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Fma Manta Snail Strobe (S&s Replica): Review

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FMA Manta Snail Strobe/ Distress Marker Replica Review (Red)

Product location: http://www.ebairsoft...ght-p-5610.html

By: Eagle

Original Source: www.airsoft-indiana.com





In the process of building a quasi-NSW loadout I knew at some point I would need to work on my helmet. In my opinion, the airsoft helmet can be a useful tool to assist your loadout and to make it overall more functional.


While looking over pictures of NSW operators to inspire my loadout from, I made sure to pay special attention to their helmets. In the past decade, many operators have outfitted their helmets with IR lights/ markers. These serve as IFF markers to other friendlies using night vision, especially air crews in helo's or AC130's to ID friendly forces on the ground. The past staple for IR markers was the MS2000 strobe. The newer model has been replaced by a company known as S&S, the specific model- the unusually shaped Manta "Snail" strobe.


The airsoft version is a 1:1 copy of the real deal. They are available in several different configurations: blue light, red light, green light, and IR. For my own practical purposes I chose the red variant- it will serve as a "dead rag" at night. This model is also IR capable. The build quality certainly doesn't feel like it could withstand real world ops, but for $30 you can't expect much. It has a plasticy feel to it, so I will have to take care to not abuse the unit.




The strobe is powered by one CR123A battery loaded directly into the unit. To power the unit, simply press the battery button located on the rear of the unit. It comes with a hook velcro base for attaching it to helmets. No battery is included with the unit, Energizer/quality battery recommended for use in the field.




One nice feature is that the unit will vibrate to let the use know the strobe has been activated for easier operation when activating on a worn helmet.


To activate strobe, press and hold both buttons on the sides of the unit for about 3 seconds. This activates overt strobe. I believe the IR strobe is active by simply powering on the unit, but without night vision I can't test this.


The light itself is very bright. At night or in low light, it will make a very obvious dead rag. Of course, during the day it won't be effective, though indoors it still could make for an effective kill rag if a physical one has been misplaced.




Build Quality: 3/5 (Plastic feel)

Brightness: 4/5 (No way you won't be able to NOT see it in low light, even at distance)

Ease of use: 4/5 (No instructions included but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out)

Features: 3/5 (Wish it did more than just red/IR, such as switch between green, red, and IR)

Price: 4/5 ($30, a fraction of the price a real one will cost)

Overall: 4/5 Recommended


Pictures and a video demonstrating the unit to be uploaded later this evening!

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Nice Review, Thanks

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Tip: you can test IR with a camera that had black and white mode :)


Good review, and seeing it at the night game at the school last fall I want one!

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