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Airsoft GI: g4airsoft for 20% off. No joke either. Does exlude some higher end stuff that's harder to get hold of, ie/ new guns like the AAC21 but hey. Works on nearly everything to the best of my knowledge, from MOST guns to bb's to mags and masks. And hey, who can argue with 20% off?

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Hey guys,


AirsoftGI is selling a 4th of July patch kit today for only $5.00 plus shipping. With purchase you have the chance of winning gift cards up to $1,000.00. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=743_445&products_id=20553


Link is above, considering purchasing one so just wanted to give you guys a heads up!


Ordered 2, they are a great deal and look pretty slick!

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Heads up to anyone who may not know: Wal-Mart appears to be getting out of selling airsoft guns and airsoft-related equipment. I have been to stores in southern Indiana and western Kentucky and each had a smaller, clearanced airsoft section. I realize there's not a lot of "good" quality stuff over there, but if you wanna pick up a springer pistol for fairly cheap (got a Magnum Research Double Eagle .50 AE for $9.00), it may be helpful. Or if you're wanting to pick up some cheap BBs for cheaper spring guns for target practice or something. Obviously any AEG is unlikely to be worth it unless maybe your goal is to take it apart to learn more about tech work, which would be a good choice to go with a cheaper gun just because if anything gets broken it isn't a huge deal.

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Bit of a necro, but figured it'd be better to post here than make a new thread for it.


LBX is currently having a sale on some of their items (including all uniforms) as well as all Inland Taipan gear. I personally just picked up a pair of their RG combat pants for $54.

General Sale

Inland Taipan

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