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Found 3 results

  1. Asylum_88

    Ak Shoots Too Hot

    Okay, so I've scoured the forums and haven't found a topic on this issue. I have a buddy who has a CYMA AK (not exactly sure which specific model), and it shoots over 400 fps. I've seen fps limits on many fields for AEG's be 400 fps with .20's, so my question is.. anyone have any advice to lowering fps? Will I need any new parts? Etc. From what I've seen and read, the Chill and Grill is coming up and some tech things happen there. I unfortunately may not make it due to work (unless anyone is still there past 5 pm), and my buddy isn't too tech inclined.. so he may not make it either. Any tips, tricks, and hints would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Twrecks

    Ascu Gen 3 Fps Loss?

    Im building a custom M4 with a ascu gen 3 in it im using a G&G ver2 gearbox before I put the ascu in it it was shooting 389-390 fps and now that i have the mosfet into the gun im getting 300 fps and i have a m120 spring. So im not sure why the gun would lose fps just from putting the ascu unit in the gun.
  3. Rabid Airsofter

    Durability Upgrades

    I was looking at upgrading my stock G&G combat machine for durability, I am looking for about 350-400 fps also (stock) and keep about the same rof For people that dont have an idea of the internals of the CM series, I will give you a brief rundown 1 peice GR-16 plastic hop-up with green bucking and 6.07 363mm barrel ( still pretty good range) 8mm bushings, m100 spring, metal spring guide, blue cylinder, poly piston and piston head, pretty strong tappet plate, I dont know much about the motor, it is not labeled, gearbox shell is reinforced, and the gears are pretty nice quality. Any ideas for durability upgrades shooting mostly semi-auto?
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