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how to post a question

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ok so it seem that many people do not know how to ask a question correctly


so when you have a tech question please give a good detailed description of your gun before asking your question




"hi guys I have a classic army M4 metal body with a crane stock I have a 9.6v 3800mAH battery

right now it shoots 360 fps"


that is the kind description you should give^


next your Question


" so the problem I am having is when I pull the trigger I get a faint click noise and it keeps blowing the fuse what could be the problem?"


or another type of question


" my gun is shooting real low FPS around 200 my gun was shooting 360 what could be the issue do I need a new spring ?"


please when asking a question give as many details as you can this helps others reading your post give you a accurate answer.

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Samples of bad questions.


"What can I do to increase FPS of my gun?"


"What motor fits in my gun?"


"Can I use a lipo in my gun?"


"My gun makes a clicky noise and doesn't fire, what do I do?"




If your request for help is only one sentence then odds are you haven't giving the tech enough information to work with. Would you take you car to a mechanic and say it doesn't work right or would you go to your doctor and tell them I hurt and expect them to pull a diagnoses out of thin air? No, dont expect gun techs to do the same thing. :D

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