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Found 25 results

  1. Neosporin

    We M4-Sol(Hk416) And Gas Choices

    hey, peoples so I've been looking into black gas by Nuprol or their red gas when it gets colder outside what are your thoughts on this? is it worth it? or is there a better gas brand like airsoft surgeon. I've never had my gun lock up yet actually or have mags leak on me even though I drop the mags like a mad man on crack!! probably should stop that lol... shits expensive
  2. After searching through the forum I was unable to find the specific answer (and hopefully personal experience) to my question. Does the ProWin M4 hop-up unit work well with an r-hopped barrel? I recently decided to r-hop my PDI 6.05 barrel. After speaking with a few forum members and researching online I found a retailer (Hop Systems) who offers both r-hop installs as well as barrel window milling (#PDIproblems). However, I was surprised to learn that Hop Systems doesn't suggest using a ProWin hop-up unit for the r-hop "because it does not apply pressure evenly with the M-nub." Is this true? Does anyone use a ProWin with their r-hopped barrel? Hop Systems suggests using the Lonex metal M4 hop-up unit. For $14 I am not overly concerned about the price; however, adjusting the dials on this style of hop-up is one of the primary reasons I switched to the rotary ProWin style.
  3. Dthackattack

    Kwa Or Classic Army Or Echo1

    Hi everyone I've been looking at the kwa vm4a1 it's new on the website I found it at airsoft gi And I've been looking at classic army m4 ris ar004m-2-x full metal and the full metal and wood ak74 ca014m-1 The last one is a echo 1 red star akm real wood and metal I'm not really looking for a blow back gun because of the battery drain. .just looking for a sold aeg any input would be greatly appreciated. .I do love ak's and ar's with the original front sight post not complete flat tops
  4. Sir Marco

    Motor/motorgrip Mishap..

    In a nutshell: I have broken my motor, and will need to order a new one. I'm also worried that the my rear wiring that connects to my motor might be broken at the site of connection to the motor. How it went down: I was replacing my motorgrip on an m4, at first, the removal of screws, the motor, and the grip went well. During reassembly, I had a hard time getting the wiring of the motor to fit properly within the motorgrip shell, it was a pretty tight squeeze, to I had to mess with the wires a lot to get the motor to sink properly down to where the spring could tense up. In doing so, I'm afraid I might have split the wire at its head, because it's very "floppy." (high tech terms here). When reassembled, by gun did not fire, not make any indication that the motor was receiving power of any kind. While removing the motor to inspect the wires, the "cap" of the motor separated from the rest, and there doesn't seem to be a way to humanly put the motor back together in its current state. I definitely and embarrassingly ruined that. Here's my question: Thanks to Amazon prime I should have my new motor by Wednesday at the latest, and by now I should be able to install it without error. But in the event that my weapon still does not fire, would that mean that I need to replace the rear wiring? Can an airsoft tech do that with relative ease or does the whole interior of the gun need to be replaced.. Version 2 gearbox btw. Any general input will be much appreciated as I'm pretty pissed off at myself right now, just need to get this fixed by the 18th.
  5. This is an awesome and super solid machine. When you pick it up, you will think you have a real steel gun due to the weight and balance. It is running perfectly. Please let me know what questions you have or if you would like to see it. It originally sold for over $300 and I am asking $150.
  6. Asylum_88

    Elite Force M4 Midcap Mags

    As some of you guys know, today my Elite Force midcap magazines did not want to feed.. it has nothing to do with them not fitting correctly in my gun (A&K Masada) because they do very well. What is happening is that the bb's I'm using (Bioval .25's) are double stacking themselves in the mags before they get the feeding tip. Is there anyway I can combat this? Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to put any silicone oil before the game, so it may be that. But any other suggestions as to why they could be doing that? Any help would be great! I bought these brand new and today was the first game I've used them, so I'm bummed they didn't work..
  7. So I have had my WE GBBR since January and STILL cannot figure out how on earth to load it with either the stock stick loader that comes with it or a normal speedloader.. I've done numerous searches on google and have tried from all sorts of angles etc and fail every time, so I end up having to load each single bb by hand - very impractical during a game as you can imagine. Has anyone any experience with we m4 gas mags or can throw out a few ideas?
  8. Here's my KWA "honey badger". It uses a VFC 416c stock, a raptor rtq handguard (airsoftstation.com), and magpul pts moe grip and trigger guard. To get the integrated suppressor look, I used a madbul CQB inner barrel and a 245mm x 40mm mock silencer. You can also use a madbul VTACS free float but it's more expensive. With a KWA, this build took a ton of modifications. The hardest was getting the rail nut over KWA's upper receiver threads. I really had to polish all parts with a dremel and torque it almost to the point I thought it's break. Then, I had to dremel a channel out of the new CQB barrel for the wiring to fit between the rail nut and the inner barrel. I also had to dremel down the back of the grip to fit KWA's sling mount, which had to be kept because of "plug" in KWA's sling mount that "fills" a hole in the back of the receiver. Also, I had to cut dremel down the KWA sling mounts so the sliding stock would pass. KWA has a long buffet tube support that had to be cut down to 1/2 inch or so to fit the VFC 416c stock. Finally, I dremeled a 3rd stock position notch for my tastes. For the battery, I used a 1000mah 11.1v 20C 3S butterfly lipo which just barely fit in the handguard around the inner barrel. I wrapped the battery with electrical tape to make rail removal easier and the charging plug can poke out the rail for charging. As you can see, this was an expensive and labor intensive build but it's a solid custom gun with great internals and out. Very fun to hold and gets a lot of attention. BEFORE AFTER
  9. I have a G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider AEG Long - Tan and want to make it badass! I'm on a budget and am looking for the best deals I can get my hands on. I'm defiantly not trying to spend $50+ on each piece I'm adding to my gun because, at MOST, I have $100 to spend. I don't know how to tell compatibility and/or quality, but I want my gun to look as cool as I can get it. I was wanting: REALLY wantA scilencer A Black hand guard with Tan Rails (QUESTION - Do those come together?) A Black Stock (that looks like the Magpul CTR Carbine Stock)WantAn angled grip Cheap Cosmetic Attachments (Flashlight, Laser, etc.) Black Mags (something like a G&G Airsoft 450R GMAG-V1 [Design-wise])If you haven't realised yet, I'm an nooby airsofter, and I would absolutely love any help anyone could help me, if you have specific links, that would be the best!
  10. I've found some similar posts to what I'll be asking, but nothing quite what I'm looking for. So here it goes. Is the extra 150ish mm of barrel length on an M16 AEG worth getting vs a well tuned M4 and its standard barrel? I ask because I've always loved the look of the M16 and had an image of building one (funds pending of course), but if a good M4 or M4 length barrel can reach out and touch people at the same distances as an M16 I don't want to invest in one. Thoughts, criticisms, or anything other input would be great. Thank you!
  11. I have a completely custom M4 that I want to trade for an upgraded/nice AK-47/74 with magazines. Body: G&P Evike Custom Two-tone brown and black with matte clear coat Full stock Magpul AFG2 Angel Custom 320mm Mock Suppressor Magpul MOE Motor Grip Matrix RIS with rail covers Internals: G&P gearbox shell SHS 32:1 SHS Steel rack Half-tooth poly piston Metal G&P M4 nozzle SP130 Core spring Silent Piston Head Full cylinder 8mm G&P bearings Lonex A1 high torque/speed motor BTC Chimera MK.II Computerized MOSFET wired to Deans 509mm 6.03 Madbull Python TBB Lonex Hard bucking ICS Hop-up nub All internals have been used in only one game as I've been busy and just recently got to field it. It shoots weaker than the spring is rated, but I believe it's because it's off-brand as the air seal was superb when I installed it. It's set to semi-auto and three-round burst. Will include the MOSFET manual and 3 rail covers that are brown as well. Will add pictures when I get to my computer. Offer up, I'm a reasonable negotiator. Prefer F2F trades.
  12. Asylum_88

    Wts An Aeg M4

    Title says it all. I'm looking to sell an AGM M4-A1 metal body AEG. Here is what it has. Unless it is listed below, everything else remains stock. Internals: SHS 18:1standard gear set G&G standard motor (long) Lonex shims Externals: MagPul PTS MOE grip D Boy metal 300 round high cap magazine Custom attempted Project Honor Camo paint job Not a very long list because it was to be a project build, but things changed and the project was halted. Now I'm just trying to cut some losses so I can put money towards something else. I am asking $175 OBO for the gun. It was never fielded due to it not being done, simply test fired in the backyard. Shoots great and pretty quick with a 9.6v battery. I prefer to have money but if you have something you wish to trade, it never hurts to ask! Also, if you want to see more pictures or have any other questions please feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!
  13. Asylum_88

    Agm M4 Body

    Okay, this is a bit of a multi faceted question/situation. I have an AGM M4 that is still a semi work in progress and I plan on making into a DEVGRU style platform. It's at a stand still now because I've found out the hard way that the Elite Force mid cap magazines DO NOT fit, and I mean not even close. They barely make it past the flared opening of the mag well. Now comes my dilemma.. Does anyone know if any brand metal lower would fit an AGM M4 metal upper? With relative ease of modification. If that isn't an option, how about any brand metal body altogether which will fit a front wired, AGM M4 metal gearbox? Finally, would the answer to either question above accept Elite Force mid cap magazines? What I'm trying to do is avoid using one set of magazines for one gun, and another set of magazines for another. I apologize for the long winded post, but I had to get something out there because I've been unable to find an answer yet anywhere..
  14. Reddragon

    Double M4 Pouch

    Hi I runing a new rig and I came across a pouch that I like. It is an double m4 mag pouch and it has a side flap that covers the sides. I like this because I run an mp5 and the mags fit perfectly in it I can get 3 mags in it. Also I am woundering what the flap that covers the top part of the pouch is called. Also I know that it is from Airsoft gi it is the only pic that I can use, mine would not upload.
  15. Gimli

    Which Is Better

    Which of these is better than the other? I really need your guys advice. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9229-370-fps-custom-amr-4-spc-mosfet-rifle-w-scope-and-fore-grip.aspx http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9768-combat-machine-mk18-mod1-airsoft-rifle-gng-egc-18p-md1-bnb-ncm.aspx
  16. targetpractice

    S&t/echo1 To Release An Ar-57

    For those of you who P90 users who want an AR platform but are too practical (or in my case, cheap) to buy a whole new range of magazines, S&T/Echo1 have you covered: Yes, it's based on a real steel concept. Definitely an interesting take on the PDW. I'm sure the first question you guys would ask is, "so does it take AR or P90 magazines?" It only takes P90 mags. Of course you can't fire 5.7 and 5.56 out of the same barrel, but since airsoft guns fire 6mms it would be a neat idea to be able to use both, though it would probably require some radical gearbox and hopup chamber design. Nope, the AR mag is just for show. However, if the magwell were able to hold an AR mag, you could probably be a good buddy and carry an extra mag in there for your squadmates, or more enterprising fellas would hollow out a magazine and convert it into a carrying case. For more info, go to http://echo1usa.com/...oming-out-soon/
  17. Twrecks

    Ascu Gen 3 Fps Loss?

    Im building a custom M4 with a ascu gen 3 in it im using a G&G ver2 gearbox before I put the ascu in it it was shooting 389-390 fps and now that i have the mosfet into the gun im getting 300 fps and i have a m120 spring. So im not sure why the gun would lose fps just from putting the ascu unit in the gun.
  18. I have a G&G m4 style gun that I recently started installing a mosfet on, I'm using a 11.1lipo 1100mah battery. Using stock motor, stock gear set. stock spring also (m120) i believe. The issue im having is the battery and the motor are getting hot when shooting on 3rd burst or semi in rapid sucession. The mosfet itself doesnt get hot at all, it gets to a point of shutdown in a way. The motor makes a slight beeping noise for a second then the unit shuts itself off. Im unsure if this is maybe a short somewhere or the motor just isnt up to par with the setup anymore. Looking for a bit of insight on this if anyone can help before I bought a new motor. Its probably the next to be upgraded reguardless.
  19. Red Jack

    Full Load Out W/ M4

    This is my first time selling on this forum so here it goes... All that is for sale: This is all that is for sale, and if you buy it all at once i will throw in a free galaxy mp5k M4: The only things wrong is it should be re-shimmed and re-greased and that the wire that goes to the back keeps touching the anti-reversal latch so sometimes the gearbox makes an unwinding sound. Also the RIS is missing two screws but it does not affect the functionality. And it has a "home-made" RIS fix that keeps the RIS from moving. (Also I will include a 9.6v 1600 mah nuchuck battery) (and the charging handle does not function) Here is a list upgrades that I have added to this weapon: - King arms metal body - Daniel Defense Omega X 12 in rail - G&P Marine Stock (This things battery compartment is huge) - Magpul MOE pistol grip - Cool looking flash hider - G&P wiring harness (wired to deans) The other things show in the first picture are for sale as well. A matrix CIRAS vest is also for sale. I also have 1 G&G hi-cap 5 mag midcaps 1 g&p vn style mid cap and 1 magpul pts pmag. Also there is a kinda working WE 1911. Now for the price, I would like to sell this all together for $350. But I may be willing to part out. But let me remind you if it is all bought at the same time I will include a free galaxy mp5k.
  20. Hi, i'm buying a new M4 to replace my ARES one. I am considering a VFC m4, or a GP m4. I really like the GP because it's Foilage Green, and is on sale for 250, but i would think the VFC would have better Externals. VFC M4- Finicky Charging handle, that screws with the hop up. Right under 400 FPS. Better Externals? 280$ GP m4- Nice externals, over 400 FPS, (Need it under 400 FPS for the field I go to) Foliage green which I love, and its only 250. So which one should I get, im very picky about my externals.

    Jg Cqb Ris

    hello im new to the forums. and i have a jg m4 cqb ris, and im wanting to set up another upper receiver with a long barrel for field play "distance". does anyone know if other brand barrels will fit a jg upper receiver and or will other brand receivers fit the jg lower? i.e ics, g&g upper with barrel fit right on the jg lower and internals and what not.. i have searched the web over and come up empty handed thanks..
  22. Hey everybody, I am looking at buying a new AEG rifle and I have narrowed it down to 2. My price range is under $215. I am wanting a gun with RIS and good Internals. Full Metal also helps. The 2 guns I have found: -Full Metal Sig 556 AEG- http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=5733 -G&G GR15 Raider Carbine (EBB)- http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=6235 If anyone has ever used this rifles or has any input please reply. If you have any other recomendations of AEG's in this price range let me know. Also one gun is EBB and the other is not. Is EBB more of an advantage or a disadvantage? Also what kind of mags does the sig 556 hold? looks like an m16 mag, not a standard 55x mag.
  23. Martyr

    A couple of tech questions.

    First off, after an entire year of not playing airsoft (Due to financial reasons, and weapon failures), I went to Spooks game last weekend and had a blast. So I'm trying to get back into it. Though my guns still do have some kinks. ARES M4 I purchased an Ares M4 a while back, purely for the fact that it has the quick change spring. I went to last weekends game, and it chronoed around 308 - 310. Played the first couple hours and decided I wanted it to shoot a bit hotter, so I purchased an AMP 110 which should have had me shooting around 380. I swapped the springs, and chronoed the gun. It still only fired at 308 - 310. The person running the CCAE trailer suggested that it may have a compression problem. I've opened the gearbox of the gun, maybe once. Also, before Spooks game I swapped out the bucking for a different one, due to the stock one being ripped. I've not fielded my Ares before this match either, but I have obviously put rounds through it. Could a different bucking affect the compression that much? Also what all goes into the "compression" aspect of an airsoft gun? I think that I read somewhere that i should pull out the cylinder and slide the piston in and out of the cylinder with my finger over the nozzle to check for leaks. Is this a correct way to test the compression? Also if it is a compression problem, what should I replace? I also want to replace the motor with a quieter, and quicker one with a higher ROF, bucking/nub, and a better hop-up. What are some recommendations? JG M733 This was my very airsoft gun, and I've opened it so many times I can't keep track. Since I opened it so many times and had to slide the wires through the little port that connects the outer barrel and sandwiches the upper and lower receiver, they were horrendously frayed and needed replacing. I bought some wire from the local radioshack and opened the gearbox just a few days ago to finally get it shooting, since it's been out of commission for at least a year and a half. After I re-wired it, I greased the gearbox and re-assembled it. Crimped on some motor connectors and fought with the pistol grip for a couple hours until I finally got the motor in correctly. (Very small pistol grip). I lost the spring to the hop-up and used the spring from a pen in its place. While test-firing the gun, on full auto BB's keep rolling out of the barrel after almost every burst. Could that be caused by macgyver'd spring on the hop-up unit? Or could it be caused by something else? M93R This isn't really an M93R question, it's more of a propane/gas question. I purchased an Airsoft Innovations propane adapter. While at the game, the seal on the adapter connecting to the propane canister kept leaking. While trying to fill up my magazine, it wouldn't fill it up correctly either. I also lubricated the input on the canister as instructed by the packaging. Do i need a new adapter? I've rarely used it, but I did store the canister in my room with the adapter on it. (Probably wasn't such a good idea now that I think about it.) Thanks a lot, Jake.
  24. Ianghost

    ARES M4-A1 stock issue

    Im getting a new AEG this summer, but that is a while away, so I want to fix my ARES M4-A1. It has the normal collapsible stock, but the full metal buffer tube got stripped out so the stick can turn 180 degrees. I don't know much about Buffer tubes, but I wanted to know if there was a cheap way to fix the stock OR if I could somehow buy, and put on a full stock (Like on the vietnam variants), and if I could what one would I use.
  25. KeeganG

    AGM aegs

    I need a new aeg and i was wondering of the brand AGM. just wondering but no for sure. I was looking at the full metal m4 ris with PEQ box. i like the look and fell of m4/m16 rifles. Just wondering if anyone has any specific details. would be nice to know. thanks, magz
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