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Found 28 results

  1. Airsoft/Paintball Indiana

    Airsoft/Paintball Indiana

    So we lost all our info, lol. Here we go AGAIN We are a 23acre Airsoft and Paintball Park located in Franklin IN. We cater for open play, birthdays, corporate functions, team building, bachelor and bachelorette parties. We have a full rental fleet of over 40 AR15 style AEG rifles, jumpsuits, gloves and body armor! Currently offering 4 different style playing fields: CQB Village - Here we have little house structures, bunkers, sniper towers and tons of obstacles to hide behind. Short Range - Our ShortRange was built with pistol and shotgun games in mind. With wooden bunkers, drums, huts and vehicles. This is a very cool fast played field. WW2 Mounds - Our coolest field so far. Mounds, wooden bunkers, fox holes and sniper towers make this one of the funnest fields to play. SpeedQB Arena - This is a very fast paced game of extreme bb slinging action. Based off a paintball speedball field we at Airsoft/Paintball Indiana created this Hybrid Hyperball arena! Its fast, its a rush and its a heck load of fun! Pro Shop on site. We are authorized distributors for all major airsoft brands. WE ALWAYS SELL AT MAP WITH FREE SHIPPING TO OUR SHOP! So what are you waiting for! Live in your world, come play in ours! Instagram: paintball_indiana Facebook: Paintball Indiana/ Spec Ops Group Twitter: @PBIndiana YouTube: SpecOps TV www.airsoftindiana.com www.paintballindiana.com
  2. CentralIndyChris

    Indiana Discord Chat!

    I made an Indiana discord chat for airsofters so you can meet players near you and play! This is an awesome opportunity to make a team or find places to play! Come talk airsoft and spread the word! https://discord.gg/gDXzNcP DM me on instagram if that link doesn’t work. callsign_walrus
  3. DynastyWolf

    Time To Get Into The Game

    Well I have been playing airsoft for about two years on and off and have now decided to take it very seriously. I am looking forward to upcoming events and I am very ready for the operations that are yet to come. On the field I will usually go by Dynasty or Wolf. I look forward to meeting many of you out on the field and am exited for what is yet to come.
  4. Wuhaoy1994


    whats up airsoft players! I am a international student studying in IUB, i just started on playing airsoft, bought some cool stuffs and camo But the problem is, since I don't have a car, and most games are far from me...(I can uber, but you know its really pricy) are there others live near Bloomington who can pick me up so we can go to a game together? Another question, I used to shoot my airsoft gun somewhere near my apartment, an empty field.. But recently, someone reported me, and I am warned that I cant shoot anywhere near resident area... Wondering is there any tips or suggestions for practicing airsoft, any available fields? Best, Wu
  5. Winters

    New Player

    Hey guys! I just recently got into airsoft. There's not really much to know about me other than that I'm a rookie (obviously), I'm 16, and I'm usually pretty easy to get along with (we all have our moments, right?). I had a few questions however regarding what else I would need to play on a field in terms of requirements or just overall what I should have. As of now I have a WinGun Super Sport revolver (I pretty much will never use it because the fps is INSANE, I just wanted a cool revolver haha) a Cyma CM031C AK47 (Full metal receiver, v2 metal gearbox, around 360-420 fps, and so far seems very durable). I also have a 9.6v 1600 mAh battery with a smart charger, as well as some tactical gear such as a tactical vest for AK style mags, a speedloader, gloves, full seal goggles, a mesh face mask, extra mags, and a bookie hat (because it looks sweet with the goggles & mask). Do I need anything else? Also, opinions on the gear? Is it adequate? Here's the link to both guns: http://www.evike.com/products/30129<-- AK. http://www.evike.com/products/53774 <---- Revolver I also have one last question. I do have a driver's license so getting to places wouldn't be a problem. My question is, where can I go? What are some fields near me. I live pretty close to Berne, IN if that helps anyone. I saw something about a form I have to fill out, so where do I find that? Other than that, I really have nothing. I'm looking forward to hopefully be playing with you all soon! Winters
  6. Trip

    Need Advice For An Aeg

    Hey guys, newbie to the fourm here. I've already posted an introduction if you're interested. I just need help deciding on an AEG and sidearm (preferably Co2 for the winter) as I lost all my gear in a house fire recently. I have $400 to spend on just the guns, I am looking for an M4 platform gun but I have found one AUG that interests me (not too sure about the company). I have been mainly looking at specific types, mainly the standard 14.5 inch barrel (with triangle sight and 7" RIS, because classic) or a MK18 model. I could also possibly ditch the sidearm but the FPS would need to be 350 or under because there is a field near me that is indoor and has an outdoor area. Below you will find the three guns I have been looking at but feel free to suggest other options. ASG Steyr AUG A3 XS Commandohttp://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=21322 Combat Machine MK18 MOD1http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_150&products_id=15829 the only affordable mk18 that i can find G&G GR15 Raider Electric Blow Back AEGhttp://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_150&products_id=6235 Again feel free to suggest guns Also heres the sidearm I've been looking at: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=12587
  7. Hey all, I would like to tell you a story. I am an adventurer from the creed of Paintball. It has always been an interesting place to call home, but in the last year, my wallet and the leader of my creed, Money, have betrayed me. One night I decided to get revenge. I decapitated the leader of my creed and slept with his wife, and now the community has banded together to kill me. I have been banished from my home and country, and now I seek refuge under the banner of a new creed. In all reality, I sold my paintball gear to buy college books, and now that I have a bit of cash to spare I wanted to get into airsoft. My name is Andrew, and I am 19 years old living in Marion Indiana. A few weeks ago I bought and gathered 10 super cheap airsoft guns and played a few rounds with a fully-loaded out family. Since then, I have decided to get a real airsoft gun with legit gear and start playing in fields outside of my back yard. I'm really excited to get my ass kicked by all of you, and I look forward to seeing all of you out there on Saturday at The Indy Battlegrounds. Signing out! -Andy
  8. Here's my KWA "honey badger". It uses a VFC 416c stock, a raptor rtq handguard (airsoftstation.com), and magpul pts moe grip and trigger guard. To get the integrated suppressor look, I used a madbul CQB inner barrel and a 245mm x 40mm mock silencer. You can also use a madbul VTACS free float but it's more expensive. With a KWA, this build took a ton of modifications. The hardest was getting the rail nut over KWA's upper receiver threads. I really had to polish all parts with a dremel and torque it almost to the point I thought it's break. Then, I had to dremel a channel out of the new CQB barrel for the wiring to fit between the rail nut and the inner barrel. I also had to dremel down the back of the grip to fit KWA's sling mount, which had to be kept because of "plug" in KWA's sling mount that "fills" a hole in the back of the receiver. Also, I had to cut dremel down the KWA sling mounts so the sliding stock would pass. KWA has a long buffet tube support that had to be cut down to 1/2 inch or so to fit the VFC 416c stock. Finally, I dremeled a 3rd stock position notch for my tastes. For the battery, I used a 1000mah 11.1v 20C 3S butterfly lipo which just barely fit in the handguard around the inner barrel. I wrapped the battery with electrical tape to make rail removal easier and the charging plug can poke out the rail for charging. As you can see, this was an expensive and labor intensive build but it's a solid custom gun with great internals and out. Very fun to hold and gets a lot of attention. BEFORE AFTER
  9. Schedule for The Battle of Bastogne at Indy's BattleGround on June 14th American/Tan Commander: Jerry Altes German/Green Commander: Greg Beasley Event Schedule 7:00am - Registration Opens and Pro-Shop Sales Begin 7:15am - Chrono Stations and Air Fills Opens 9:00am - Event and Safety Briefing 9:45am - Players Head for Insertion Points 10:00am - Round One! 1:00pm - Round One Ends 1:00pm - Lunch Break 1:45pm - Lunch Break Ends 1:45pm - Players Head for Insertion Points 2:00pm - Round Two! 5:00pm - Round Two Ends 5:10pm - Final Battle Briefing 5:20pm - Player Insert for Final Battle 5:30pm - Final Battle Begins 6:00pm - Final Battle Ends 6:20pm - Awards Pre-registration is open. $25 pre registration. $35 day of. www.battlegroundindy.com
  10. Indy's BattleGround is having a scenario game June 14th call Siege of Bastonge. More information will be posted as we go. For now we are looking for 2 good commanders that would be willing to pick an XO to help them lead and to recruit players for their side. We would like someone with experience to lead on and off the field. If you have any interest in doing this send me a Pm telling me of your experience and why you would like to be a commander. Thanks Josh
  11. Hey everyone! I was excited to find this forum as I'm looking for some fellow Airsofters around Indianapolis. We had a larger group organized about 7 years ago, but things fizzled out as people moved away. About 4 of us are looking to start up again, so we are looking for other people interested to either join our group, or we can join your already established group. We're currently all over the age of 20 and range from students to doctors. We have a decent place to play near Castleton, but it is not our property so we have to respect the owner's rules on where we can and can't go. Terrain varies between fields, hills, heavy woods, and creeks. We mostly play elimination with 1-3 lives each (rounds usually go fairly quick), but we switch it up with some "operational" games if we have enough people. If you are looking to join our group, we prefer ages 16+, unless accompanied by an adult. Full auto is allowed and we do not have any FPS limits as long as your gun is within reason. We typically have a 10 ft surrender rule as well - no close-ups. Eyewear is required. Intended face-shots are discouraged (accidental is fine) unless that's the only thing peaking out from behind the tree...then that's their fault. In general, we like to keep games very clean - avoiding foul language and showing overall good sportsmanship is important to us. We're a bunch of friends and would like to keep that atmosphere. If you already have an established group and are looking for more people to join up, we're open to that too. Age doesn't matter in this scenario as long as you're okay with our age (20-40). We'll happily follow all of your rules and come with great attitudes. We're looking to play maybe one or two weekends a month starting as soon as it gets a bit warmer. Let me know! - Cam
  12. Spear99


    Guys, I don't know if you're aware, but California is at it again trying to attack the airsoft industry. If this goes through, then Evike and AirsoftGI will be affected, and it will pave the road for similar bills in other states. Would you mind signing this petition to see if we can get a response on the matter? I'm sick of watching uneducated politicians treat our sport like its this crime that must be eradicated: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/pet...rsoft/dkGRjlPZ
  13. Mox

    From Muncie: Drew

    Hello everyone my name is Drew and im 14 years old. My buddy and i are getting serious about airsoft. We are funding money for our 266 dollar shopping cart sitting at air rattle. I would love suggestions if any on GBB rifles and gear. We are getting on this site because we cant find any games. We usually gather up 6 to 7 people to play but its getting old because are guns break and nobody plays right.
  14. Tea

    Greetings From The Ville

    Hi my code name is Tea, it was organnly going to be sweet tea but my teammates didnt like that. I am part of a new team called Louisville task force that is only a few months old. naturally we are based in Louisville Kentucky but we mostly play in Indiana due to the lack of fields in Kentucky. Are main focus is to provide a fun time for all who are playing with us and we try not to alienate new players and make sure everyone is having fun. you can reach us on our youtube: Just shoot me a message if you want to join us in a operation or open play Thanks for your time Tea
  15. Axel

    Hey Everyone, Noob Here

    Hey everyone! This is Axel...or Ax for short. My real name is Chris. Just joined the forms not to long ago im located in Martinsville Indiana. I went to Joker's game in bloomington just to get some information on how you guys do airsoft. I'm super interested with playing with you guys! I only have 2 guns, 1 is an m-83, full auto electric rifle,its ok for a 30$ gun but would like to get a better one, the other is just a cheap walmart pistol if that counts haha. Still need to get some goggles to play with you guys so if anyone is selling some cheap ones near by let me know haha. Just bought my current gun about a month ago and just went out and played around with some friends so im not 100% on actual rules of real airsoft or anything but really interested to learn!
  16. At ease. SSMC Is a small, friend oriented AIRSOFT team that is currently looking for more DEDICATED players. SSMC is a team that is currently looking for more DEDICATED players. We don't care about your skill level, because we follow the three A's... Attendance, Attitude, and Ability IN THAT ORDER. We are looking for ANY players available. Any age within reasoning. Ryan Victor Cody Damon/Ryan https://www.facebook...yan.oneal.98622 https://www.facebook...neal.39?fref=ts https://www.facebook...defur.7?fref=ts Feel Free to text any one of us about information on joining. Send us a like and rate at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Southern-Serpent-Marine-Corps/549588521744770 Please do not post personal phone numbers on threads. Remit phone numbers to Personal Messages only.
  17. Hey guys I have just a few more questions about the games that are hosted by members or non-members of this site. So, like in one of my other topics I asked about the Average Age for games and such and the feedback helped. I just have a few more questions about the games cause I'm about to spend $150 on a new AK AEG to help get me started as well as around $90-$110 on attire (BDU Pants and Shirt, Tactical Vest, Gloves, Warm Weather Balaclava, Etc.) for the games and I want to know what I am expecting before hand, , so do my parents. First off, for just your average game, rather like 40 players or around like 60, doesn't need to be Noob Day event, would 12 be to young of an age to have a fun time? I consider myself rather mature, I call my hits fairly, I have practiced my trigger discipline to reason, and you shouldn't expect me whining or argueing every 10 minutes. So just explain if the other players would be mainly adults and teens, but if I would still have fun and be played fairly. Also, could someone do a quick classification of your average games overall player environment. Is it rough, average, or what? Thanks. Just a couple more quickies that I would like answered, much appreciated. These are just a few parental questions. Is it common for younger ones to get ganged up on or what not. Even maturely will I still be treated fairly. And do you think a parent would approve of the environment of a game. Thanks and I'm looking forward to possibly attending a game soon!
  18. DoubleA

    Wtb: Stubby/shorty M16 Stock

    Title explains everything.
  19. Demcheesenips


    Hey my name is Demcheesenips (lol I know) (real name is Josh). The gun I am rolling is a CYMA CM028A AK47. I've had it for about 2 years now and am planning to get a CYMA CM031 AK74. I am friends with AA (AmazingAirsofter) and have been going to events with him. I currently just run a simple loadout: ACU jacket, an OD green 7 pocket chest rig, and a gear bag... Well that pretty much sums it up and I am looking forward to playing with you guys. -Thanks, Demcheesenips
  20. pierqts

    Vest With Mag Pouches

    hi im looking for a vest with some mag pouches im just starting not looking to spend more than $50 thanks
  21. Hi everyone, I introduce myself, my name is Jon (Wet Dog) and I'm an Airsoft enthusiast. Because of this hobby and my profession (graphic designer) put over the table in my company a project in wich I was thinking for some time, create an app to carry the game to another level. So we started to work in, and on December 28 we release AirScan a real-time tactics application that shows the position of our teammates and allows to send information on the screens of Android smartphones and now, finally, also for IOS. The usage is simple and intuitive. One member creates the match and the other fellows joins, once selected the team, with a simple click on the screen of your phone can report the enemy positions on the map, to the rest of your teammates in real time. To improve the organization can create groups (Fireteams) within teams. For people who want to try it and see its true potential, there is a trial version for Android (quite limited), IOs don't allow us to release it. I leave here the links on the website and facebook page if you are interested to go deeper. http://www.fubustudio.com/airscan/es/inicio.html https://www.facebook.com/pages/AirScan/323907454372800 Thank you very much for your attention. ;-)
  22. I want my vest to look a bit more filled up... it looks a bit plain and stuff and I don't know exactly how to personalize it the way I want to. I know how to fill up my back (Condor Modular Hydration Carrier w/ Zipper Pockets off Airsoft GI, and also grenade holders which I want to put in Tornado Grenades in) but the front of my vest... All I have is a double stacker M4 pouch and on my left of the vest is a dump pouch and on my right I have 2 Kangaroo M4 Magazine Pouches. But what I was thinking about doing was buying a Condor MOLLE Tactical Belt and then moving the Kangaroo pouch to that belt as well as the dump pouch and then I was going to buy another double stacker M4 pouch to put on the front of the vest. Then, I was going to take like a miscellaneous pouch and put it on the right side of my vest and then I don't know exactly I could put on my left side where the Kangaroo pouch went so if you could leave a comment saying if that would look good or not then also leaving suggestions and links to what would be good on my left side. I currently run ACU as my uniform and Tan as my vest color. Thanks guys! And if you don't know who I am... I fairly new to the forum... I've only been to 4 events. The Teschendorf field awhile back, IPMO, Locust Isle (known as the medic LittleMan there), and I went to the Indy Indoor Airsoft place on 3-16-13.
  23. Hello gentlemen, I was wondering, and I know this will probably get a low attendance, If anyone would up for a Skirmish down South here at Silver Spur (Princeton, IN) on December 26th, or December 24th, I know with family and Social events going on this would be pretty difficult. I have a good friend coming back from AIT that week and I promised him an awesome game! Anyone up for it?
  24. http://www.airsoft2day.com/ Was checking out the website, seemed pretty cool. Thought I would share it with the rest of the world. -Zigg-
  25. Hello, my name is Snicker and I have been playing for about three years hardcore in Kentucky. I started with Paintball as an early teen for about six years until a friend converted me to the Mil-Sim and teamwork aspect of airsoft. I hit the ground running with ASL with an ICS Galil(my baby) and started playing almost every week if possible. I've hosted many games under them, met many people, traveled to many many states, and this became my passion. Attended Operation: Broken Home, two operations Irenes, Blind Furies, Virginia Ballahack, games in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I left for Brazil on a Mission Trip last year, came back, and ready to take the next step into airsoft on the East coast. Currently, I have left ASL to start my own team, S.E.T., to travel more and have a greater experience. Recently, TG&G(Training Guns & Gear) has opened an indoor airsoft range in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a killhouse complete with modular doors, and walls with ballistic foam furniture that can be moved for a new experience every time! We also have the ability to make it pitch black, strobes, fog machines, and a sound system to satisfy any primal desires or challenges. We are open Monday to Friday: 10 AM - 8PM and Saturday/Sunday: 10AM- 6PM. Currently, our fee is $20 all day, and we offer rentals for low prices. The games are high-speed, room clearing, battling room to room fun and it is a blast! Our storefront is stocked fully, and we are able to make special orders with free technical/upgrade service provided as a perk. To spread our name and what we offer, we will be attending games to vendor to meet players face to face and establish a relationship with the East Coast Airsoft Community. Personally, I love the sport with the passion and want to give back to the community that has been amazing over the years with memories and experiences. If any questions, they can be posted on this page, or through PMs. Hope to see you all out on the field soon!
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