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Found 2 results

  1. Avalanche

    Lbx Caiman Combat Uniform Review

    Hello guys! It has been a while since I have been on the forums. So a couple days ago I decided to buy a set of LBX caiman generation one (just about out of stock everywhere else) from Amped Airsoft, but first of all I would like to thank the folks down there for such a fast shipment. Here is the review. The good: The uniform has a very good pattern, suited for the forest/urban setting where I play at. It features some tan, brown and green colors in the pattern itself which blends in with trees, logs and sometimes darker shades of bushes. The combat shirt is very comfortable because of its soft material and features the upper sleeve velcro patch space. The pants have a zipper and snap on the closer unlike regular BDU button up. It also features a variety of pockets for anything you might want to have on you. Although untested, I am pretty sure that the uniform is able to hold up in most temperatures and long milsim events. Any brand on the airsoft market (like Emerson) can not compare to the quality of this shirt. The bad: Although a very good uniform, the price might be a little steep for some players. It comes with a price tag of $180 for the whole set (shirt and pants). THIS is not for the average player that just got into the sport, it is for experienced air-softer who have done this for a while or want to invest in a quaint and adaptive combat uniform set. It also lacks a knee pad insert.
  2. Asylum_88

    Wts M81 Woodland Bdu's

    I'm an officer in a unit part of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, planning a trip next year for our cadets to visit Norfolk, and as part of my responsibilities in the unit we're trying to raise some money to help put a dent in the cost. To do this we have a large excess of M81 woodland camouflage tops and bottoms I'm looking to sell. A good portion of them are gently used, given to us from ROTC programs around the state, others are brand new with the tags still on them. We have a full range of sizes, from extra small to extra large (limited quantities on either extreme end of the size spectrum). As per my units request we're asking $30 per set, and if you need either just the pants or just the tops we're asking $15 each. Cash or checks will the only method of payment because the proceeds will be going into my units funds and not my own, so unfortunately PayPal is not an option. I don't have any pictures of the uniforms yet, but I can have some uploaded by this weekend. Thank you guys in advance for looking, and an even greater thanks if we decide to do some business! *Edit: I can now accept PayPal -Edited by Joker
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