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Found 2 results

  1. So some of you might know that my wife and I are working on adopting a child. Anyway we're working on fundraising, as adoption can be quite expensive (like new BMW expensive). So aside from the usual thing like fundraiser dinners, selling Dippin' Dots on a hot summer day in a small town festival, I've come up with a couple of fundraising ideas for the airsoft community. So without further ado, here's: So anyway I have two services to offer you: 1) ANTI-TICK TREATMENTS Ticks are bad, m'kay? So nothing could be worse than wading into the woods all day and getting a tick that happens to infect you with Lyme Disease. I am offering an anti-tick treatment, good for 6 washes (so six games, unless you don't wash your BDUS....ew). The pricing structure is as follows: 1 set of BDUs (shirt, pants, socks, hat and/or shemaughs) - $10 for first set, $8 for subsequent sets...5th set free! 1 set of gear (plate carrier/rig, belt) - $5, $3 for subsequent sets SEASON PASS - $20 for unlimited treatments the whole season, including gear. I'll basically take your gear and work on it over the weekend, and give it back to you at the start of the next week. Please wash your clothing and put in a bag, labelled (or write your name in Sharpie on the clothing), and I'll process it accordingly. 2) BDU RAID MODS What's a BDU RAID Mod? Well, before companies like Crye started making specialized combat shirts and pants, operators would have their BDUs modified to work better with their equipment like plate carriers, such as taking the waist pockets out and moving them to the sleeves. I've been talking to my mother-in-law about this and she's interested in doing this service. She's a experienced, professional seamstress. We're still working on a pricing structure but it won't be silly eBay prices. Basic RAD mod would include moving the bottom pockets up to your arms, angling the breast pockets, and sticking loop velcro on for patches and stuff. At this point in time, we're looking at the basic RAID mod to start with, and we'll tackle more ambitious and complex mods like Crye-style if we can figure it out. We're still working on a pricing structure and I'm using one of my BDUs as a prototype. We'll provide the velcro. You provide the BDU (again, clean please...ew). We make you look bad-ass. Bear in mind that as my mother-in-law is a one-woman operation, and she has to do other people's dresses and stuff as well, that this isn't a one-week-in-next-week-out kinda thing, unless she has a block of free time. To be updated a soon as we finalize pricing and designs. Please note - none of the payments sent for these two services will go into my pocket. These funds are marked for adoption only. Hopefully you'll find these services helpful. Remember that this goes to a good cause. Thanks for looking, and I hope you can help us out!
  2. hrturner

    Raid Modified Uniforms

    After hearing about this modification from eagle, I really wanted to get my uniforms setup like this as it provides your old school BDU's with that new school look and actually makes the pockets on the uniform useful for a change! Since I wasn't really in any hurry and definitely wasn't wanting to pay shipping on 4 uniforms to and from the guy online I decided I would wait and figure something else out. As it turns out Mrs. FN Pope is quite the handy seamstress and was willing to modify my uniforms for me. So I jumped on the chance to barter with her and Pope to get these uniforms modded. Turns out, she isn't just a handy seamstress, SHE IS A DAMN GOOD ONE! So as promised I am writing a review of the uniforms and sharing the word about how wonderful of a job she did on these bad boys! So on to the good stuff, photos! I had a total of 4 uniforms that I wanted this modification done to (2 x 3 color DCU, 1 x woodland, and 1 x tiger stripe). For those of you who aren't familiar with this mod, basically you take all the pockets off of the front of the BDU jacket the small pockets are sewn on to the sleeves and the large pockets are turned to about a 45 degree angle and sewn over the pectorals. Then the buttons are removed and replaced with velcro and velcro is sewn onto the outside of the sleeve pockets. The final product is quite impressive and far more practical in the world of plate carriers and chest rigs. Per my request, a special pen pocket was added to each of my left sleeves. The other benefit to this mod is that you end up with more pockets than what you started with. In this case the original pocket is sewn to the sleeve with a backer and turns one pocket into two. It is kind of hard to see in the photo but the flap of the pocket is tucked into the pocket to show the inside of each pocket on the sleeve. The best part of the whole thing was that no corners were cut. Proper bar-tacking and back stitching was done to ensure that the pockets stay firmly attached to the jacket for a long time! Sorry for the bad photo, poor lighting and shaky camera-man . Now my old school uniforms have a modern look to them and have at least two times the usable pocket space they once did. Yes those are my manly pink coat hangers, don't be jealous you can have some too if you look hard enough. All in all this is a fantastic mod that was done very well. I can't say that I have any complaints at all. The only thing I would comment on would be a request for double stitching the pockets to the uniform. I know that it is probably over kill since they are small pocket and not intended to hold much but I am OCD like that! If you are looking to get your uniform RAID modded, I would highly suggest you hit up FN Pope/Misses Pope and see what they can do for you. You wont be disappointed!
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