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After careful research of all of the available guns on the market that fit into my $180.00 budget, I bought the JG Ika Zuchi Thunder Maul.


This gun looks weird, however the base is an M4 with upgraded spring, hop up, motor, V2 gears. I would have liked to seen a tight bore barrel and possibly a mossfet. However the internals are solid.


The externals have a lot to be desired. Plastic can not be cleaned with anything other than soap and water as it "tarnishes" the plastic finish, removes the "rubber" coating from the furniture. It has zero front rail system that would be usefull for anything other than something you want to remove everytime you choose to charge the battery. When you upgrade to a non-lipoly battery you have to mod the battery compartment to accomodate the larger size battery. Hence the commando convesion I am installing.


The base M4 is really one of the better I have seen as far as detail, color, craftsmanship. I have seen guns that were purchased for over $400.00 and other than the red dot scope this gun performs as well as if not better than those mentioned above.


I have posted on you tube my review and shot test. look under megapurt JG Ika Zuchi review.

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