos

beofeng uv 82 with low profile ptt

Fast helment with drift action camera.

truespec multicam top and pants

kwa lm4

Echo 1 lwtb

Tan boots.



kwa lm4 4 mags dmr set up

echo 1 lwtb 3 mags fast response setup

tri shot shotgun 3 shells door breaching setup

ghk g5 1 mag show piece set up



contour camera

g36 gbb

more mags

Smg gbb maybe a kriss

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Red 2

Gather round and I shall fancy you all a fancy tale of not so fancy fancy things. Fancy that.


It was some time in 2006 when me and a brother both got airsoft guns. Old Daisy brand Airstrike 240s. His was blue, mine was orange. Clear plastic. *shudder* His broke a couple of months later, mine still functions. I'd use it in suicidal honor duels, but that's about it.


I always enjoyed shooter games of all kinds, but always wanted something more... Substantial. That's what attracted me to Nerf. But Nerf can literally can only go so far. Airsoft? That's a horse of a completely different flavor. And that flavor is a 40mm 'nade launcher with my name on it, softly calling my name as I sleep restlessly (Really dude? Such cheese whiz).


My current loadout includes an m500 ACM, and said Airstrike 240. Now, I just started this, and plan on expanding and improving, this is just "I want to pew PDA as quickly as I can" gear. That 'nade launcher is a wild fantasy that will be a reality. Soon-ish.


Gear is still on the weak side, but I have shopped around extensively, and have a good idea what would work for me and my frame.


I have no real game exp with Airsofting, but I am very team oriented, and Mercenary in approach. If I am given a task or assignment, I hound it until I can't any longer for any major debilitating reason. I am no Gundam ace pilot, but I am tenacious. I look forward to the first game I'll be able to participate in. Cheers


~Red 2

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Grenades you say: he he he he...

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Really surprised I haven't shared anything here yet.


I have always been a sort of gun nut/history buff. I got my first rifle (.22 chipmunk) when I was 3 years old. I got my first shotgun when I turned 6 (Rossi single shot 20 gauge), got my first revolver when I was 10 (S&W 686 .357 magnum) and my first AR-15 when I was 14 (Civilian model Colt). My cousins and I always played cops and robbers, and I had uncles and grandfathers who were in Naval Special Warfare, Marine Reconnaissance, and Army Special Forces. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be in the Military (specifically the United States Marine Corps) and that kind of molded my more militaristic side and lead to airsoft.


I started playing airsoft like most kids. My grandparents bought 2 huge cardboard boxes full of spring airsoft pistols and AA powered SMG type guns (the ones that hold the bb's in the scope) and my cousins and I would just shoot the shit out each other with little regard for safety. We never wore eye protection, or anything like that. We would just make blanket forts in the hallways and rooms of our houses and take pop shots at each other, and nobody got hurt except for when we would fist fight over who got to use what gun. True story.


I started playing more seriously with friends when I was probably 12 years old. My first gun was a Game Face CA M15A4 sport line AEG. That thing straight up rocked. I had it decked out with a Bushnell 3-9x40 AND a 5000 round box mag. I can't remember what vest I wore but I know it was super craptastic. It was the kind with the cross draw holster where I kept my Crosman C11 pistol. I wore head to toe Real tree AP camo, Winchester shooting glasses, and my Realtree Oklahoma Sooners baseball cap (which I still wear).


I then moved on to the inevitable sniper rifle phase. I had an Echo 1 ASR which still works to this day even though I do not have it anymore. Then got a TM VSR-10 that I dumped like $700 into over the course of 2 years. I had several different AEG's in between, but mostly loved the sniper rifle thing. I guess that's where my current play style comes from. I really like hanging back and watching people from the brush. It's like deer hunting (something else I do religiously).


I stopped playing during my Sophomore through Senior years in high school to focus on my football career. I was one of the top Defensive Ends in the state even though our team was god awful. I was offered a couple scholarships, but turned them down to pursue my dreams of becoming a Marine.


I enlisted when I was 17 years old, but my enlistment was cut short when I was diagnosed with Cancer in the Summer of 2012.


So, I started playing airsoft again. I picked up the AEG that I have now, and started building my kit. I have gotten a lot more serious in the sport, and plan to keep getting better. I am an EXTREMELY competitive person, and my play style reflects this. I will do anything it takes (within the rules of course) to win. I have a lot of fun when I play, but I am always calculating my next move to overcome someone or something on the field.


My current load out looks something like this:




LBT 6094-A

BFG 10 Speed Triple M4

HSGI Radio Pouch

Eagle Industries MAP




HSGI Sure Grip Padded Belt /cobra

BFG 10 Speed double M4

BFG 10 Speed single M4

3x HSGI Pistol Tacos

Tactical Tailor dump pouch

KAOS KWA ATP holster





Crye G3 Multicam pants MASSIF Multicam shirt.

MARPAT trousers, and Frog top.

5.11 ATAC Coyote boots (comfy and covered in grease from work)

Oakley SI M-Frame 2.0's with a Helo kit.


Airsoft guns:


P* M4



Rifle accessories:


10x G&P Polymer magazines

Elcan Spectre DR clone

OSTS Modified Olight M3X Triton light

Masada flash hider and suppressor

MagPul Furniture


I have been playing for over 8 years off and on now, and I can say that it's been a blast. While there are those who say that our sport has gone downhill recently because of some of the style and technology changes I would have to wholeheartedly disagree. I love where this sport is going. I love that a more diversified player base is coming out now.


If there was one thing I could say to younger players, it's to just have fun. Whether that means you play 2v2 in your back yard, or full on MILSIM all over the country...just have fun man. It doesn't matter if you've got a Crosman Pulse R76, A JG M4, a SYSTEMA, or a decked out Polar Star. Use what makes you happy and comfortable.


If you're new, and you just joined this community, then you have taken a giant step in the right direction for having a great time in this sport. This community is by far one of the best in the airsoft world. There are lots of people here (myself included) that would love to give you advice.


Stay positive, have fun, and be safe everyone.




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I started airsoft before my first deployment while I was stationed in Germany. Another soldier in my unit got a bunch of airsoft guns from his father-in-law. These were crappy guns, a couple AEG MP5's, maybe 200fps maybe, pump shotguns and pump pistols. We got a group together one weekend and played a couple games. Needless to say the next weekend a couple of us went to an airsoft store and bought real guns. That’s when I got my Cyber Gun M4 SIR AEG and my UMAREX Ruger P345 CO2 Pistol. We organized games every weekend, we got more and more people playing, got people to get good guns, we even had a match where we played against some of the German soldiers from our sister unit. After we got back from deployment we didn't have as many people still willing to play but we still played games every once in a while, that’s when I got my MB05 sniper rifle. I still play with these 3 guns, I have updated the gearbox on the M4 and I plan to to do a little upgrading on the sniper rifle but it's not too much of a priority right now. I have BDU, desert, ACU and Multicam uniforms that I play in. I also have a Multicam plate carrier and a bunch of random pattern pouches, holsters and load bearing gear.

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Tacticalsaurus Rex

I understand that this topic is a few years old but I was reading the many responses and thought I would throw mine in too.


What got me into airsoft was I was blown away by the realism and detail of the guns so I became a collector. Much cheaper than real steel and I have a gorgeous collection now.


My first airsoft gun was a Crosman C11 that I bought most for "critter care and removal".


My load out options are enormous and can be best seen at my families website. I do not have any real high-end rifles but I do pistols and I have a smoking hot modified CYMA CM049 that kicks as well as a modified Black-Ops M4. My families' website can be found at www.9stines.com.


What I want in the near future is to just be able to get into some games and have fun with it before I get too old but as far as equipment goes I really want a gas blowback M14 or a KWA Kriss Vector.


I am 47 and I want to get into airsoft as much as I can. It would be my ultimate dream to actually open a retail store in Indianapolis that compares to that of an Evike. I want and dream to see this sport flourish and surpass paintball as a milsim gaming standard sport. I have two sons that share my interest as well.

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 What I want in the near future is to just be able to get into some games and have fun with it before I get too old but as far as equipment goes I really want a gas blowback M14 or a KWA Kriss Vector.

FYI. The WE M14 is an awesome GBB rifle, but if you're going to buy one, make sure the internals are all upgraded RATECH and be prepared to shell out 700 easy.

I've also owned the KWA Kriss Vector. It is a great rifle when taken care of. Mags are 50 bucks each and you need to upgrade to the EVO II tightbore barrel with the maple leaf hop up bucking.

The kriss vector is so sought after that I traded mine to a collector in California for my Polarstar set up.

I hope you achieve your goals, and have a good time with this hobby, and if you're looking for realism, look at real MilSim events. They are few and far between, but are starting to make a come back and we should see a couple in Indiana next year.

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Hey guys,


Sorry if this is a necro-post. I've been out awhile when I saw this and figured I should finally make a post on this thread. So, here goes...



I was wrapping up my senior year of high school when I got into airsoft. One of my buddies recommended that we start a team. I thought about it for a few weeks until I caved on a JG G36C I was eying. We ordered our stuff, and endured the most painful part of getting into airsoft which was waiting for expensive things to arrive in the mail. Our stuff finally showed up and we played 1v1 matches on the hill behind his house pretty much most of that summer (looking back, this was not the safest or most ideal place to play). I played at Silver Spur in Princeton the day before my high school graduation and fell in love with the place.


I still own that same G36, but I've converted it to the mid-length G36K variant using an Evike kit and upgraded cylinder and battery. I use an Eotec replica 512 red dot. 



That same summer I started out, I eventually picked up an AEP G18C (CM030) one weekend at a flea market booth that sold airsoft stuff. That was my first secondary that I carried on the field. I actually kind of miss it due to how compact it was for being an electric gun. Nonetheless, I sold it and replaced by the Wal-mart CO2 1911 clone made by Ignite,, which was the first gas gun I owned. I only used it for a year when I started having problems with the slide and hop up, so I stopped using it (I don't think I've ever hit anybody with it).


The sidearm I currently use during play is a CO2 Elite Force 1911.



My second year into the sport, I bought a $150 Mauser SR (L96 clone) off a buddy. I only fielded it once. I never figured out how to adjust the hop on it and never got heavy enough BB's to make it an accurate gun. Sold it about a year later for what I paid for it. Later that winter, I bought a JG "RL8" (CA SL8 clone). I'll admit I initially liked it more for looks, but after installing a tracer mod to my hopup chamber and building a night scope, it's my go-to for any night time games. It's also got a pretty Kryptec-esque camo paint job (I think I've posted pics of it somewhere else on here) and I use a blue LED crosshair scope with a bubble spirit level (helpful for cant and hop) with 3-11x magnification. I also interchange between the G36E handguard with the built-in bipod and a G36K aluminum RIS handguard for when I need to use accessories.



I've built a total of three night vision optics (one of them image intensified) and one wireless camera system (traded for my current sidearm). I have a few projects in development. There's tons of other ideas that I'd love to develop and possibly even commercialize for airsoft if I just had the time.


Obviously, I need to build a motor-assisted exoskeleton that could reduce the weight of all the gear I want to bring with me.


Primary: JG G36K

Secondary: JG SL8

Sidearm: Elite Force CO2 1911



  • Daytona kit or HPA engine for SL8
  • Daytona kit or HPA M14 EBR
  • GBB (or HPA if it exists) MP7
  • GBB 18C (possibly with a Roni kit)


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My story in airsoft is a rocky one at best, but I'll try not to bore you.


When I was 12 or 13, I got my first airsoft gun. A crap little springer from walmart, mostly metal, can't remember a brand. Then, just when my friends and I were starting to play (actually without knowing there was a real sport and community out there) my mom heard of some dumb kid being shot by police for waving it around like a lunitic, and thus ended my journey for a long time.


Fast forward to high school, I started getting into paintball, and played occasionally up into my twenties until I found myself penniless and could not afford it for about 2 years.


My interest then reignited about 2 years ago, when I began talking to people at work about airsoft that also played. I went out and bought an Ignite Black Ops 1911 and shortly after good eye-pro, shemaugh, spare mags, some gear and was playing (private land and my buddies rather large apartment -more like tactical practice than play-) until financial burdens forced me to sell all of my gear.


Now, I recently bought a Black Ops M4 Viper (I think in April) as a plinker and project gun. I still have it, maintain it, and practice shooting with it. No upgrades to date, however. In May, I underwent spinal surgery to correct a hemorrhaged disk and was left with possibly permanent nerve damage in my leg. Time off work restricted funds, but allowed me to research and drool over future gear. As I'm unable to attend games on the regular, I'm trying to stay involved with the community as much as possible so I don't fade away, even if it's a year before I can play. 


I'm handy with gear and guns to an extent, so minor tech work on my gun and friends' guns has kept me frosty and ready to roll, whenever it is that I can start running.


For the future:

  • I'm planning on a complete over-haul of my current M4, up to and possibly including a custom-programmed chip to pre-cock the sucker.
  • Hopefully a WE PDW GBB...I love those suckers for some reason
  • probably an elite force 1911 tac
  • Rx insert compatible goggles, just make life easier

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  • What got you into airsoft? Honestly being out around a field for a while for somebody else until I finally decided I wanted in on the action too!

What was your first gun? CyberGun Firepower Spring-powered pistol.

Where does your loadout stand now? Still have the Firepower, a JG M4 S-System, and an Echo 1 X36C. Gear-wise I have a Lancer Tactical cross-draw vest in OD Green, VentureGear Tactical glasses (highly recommended, love them), tan mesh mask.

Anything you want in the near future? EOTech replica, ACOG sight, marpat camo (woodland and/or desert), higher quality sidearm (unknown which one yet), perhaps a Scar-L or Scar-H, extra M4 mags, more high or midcap G36 mags...etc.

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Funny enough, my story begins with the rifle sitting in my closet.  My friend's parents tried to replicate 'A Christmas Story' with the Red Ryder and all, but, as all parents shopping for kids toys, had no idea what they were looking for when they walked into Walmart.  Just seeing the word 'BB' on a box that was priced $100 led them into buying that Black Ops EBB M4 instead of an actual BB gun. So I shot the thing once and was like 'asdfghjkl;'.  Of course, one of our mutual friends and I were immediately obligated to try and one-up him, so this was my first loadout:


Paintball mask that came with a gun,  windbreaker that kinda looked OD green,  actual OD condor vest with that came with 2 pistol mag pouches ("OMG I CAN LIKE TOTALLY PUT EXTRA BBS OR BATTERIES IN THESE"-7th grade me),  UTG drop-leg holster that I put my ONE extra magazine in, a pair of M81 pants that my friend outgrew, and last but certainly the most humble- $40 Double Eagle plastic G36 AEG.


Oddly enough, I played more games with that crap than I have with my new stuff.  Then there was the whole great transition from backyard play to organized events that we all have.  It actually came from paintball, which I invested $300 into and was (still am?) very good at.  Then Retriever invited me to play at IMPACT's noob day.  At this point, I had a Cybergun FAMAS for a year, but had not yet used.  I get there April of this year, it's pouring rain and my mom will NOT let me go, convinced that these 6mm pellets of death are somehow going to be more dangerous than paintballs.  During the game briefing, I forget that I didn't actualy put the battery in my gun, so I go back to my duffel, put it in, and try to close the compartment.


$180 gun, unused, no backup, 20 minutes before a game, breaks.


I survived because I was able to bum a CQB M4 off of somebody named Jasper (IF YOU ARE THIS JASPER AND ARE READING THIS POST PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE YOU SAVED MY BUM AND I OWE YOU), but realized that airsoft was a more realistic and fun alternative to paintball.  However, my gun, along with most of my hopes and dreams, were crushed.  Just recently, I've gotten into sniping, but with marching band starting up, I'm hesitant to invest any more money into it before I know I will be able to use my gun enough. 


However, I permanently borrowed that M4 off my friend, got a Flyye chest rig in tan with some despat BDUs and a helmet, and Redneck gun-teched some cool looking parts onto the rile, and plan to play pickup games with it when I'm not making people throw babies on the marching field, because dressing up in cool gear and shooting guns that probably don't work as well as we make them out to, and just having fun with it, that's the spirit of airsoft.


My current load-out(s):


That ole' stinkin' M4 that I pretend works as a DMR

Flyye chest rig

Jerry-rigged 1 point sling

Despat BDUs

Tan Turtle helmet w/ goggles



OD cap


M81 BDUs (now with added combat shirt)

shemagh sometimes

Mechanix M-pacts


Well L96 w/ 3-9x40 scope 

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  • What got you into airsoft?

Well for me it was first liking the military, looking cool with all the gear and battlefield 4... My buddy first told me about a local field and I started looking into airsofting.

  • What was your first gun?

My first gun was Crosman marines m9 springer... it was fun to shot around then i started looking around and got a Echo 1 AMD 65 as my first AEG.

  • Where does your loadout stand now?

My loadout stands with a HK 416 by EF, a WE 1911, two digital desert BDUs, a Emerson plate carriers, a Fast type helmet

  • Anything you want in the near future?

I would like maybe get a Salient Arms International glocks that are coming out in the future, other than that just a few attachments for the spanking new HK 416 and make even some LBX uniforms

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Never had even heard of airsoft before until my brother gave me an old spring pistol he had gotten to use for a game I have never heard of while he was at college. (The way it sounded, it was essentially plastic gang violence between frats.)  I thought it was awesome to plink stuff with and I don't think I'll ever outgrow playing with guns.  Oddly enough, I buddy got a hold of me about a week later and invited me to a local airsoft game.  I bought a gravity fed m4 with all this totally useless, but totally awesome looking hardware to screw onto it, ran shorts and a bright t-shirt and it was awesome.  

I pretty much took over the little group of high school kids playing airsoft I had been introduced to and started putting on games at a handful of places every couple of weeks or so.  It boomed way more than I would have thought because all I had to do was tell a couple friends that we were going to play airsoft this saturday and twenty or forty high-school-ish age kids would show up rocking terrible guns and ridiculous gear.  I didn't know most of them.  Most of them didn't know each other.  To this day, the best I can figure out where all those airsofters came from was "magic".

I bought a DBoys mk18 before I went to college that saw heavy use during the period of that group where we had shrunk and graduated to guns that weren't plastic.  That gun lasted me five years of dragging it through the mud literally and figuratively before it gave up the ghost.  (I still want to overhaul it)  Through college, I played as much as I could afford while being a broke college kid.  Ran this massive interceptor plate carrier with shoulder pauldrons and a neck guard all through that.  (Still do sometimes) 

When I graduated, I found I pretty much had a reputation as an independent player and my style had evolved.  I had found that I was a lot better suited for a chest rig and the RPK I now usually run.  I never got past the whole organizer type thing despite never trying.  I'm not that fast, not that sneaky, and not that great a shot.  But, you can give me a bunch of high school kids trying to get into the game with China guns and we'll do pretty well and everybody will have a good day on the field.

Now, I usually carry more water than ammo.  Pretty much all I've got it tiger stripe.  And, while I'm usually running that RPK, I'm rotating everything else constantly.

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green gaint

little late on this one dont have photos either which will change. What got me started was a crap springer i got a walmart which i got a buddy hooked and he had some decent guns before me and are first game was battleground paintball last march. first gun was a cyma ak which now has a wolverine smp inside of it.

Loadout is m81 woodland with an ncstar plate carrier or a 5:11 vest

Current primarys from least to most used

Cyma ak with smp

A&K m249 with an inferno

Echo1 XCR-L

Soon to have a classic army sr-25

side arm is my asg cz po9 with co2 mags and a blade tech hardshell holster

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So, my dad figured that hey, might as well get the son a paintball gun, because what red-blooded Indiana kid doesn't want a paintball gun?

And of course, it was fun and all, but out of a Tippmann, past sixty feet, paintballs act pretty much like a drunken Muhammad Ali. So airsoft, with its promise of 200-250 foot range, became my main thing.

The first gun I bought was a UTG  M3, and I still love that thing to pieces. Built it a sawed-off stock and everything. Now I'm using M81 camo, an LBV/ALICE belt, and boonie, with a anachronistic Troy AR replica. Still need decent boots and ASL goggles. I'd love to get an XM177 in the near future, too, just to make the kit period-correct, but a CAR-15 would be kind of nice too.


I game mostly on my own land since I hate paying money, and I've built up a small cadre of friends who'll drop by every couple of weeks for a game, but if you're in the Fort Wayne area this summer and would like to play, get in touch!

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  • I wanted to really get into the tactics as well as military simulation, and lets be honest, paintball usually isn't that.


  • An Elite Force M4 CQB primary with a cheap $50 plastic CO2 M9 as my secondary. 


  • Now my primary is a G&G Full Metal M4, which came pre-customized from Evike with upgraded externals and internals and my secondary is a KWC Sig Sauer P226(Licensed)


  • I really want to get an SR-25 or equivalent rifle to kinda branch out from very boring and basic run and gun and slow down my game.  I also would love to get one of the really rare licensed glocks, but that'll probably not happen haha.


  • and any other bits of information you would like to share

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  • My brother and I used to play when we were younger. Started from call of duty MW2, and interest in joining the military. At which point I did join the Navy.

Type 96 bolt action sniper, probably because everyone we played with had AEGs and I wanted to be different.

I own 2 guns at the moment, an upgraded Type 96 bolt action sniper and a G&G FN Herstal SCAR. I have a multicam load out with a tan tactical vest.

Dude I want every airsoft gun... lol but maybe the intervention bolt action gas sniper from Evike. Snipers always have a sweet spot on my heart.

Just ready to get playing again!!

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How I started out in airsoft is kind of a long story. In 1994 paintball was becoming popular. I started out with a small group playing on the weekeds at various locations. I was also a country kid so I grew up shooting real steel guns most of my life as a past time.

Fast forward to 2017, I'm married and have son who was just turned 9 and I'm trying to get him more involved in playing outdoors. 4 wheelers didn't work but we both played call of duty. I came across some airsoft you tube videos and thought that would be fun and would get him out of the house plus I loved paintball and thought this was close enough to it but looked cooler and something he could do.

So for Christmas I bought him a Lancer tactical M4 and myself a JG Commando 552.

We played indoors at Battleground in Pittsburgh and that spring at Jokers. After that we're both hooked.

I build ourselves our own private field in our backwoods and we have a group of individuals that are all new to airsoft. Our numbers are close to 13 players and still growing along with the field. Since we are budget minded backwoods/backyard that is how Indiana Backyard Airsoft was born for Facebook.

For our loadouts we have cheap tactical vests. I currently run with an Ares Striker AS01 with an elite force 1911. When I'm not loaning out my gear and playing sniper I like running with my MP5. We both wear ACU gear and you'll find me in my boonie hat.

For the future I would love to get myself a VFC Avalon type M4 or get into some kind of DMR.

As my son gets older I am playing on taking small vacations to large Milsim events as long as I can considering I'm getting older I want to do as much as I can while I'm still able to with him.

Oh for my future loadout I'll probably change to a chest rig of some sort. Plus add a ghille, and some various camo for different events.

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Back in '04, my folks bought me a Well M4 springer and my brother a Well P90 AEG. I was hooked, my brother wasn't as interested. I'd played around some backyard games with a friend of mine who got a spring MP5K, and looked around online at better guns and dreamed. I ended up moving on New Year's Day of '05, and in my fartin' around online looking at airsoft stuff I found the Indiana Airsoft Association. 


I also found some friends once I moved that also played backyard games with their airsoft guns. We had a ton of fun doing that, and we all made accounts on the IAA website. It was sometime around 2007 that we formed the Tristar Rebellion, grabbed some slightly better airsoft guns (I was rocking a UTG spring shotgun, loosely modeled after a Remington 870), and took part in the first Operation: Stillwater game. We were hooked. I grabbed a Classic Army M15A3 to use as my primary, but it ended up being more of a headache than anything. I played in Stillwater II with it, but it broke down and I had to borrow various guns througout the day to keep running. Between Stillwater events, Tristar made it to some local games with *EMS*, as well as a larger event on one of their fields, where one of the Tristar guys rolled an ankle and we had to carry him up a bigass hill to where the cars were parked.


I ended up grabbing an Echo 1 M16A3, which I rocked for the 3rd Stillwater game. My after Stillwater II was M81 woodland BDUs, a PASGT flak jacket and helmet, an ALICE Y-Harness with 2 3x mag pouches, 2 canteens, and an entrenching tool


I stopped playing shortly after the beginning of 2009, and over the last decade I've lost most of my guns. I've still got an old Echo 1 MP5 laying around that used to belong to my brother, as well as a couple of spring pistols (including a spring P226 that I spray-painted gold). I just got a WE HK416, and I've got a single spare mag, but its been too chilly to really test it out. As it is, I've only been able to get through ~half a mag on a day in the low 50s. I'm gonna have to put the rest of the kit on hold right now, because I've got some big bills coming up, but once I've cleared those and/or sold my car, I'll need to figure out what kind of kit I want to run. When I last played, I did a mid-80s Airborne loadout. This time around, I want to do something a bit more unique, but most of my equipment is still the old mid-80s stuff, lol.

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On 12/16/2012 at 10:34 PM, Eagle said:

- Beastmug and myself got into airsoft when we went to Gallyans sports in Castleton and saw a couple of kids back in the airsoft section shooting each other with them haha. 

Gallyans, wow, miss that store..I completely forgot they had airsoft guns and not those extremely cheap Wal-Mart kind.

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