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Found 13 results

  1. Crown

    Hello from Fort Wayne!

    Hi everyone, my name is Nick, callsign is Crown. I feel like I'm introducing myself to the class on the first day of school. I'm pretty new to Airsoft, played a bit back in the day with some friends but never had any of my own equipment. I'm from Pennsylvania, moved to Fort Wayne about two years ago. My background is music, love being outdoors though. Biking, hiking, disc golf, and I've always wanted to get into airsoft. Looking to make some new friends and enjoy a new hobby. I'm planning on coming out for Noob day whenever the Rona restrictions end. If anyone has some good recommendations for waterproof boots that don't cost me an arm and a leg I'd greatly appreciate it. I haven't been able to find much of footwear in the forums. Definitley excited to start learning and have some fun!
  2. Zeekius

    Hello from Fort Wayne!

    Hi my name is Zeek call sign Bones. I live in Fort Wayne looking to get back into the game. Any good airsoft field i should try first that are near by?
  3. Good afternoon everyone, pleasure to meet you all and to make your acquaintance(s). Well first things first, mind the title. . . I'm hungry. I don't have a Call-sign as of yet, reason being I'll state later, but I usually like to go by Nightkolm, it's an account name I came up with back when I was 10 and playing on the RTS game Warcraft III. My actual name is Todd. I currently own no actual guns besides a spring load MP5K and spring M1911 a friend's roommate gave to me a couple months ago. The M1911 (I think that's what it is, don't quote me on that) is up in Michigan along with it's one magazine, so I do not have access to it, and the MP5K (also unsure if that's the actual variant designation for it) is somewhat broken/not in high quality. The reason being it fell down a floor and landed on tiles, the magazine for it broke completely, so it's basically inoperable. Besides all of that I am basically a Fresh-Blood, a new guy, the resident Noob basically. Just a bit of a joke in my expense, though obviously after stating that, that means I have next to no actual experience in playing Airsoft with any actual group besides back when I was 8, and playing with my brothers. . . I was the Target Dummy in all sense of that word. So far I've done a brief search throughout the forums and got the basis of how to act, and how to not act. (I got a good few chortles from all of that) Questions: 1.) Honestly I haven't really looked extensively on what kind of equipment is better than others, so it would be great to have a few pointers on what I should look around for in regards to gear , or more importantly, guns. 2.) I noticed there was a bunch of events going on this month, but I am extremely ill-equipped. Is it okay, or even possible, to head on to one of these events (besides the one specifically for noobs) and get my feet wet so to speak? or will they deny me entrance since i have none of the necessary gear? 3.) In relations to the above, if that is not possible, could i just come out to watch and observe first-hand what it's like? I've seen numerous videos of events like them but I really want to go to one soon. My anxiousness is eating me alive. 4.) Would anyone be willing to show me the ropes within the next few days if they're available so i have a good basis prior to an event? I do better hands-on than just reading. 5.) Was this a good first impression? Kinda worried about this one. If I can think of any more questions, I'll edit the post and put them in (That is, if you guys will allow it)
  4. TheTestDummyy

    Testdummyy Signing In!

    Hello, First off, I am really excited to see so many helpful people on here! It really helps me out and I know it will help improve my playing experience! My name is Caleb, I'm 17, and I am from Brownsburg, Indiana. I have been playing airsoft for about 2-3 years with friends. We play in a field in Clermont, IN full of bunkers and forts that we build or dug up. almost everyone we play with has invested into the sport and wants to play with more people. I want to take Airsoft to the next step and play with other people who take this serious also. I have an AK-CAW as my current weapon of choice. For gear, I have a Chest Rig with 6 Hi-Cap mags and such, and I also have a metal mesh face mask with helmet and goggles. I run all that with a typical woodland BDU. I am looking to make an intermediate team and will post more information in the team section. Some more information: I race BMX bikes around the Midwest amd East coast. Its my passion, but Airsoft is one of my most favorite hobbies. I have been wanting to get into Airsoft alot more lately. Who can help lead me in the right direction? Once again, I am located just outside Indianapolis! Thank you! Also, to any Veterans, I want to say Happy Memorial Day! I appreciate your service!
  5. Project Desync


    Hello everybody, My name is Desmond and I do not have any callsigns. Im an airsofter from kentucky, been playing airsoft for few years now. Starting to branch out to other states to play airsoft, looking to have fun at any given moment. My current airsoft weapons of choice are AT-10 rifleman and AT-10 scout from BG airsoft, Also run support with a full metal MK46 SAW. Handgun of choice is a FN 57. Look forward to many future battles and trading plastic with other airsofters.
  6. Maximus


    Heyo. I'm 13 and am just starting to get in to airsoft. I've played with some ok guns but I want to start playing actual games instead of just backyard games. I don't have a callsign and I'm open to suggestions. I'm living in Nineveh IN. As of now I don't have any gear or guns I do have some $$ I've save I'm looking for a sr-25, A&K Mk12 Mod0, a G&G cqb m4 would all be nice. Like i said I don't have any gear I'm looking for a lightweight plate carrier setup. If I missed any thing let me know I'll fix it, just pm me.
  7. TechShot

    Techshot New Player

    Hey guys, I am new to airsoft, a buddy of mine Corpman has gotten me interested. I intend to be a Designated Marksman. I chose the name TechShot because I am going to be the in charge of running all of the computer related activities for my team and I plan on being a marksman of course. I am looking forward to joining this forum to learn a little more about the finer points in airsoft and make some friends in the process.
  8. Tea

    Greetings From The Ville

    Hi my code name is Tea, it was organnly going to be sweet tea but my teammates didnt like that. I am part of a new team called Louisville task force that is only a few months old. naturally we are based in Louisville Kentucky but we mostly play in Indiana due to the lack of fields in Kentucky. Are main focus is to provide a fun time for all who are playing with us and we try not to alienate new players and make sure everyone is having fun. you can reach us on our youtube: Just shoot me a message if you want to join us in a operation or open play Thanks for your time Tea
  9. Midnite

    Key Post

    Encouraged by my friend Sacred who found you guys, I've decided to indulge myself in the forums. My name is Nikko, or my call sign midnite. I've lived on the East side of Indianapolis for better part of my life and have decided to jump ship from paintball to Airsoft. I've chosen the Lancer Tactical FAL to be my first (click the link to check it out http://www.airsoftgi...oducts_id=10124) due to it being one of my favorite guns. YAY, for the right hand of the free world. I know this specific one is on the cheaper side, it seems to have a great external build though, and I plan on upgrading the internals to see if I can make her purr. I was hoping I could get some insider tips on what to upgrade first, maybe the hop up, the motor, or the ugly PEQ box. I plan on having my first couple sessions at the beech groove indoor field with my friends, including Sacred. Spec ops interest me as well, I've done 24 hour campaigns in paintball and I'm sure the realism is the same if not better due to the likeness of the equipment. Hope to see you on the field of battle! Edit, fixed link
  10. At ease. SSMC Is a small, friend oriented AIRSOFT team that is currently looking for more DEDICATED players. SSMC is a team that is currently looking for more DEDICATED players. We don't care about your skill level, because we follow the three A's... Attendance, Attitude, and Ability IN THAT ORDER. We are looking for ANY players available. Any age within reasoning. Ryan Victor Cody Damon/Ryan https://www.facebook...yan.oneal.98622 https://www.facebook...neal.39?fref=ts https://www.facebook...defur.7?fref=ts Feel Free to text any one of us about information on joining. Send us a like and rate at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Southern-Serpent-Marine-Corps/549588521744770 Please do not post personal phone numbers on threads. Remit phone numbers to Personal Messages only.
  11. Demcheesenips


    Hey my name is Demcheesenips (lol I know) (real name is Josh). The gun I am rolling is a CYMA CM028A AK47. I've had it for about 2 years now and am planning to get a CYMA CM031 AK74. I am friends with AA (AmazingAirsofter) and have been going to events with him. I currently just run a simple loadout: ACU jacket, an OD green 7 pocket chest rig, and a gear bag... Well that pretty much sums it up and I am looking forward to playing with you guys. -Thanks, Demcheesenips
  12. SIRE {WCA}

    Sire {Wca}

    Call sign: Sire Location: Richmond IN Team: WCA "Wayne County Airsoft" Hello everyone My name is Chris, Call sign Sire. Run a M4 rig with a precision barrel/ M9 Socom Gas Blow Back. standard light weight vest. also known for grenades and notorious for rubber knife kills. I play fair, always call my hits (even at times I don't want to..). Only time I'll ever be on full auto is if a HVT is running for cover, or if I know for a fact I'm hitting you on Semi....then I'll dump to ensure you finally call it . try to keep level headed. I've been playing for about 3 years now. Used to run a MP5 Matrix set up. If you ever need a room cleared call me I'll get it done quick and efficiently (CQC is my thing). Also a E3 in the Navy, deploying soon so I have some play time before I'm off . -Sire {WCA} "Death Before Dishonor"
  13. Comrade STALKER

    Greetings, fellow airsofters!

    Hey, I am Dan, AKA S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Why is my username S.T.A.L.K.E.R. you might ask? Well that's because I am a huge fan of the S.T.AL.K.E.R. series. Anyway, I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am not new to airsoft per say, so I have some decent equipment. I have a full set of flektarn BDUs, some nice boots, a chest rig to carry around extra gear (a flashlight, radio, ammo, binoculars, etc.) and a GameFace M4. I will soon be getting AK74 (forgot the brand). Finally, I have some airsoft experience. I've been playing since I was 9, but have never been to an 'official' event, although I plan to soon. I look forward to playing with you guys!
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