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Found 4 results

  1. So we lost all our info, lol. Here we go AGAIN We are a 23acre Airsoft and Paintball Park located in Franklin IN. We cater for open play, birthdays, corporate functions, team building, bachelor and bachelorette parties. We have a full rental fleet of over 40 AR15 style AEG rifles, jumpsuits, gloves and body armor! Currently offering 4 different style playing fields: CQB Village - Here we have little house structures, bunkers, sniper towers and tons of obstacles to hide behind. Short Range - Our ShortRange was built with pistol and shotgun games in mind. With wooden bunkers, drums, huts and vehicles. This is a very cool fast played field. WW2 Mounds - Our coolest field so far. Mounds, wooden bunkers, fox holes and sniper towers make this one of the funnest fields to play. SpeedQB Arena - This is a very fast paced game of extreme bb slinging action. Based off a paintball speedball field we at Airsoft/Paintball Indiana created this Hybrid Hyperball arena! Its fast, its a rush and its a heck load of fun! Pro Shop on site. We are authorized distributors for all major airsoft brands. WE ALWAYS SELL AT MAP WITH FREE SHIPPING TO OUR SHOP! So what are you waiting for! Live in your world, come play in ours! Instagram: paintball_indiana Facebook: Paintball Indiana/ Spec Ops Group Twitter: @PBIndiana YouTube: SpecOps TV www.airsoftindiana.com www.paintballindiana.com
  2. I am new to the airsoft community and I am looking to join a Milsim team in the NW Indiana/Chicago-land area. I have been paintballing for several years and I plan to continue however, I want to explore the airsoft world as well. I would like to visit big game events sponsored by Third Coast Airsoft, Milsim West & American Milsim but I want to see what the NWI/Chicago region has to offer first. For paintball, I have frequented Blastcamp in Hobart, IN and Badlandz in Crete, IL. Though my experiences have been enjoyable, I would love to be a part of an operation that takes place in an old factory or abandoned buildings. I am looking for a more structured and challenging experience and I would love to join others who have the same passion for the lifestyle. Acquiring gear will not be an issue either. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello AI forum members, I have been away for a while and I felt now would be a perfect time to come back. *Let me start off by saying I did not know where to post this topic, Therefore I just posted in General. If any Mods feel that this does not belong feel free to remove,Thank you. My team and another have been operating this new AO in Gary, A large Industrial location. 35 acres of land with a 22 acre factory. This site features Multiple environments, Light and dark, A four story structure in the center. We also have our own training killhouse. This location is completely sanctioned, we are working very closely with the Owner/s. As of late we have been running this place privately and getting a feel for the environment and coming up with objectives and scenarios to better the game-play. We have also been safety proofing*. Very soon we intend on opening to the general public. We plan on having a grand opening of sorts. We also plan to run the site every weekend. $5 first time admission fee. I felt the best place to announce this would be on this forum, To gauge the response of my fellow members and answer any questions or concerns. I will post pictures and some videos if I can figure out how to. Also I want to give the Links to "The Factory" FB page. There you can update yourself on the happenings. Thank you,-R07 The Factory-https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Factory/550194805063250 Task Force WolfMother-https://www.facebook.com/WcOLFAIRSOFT
  4. OP: HIGH IMPACT VII 2012 http://www.freewebs.com/ophighimpact/ Date: Sunday May 6th 2012 Location: The Circus in Bloomington IN. Fee: $5 per person paid at the gate or via paypal to Joker_airsoft@yahoo.com Time: Game BEGINS @ 10:00am and ends @ 6:00pm (8 Hours!) Intel: Last year the Special Forces Anti-Terrorist Unit went to the ever dangerous Burma to try and stop the terrorist group known as the Freedom Militants. The UN has spent the last few years tracking this mysterious group of FM down to the jungles of Burma (just North of Thailand). Burma is known for its 50+ years of long and bloody civil war. Kill or be killed is an everyday part of the lives of those who inhabit Burma. The UN believes that the FM are there to recruit more members into their terrorist organization or possibly form an alliance, while distributing drugs and trafficking weapons and people on the side for profits to help fund their terrorism. After months of Intel and information the UN has deemed this situation extremely dangerous for the entire world, especially considering their current location. UAVs have also captured pictures of possible Nuclear SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) and other WMDs. The UN can not afford to let the FM attempt another terrorist attack anywhere in the world. The UN is sending in Special Forces immediately to counter and stop this situation before it escalates and another terrorist attack occurs. Special Forces troops will be dropped in behind enemy lines in a very dangerous and hostile environment. Not only will the SF soldiers be fighting the FM but possibly the civilian / militia as well. You may attempt to establish an alliance or gain Intel from the civilian / militia if you so choose. They may be bribed. They may or may not be friendly and should be considered dangerous until proven otherwise. We do not know if they can be fully trusted. This may be the UN’s last chance to stop the FM’s acts of terrorism. If this mission is a failure the FM could escape and continue their destructive ways across the world. And the UN does not want any more blood on its hands. ...End transmission... This event will follow IMPACT Skirmish rules. Age Requirements: You must be at least 13 years old to participate in this game unless otherwise approved by Joker. Special Rules: (Insert Player Kit) -Bring EVERYTHING you will need to play for eight (8) hours of NON STOP airsoft onto the battle field w/ you. Extra gear will be stored at your teams FOB/respawn, so if you need to, write your name on your stuff. Do not leave the playing area unless it is an emergency and in which case a cease fire may be ordered. -If you need to leave the field you must tell a staff member (IMPACT). -You must meet the BDU requirements for your team. -Bring your lunch/snacks onto the field w/ you. You can keep them at your teams FOB/respawn until your ready to eat. If you do not want to be shot at while eating wear your red death rag. -Bring lots of water! -Bring your radio and headset. -Bring your red or white “death rags”. -Bring a watch so you can manage your bleed out and respawn times. -Members of I.M.P.A.C.T. may be split onto both teams to insure fair play during the game and they may switch sides or don an orange/yellow referee vest at anytime during game play. Do not shoot at individuals wearing an orange or yellow vest. -Since there is no before game briefing you may be quizzed about event rules prior to entering the field. So make sure you have read and understand ALL event rules. If you have any questions ask. -If you see props anywhere on the field and you do not know what they are being used for or you do not know what to do w/ them DO NOT TOUCH THEM or radio your CO and ask first. -Dead players can NOT reload. Medic Rules: “Masking Tape Method” Medics will receive a roll of masking tape. When a player is hit they must place their red rag on their heads and wait for a medic. There is a 5 minute bleed out time. When you are bleeding out you may only talk of you are calling for a medic, thats it dead men dont talk. If a medic can not reach you in 5 minutes you must return to your spawn point and wait another 5 minutes before entering back into the game. If a medic can get to you before you bleed out he can heal you by wrapping the tape around your upper arm. Once you have tape on both arms (healed twice) you must return to your respawn upon your third death and wait 5 minutes. You can take all the tape off your arms and the count restarts. BDU Requirements for teams: UN Special Forces (Green & must have green top and bottom. NO OD or solid green.) Woodland Marpat Flora Tigerstripe (Green Style) British (Green Style) DPM Flecktarn The F.M. (Tan & must have tan top and bottom) ACU Desert (Any) Tan / Kaki (Any) Multicam Desert Marpat (Darpat) Desert Tigerstripe Civilian / Militia (*Reserved for IMPACT & EOs) *Anything goes w/ exception of the above uniforms. Be creative. OD Black Gray Jeans ============== *Roster: UN Special Forces (green): Comrade Ben (Guffie Coalition) +6 Comrade S-Z (Guffie Coalition) Guest One Guest Two sn1ped34 lumpless FM (tan): BigAltes (NME) *CO LittleAltes +1 Zombie Stamos +2 K.C. +1 Hobbes Marker +4 Civilian / Militia: Joker (IMPACT) ~Joker
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