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Found 1 result

  1. I must apologize for the lateness of the event posting, school has been heckin' me hard recently... 3/10/17 - Operation Spring Cleaning II THIS EVENT IS BOTH AIRSOFT GAME AND A BUY/SELL/TRADE DAY Billy Mays here back at it again with the Operation: Spring Cleaning Find some of that old airsoft gear while digging through the back of your truck?? Realized you never even knew it was missing, and therefor not even wanting to keep it? Or maybe last year you saw somebody trade in their jams-alot, pot metal M4 with enough accesories for it to belong on the fashion runway and not on the field for a glorious E&L AK made out of glorious election-interfering Russian steel. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE, come to buy/sell/trade and ALSO dominate the field with your new HPA'd Squorpion EVO And ALL THIS for only $10 at the AI's own Joker's Circus! Scenario: "Rainbow Six” Counter Terrorism Unit. Their job is to clean out a new russian cell lead by Ex-Six Operative Vladmir Ivanov. The cell has rooted itself in the forests of the Congo. Team Rainbow must move in and eliminate the opposing force and recover any intel pertaining to the cell's operations and networks Where: Joker's Circus Address: 2799 N Curry Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404 Cost: $10 Hosted by: "Third Group" Indiana OpFor Timeline- 900: Gates Open 900-1050: Check in and Chrono 1050: Pre-Briefing 1100: Deployment 1130: Game1 start 1630: Game1 endex 1630-1730: B/S/T 1730-??? More games (game modes depend on number of people and interest in playing) BE ON TIME. GUNS WILL BE SPOT CHECKED FPS limits and MED (measured with provided .2 gram BBs) 0ft: <350fps - Green Zip Tie 10ft: 350-400fps - Yellow Zip Tie 40ft: 401-45fps PERMANENT SEMI AUTO - Red Zip Tie 80ft: 451-550fps Bolt Action only - Black Zip Tie (no sidearm, no sniper) 100ft: 550-600 Bolt Action (over 18 w/ Admin Approval) - Red + Black Ziptie (no sidearm, no sniper) *There will be NO BANG KILLS allowed (come up behind someone and its a courtesy kill). If you are point blank, aim below center-mass. If your rifle shoots over 350 FPS, you must carry a sidearm if you want to engage at closer ranges. No blind firing, be respectful to other players. Additional Rules: 1. Event will be Semi-Auto only. however realistic replicas of support guns are allowed to go Full Auto 2. Magazine Restrictions: If using Hi-Cap mags, you are limited to (1) magazine. There are no restrictions on the number of Mid-Cap, Standard, or Low-Cap mags. Drum and box mags limited to only LMGs and HMGs (i.e. no M4s with drum mags). 2. Medic Rules: You will be given a rope to tie to your gear. Each time you are revived, the medic will tie a knot. After 3 Knots, you walk back to your spawn area. Medics have to contact you for 60!seconds to revive. Medics nor player can shoot while reviving. Players can be moved up to 50 feet if (1) player has full contact of the dead player. Medics will be assigned, they will remain a medic all day and no additional medics can be assigned except by an Event Organizer directly (no floating medic roles). Dead men DO NOT TALK. 3. Full Seal ANSI Rated goggles are required and must be worn at all times while on the field. Please plan accordingly. Waiver must be on file in order to use facility as well. Must be signed day of event. IF UNDER 18 – YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST SIGN YOUR WAIVER. 4. Bring lots of water! 6. Squad conduct on the field: While some players want to be Super-Delta-Elite-Ranger-Squad and feel the urge to yell out orders at random players constantly, most of us are just here to have fun with our friends. Running around barking orders at random players may fill your power fantasy but it equates to a bad day for everyone else. On the flip side, listen to your squad and team leads. More gets done when everyone is on the same page. 7. Blind Man can/will be called in the event of a real world emergency. Everyone must take their mags out and empty their gun and pause the game. 8. Normal Multicam, ACU, Hunting Camo, and solid colors/Civi (unless green or tan) will be given Blue or Orange fluorescent duct-tape to identify team. Multicam Arid if fine for tan, Multicam Tropic is good for Green 9. If there is an issue with a player please find a ref, describe the problem, describe the player and leave it to the refs to sort out. Yelling at someone from across the field will not solve anything! 10. Those with 4x4's please park inside the gate, this is to reduce the number of cars on the side of the road. 11. Bring your own table should you wish to sell your stuff (we will have an area watched by refs where you can set up your table and your stuff) Honor/Integrety checks will be done throughout the day. We reserve the right to kick you off the field should you violate the rules. Be honest, play right, we don't want to have to, but if you are causing problems you will be asked to leave. THIS EVENT IS BOTH AIRSOFT GAME AND A BUY/SELL/TRADE DAY
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