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Found 1 result

  1. A few weeks back Airsoft GI did a sale on Siegetak gear sets (never seen a sale on Siegeteks anywhere) and I jumped on it a got two of the v2/v3 14:1 revolution sets below: https://www.airsoftgi.com/product/Siegetek-Ver-2-3-Revolution-14-09-Ratio-Gear-Set-8118/ Now, I have done many a build all across the spectrum with these gear sets for multiple customers over the years. Not once has there ever been a problem and every one of those guns comes back to me for bi-annual inspections, cleaning, and tuning, and I am yet to see any adverse wear or failure. All these guns puch the envelope of performance and two of these guns are now pushing the 300k round mark as well. These gear sets are stupid strong, wear like iron, and in the correct gearbox with precise shimming, dead silent. So, given the sale and with two new builds under construction, I pulled the trigger on them. Sadly, it would appear that the factory either had a very bad day or, like so many brands and manufacturers, Siegetek is becoming complacent and a victim of its own success. So; Gearset 1 I opened the gears an immediately noticed a problem. The spur gear had not been properly de-burred at the factory. The gears cannot even be installed if burrs are present, so I set forth with tools to fix this (I am a machinist, so this is nothing new to me). Fast forward two hours and the gears are "ok" to be meshed now. But, now arise problem two. The spur gear was not properly spec'd, and when placed inside a gearbox shell with the sector gear, undergoes binding at a certain spot every revolution. Just for sanity's sake, I properly shimmed the gears into the shell and assembled without compression components or spring, put the motor cage on, and engage the motor. As suspected, the off spec binding caused significant gear noise and a high pitch whine.....the total opposite of the requirements for this build. Gearset 2 The gears looked to be properly finished exterior wise so I pushed forth with install into a shell. While shimming I run into the same problem as with Gearst 1, but much MUCH worse. The spur and sector bind HARD, to the point where spinning the gears by finger is not even possible. Upon close inspection, the spur gear is horribly out of spec and how it ever made if off the factory floor is beyond me. Furthermore, the sector even appears to be out of spec. These gears haven't even gotten the chance to cycle yet and likely wont for fear of blowing out bearings or ceramic bushings. For reference; both sets have now been tested in multiple high end cast and CNC gearbox shells with both ball bearings and ceramic bushings and with perfect shimming. Neither works. Also, Airsoft GI does not offer refunds on parts (fine print on the website) even if the parts is factory defective. So, here I sit with $250 in useless gears. I will continue to test with other gearbox setups to see if I can find a setup they will work in as it seems to be my only real option here since I cannot in good faith sell these to anyone to make my money back. So, to anyone looking into getting a set of Siegeteks, be weary. I hope this is just an isolated incident and will not become the norm, but two simultaneous dud sets is a bit worry-some, and at the price point ($125) it may be better insurance to not gamble and chase a different set.
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