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Found 1 result

  1. targetpractice

    New Airsofter Purchasing Guide

    So I saw someone asking "I got a gun magazines and plate carrier what do I get next?" and figured I'd help this person out (you know who you are ) and just get this basic primer out for future reference. I'm basing this on my previous experience starting out, and is placed in the order of how you should time/plan your purchases. There is no real timetable on this but take your time or your wallet will scream bloody murder. I could have sworn I saw a thread like this, but it must be titled differently. Mods, please delete if this is redundant. Here are you want to get BEFORE stepping on the field. These are NOT optional: Minimum ANSI Z87 rated goggles. At the very least get surplus ESS or Revision goggles. These are easily available on eBay. Ask us if you're unsure. You absolutely should not compromise on this. Mesh face mask - some people don't. If you're 14 years or something, get one. We will not apologize to your mom for getting your tooth shot out. When you're older you can make a choice whether to wear one or not. Quality, comfortable boots, waterproof boots (thanks to Starblade). Comfortable socks - don't cheap out on any of the above. Gloves - because you don't want to cut your hands pulling some thistle aside, or God forbid, poison ivy Tetanus shot (see above) Good attitude Cellphone (hope you don't have to make a call) Game essentials: WATER - at least 2 liters for a day game. Doesn't have to be in a hydrobladder. Old fashioned canteens or Nalgenes still work great. Recommend also a few bottles of water and sports drink like Gatorade. For hot days, I recommend a few bottles of Pedialyte as well. Your gun (duh) - recommend that you start with AEGs. Batteries, of course. I recommend two of each. Magazines (recommend midcaps, at least 4) Red rags (at least 2) BBs (recommend .25g biodegradable) Something to carry your gear with: It doesn't have to be a plate carrier. I recommend a tactical vest of light H-harness to begin with, before moving on to bulkier plate carriers and whatnot. Some of the best airsofters I know go very light. Obviously if you've been in the military you're more likely to be comfortable or familiar with a plate carrier. Camo - get two sets, one in green and another in tan (unless you're absolutely set on going one color). Small LED flashlight - a cheap $5 one will do, for when you drop something in the dark or on the carpet at Chill N Grill Dump pouch Energy/protein bars. Don't be the kid who eats MREs for lunch during a 6-hour game. The constipation that follows isn't worth it. Did I mention water? You'll need that for hydration and washing down those energy bars. Electrical tape - good stuff! Wristwatch - get a cheap one. It sucks to have a screen shot out on a expensive watch Bug spray Anti-fog wipes Optional items - items you can get once you're used to airsofting and decide to invest more time and money in More magazines Plate carrier Another gun Sidearm - any people make the mistake of buying a sidearm outright. Don't worry about it. Some veteran airsofters don't. More mags (up to you) Optics (surprisingly expensive, so low priority) Red signal light for night games (recommend that you get used to day games first) Gun upgrades - start with barrel/bucking/hopup upgrades first. For most people, that's all that's needed. A decent radio (absolute last in this list) Luxury items - you don't really need this, but if you had the money to spare: Taclight - even replica lights can be pricey Action camera (one kid bought a cam outright last year. Still haven't seen him in a game since). A really nice, military-grade radio (see video camera) High-end gear (seriously folks, if you just airsoft, Condor does the job 99% of the time) That said, this is a general guide. I'm sure you'll still have questions. On that note, there are legitimate questions, and there are questions that'll just get you trolled. A bad question is: "What gun should I get?" A good question is: "The ICS M4 is the same price as the G&G M4, which one should I get?" - which a lot of the folks here would give you helpful pros and cons of each. Good luck!
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