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Found 8 results

  1. Dthackattack

    Kwa Or Classic Army Or Echo1

    Hi everyone I've been looking at the kwa vm4a1 it's new on the website I found it at airsoft gi And I've been looking at classic army m4 ris ar004m-2-x full metal and the full metal and wood ak74 ca014m-1 The last one is a echo 1 red star akm real wood and metal I'm not really looking for a blow back gun because of the battery drain. .just looking for a sold aeg any input would be greatly appreciated. .I do love ak's and ar's with the original front sight post not complete flat tops
  2. What is your opinion about having a GBB pistol as a secondary? What brand and make do you own? How is it? What would you purchase in the future? I think having a secondary GBB pistol is very useful especially in CQB situations for room clearing and anytime you are in such a tight spot you can't even reload your primary. One time I even used mine for most of the day because of a stripped piston on my AEG and it was fun!!! I personally own a WE 1911 KB custom and have used it for a few games already, the model is very sturdy in construction and easy to maintain (just need to oil the the slide and places after/before each game. It is a great pistol for the prize it was ($88) I would personally want to purchase a SAI glock, KWA m9 tac or a elite force 1911.
  3. Here's my KWA "honey badger". It uses a VFC 416c stock, a raptor rtq handguard (airsoftstation.com), and magpul pts moe grip and trigger guard. To get the integrated suppressor look, I used a madbul CQB inner barrel and a 245mm x 40mm mock silencer. You can also use a madbul VTACS free float but it's more expensive. With a KWA, this build took a ton of modifications. The hardest was getting the rail nut over KWA's upper receiver threads. I really had to polish all parts with a dremel and torque it almost to the point I thought it's break. Then, I had to dremel a channel out of the new CQB barrel for the wiring to fit between the rail nut and the inner barrel. I also had to dremel down the back of the grip to fit KWA's sling mount, which had to be kept because of "plug" in KWA's sling mount that "fills" a hole in the back of the receiver. Also, I had to cut dremel down the KWA sling mounts so the sliding stock would pass. KWA has a long buffet tube support that had to be cut down to 1/2 inch or so to fit the VFC 416c stock. Finally, I dremeled a 3rd stock position notch for my tastes. For the battery, I used a 1000mah 11.1v 20C 3S butterfly lipo which just barely fit in the handguard around the inner barrel. I wrapped the battery with electrical tape to make rail removal easier and the charging plug can poke out the rail for charging. As you can see, this was an expensive and labor intensive build but it's a solid custom gun with great internals and out. Very fun to hold and gets a lot of attention. BEFORE AFTER
  4. I haven't been able to play Airsoft in around a year due to a ludicrous work schedule along with going to college and what not so I decided to try and sell some of my guns, otherwise they've just been gathering dust in my closet for the last year. First up in my KWA SR-12. This gun is in great condition, has only been used in two actual games. Maybe around 1500 pellets have been shot through it. The gun has never been taken apart, it is completely stock parts. I have never had a problem with it. Last time I chrono'd it I believe it shot around 380ish. Currently it is wired with Dean connectors. I'm selling this along with 5 Mid Cap mags and 4 high cap mags. $350 OBO Next I want to sell my Thompson. This gun has been used as a backup. It's been in roughly 5 games briefly. Not sure how many rounds have gone through it or what brand it is. It's full metal where it is metal, but has faux wood furniture. Overall has been reliable. Also comes with one magazine, currently used tamaya connectors. $100 OBO Black Voodoo Tactical Vest, Has seven m4/m16 magazine pouches, four pistol pouches, four utility pouches, and a large pouch. Wore for two games, didn't really like how it felt on me. Otherwise held all my magazines and everything just fine. $25 OBO If possible would prefer to meet up to sell. Not looking to trade for anything. If interested can contact me on here through PM or email me at coleejh@gmail.com.
  5. Kilo27

    Kwa Sr12 (Dmr) For Sale

    Trying to find a new owner for an extra gun, the base gun is a kwa sr12(2gx version) upgrades internal/externalmadbull black python tightbore sp130 spring NC star- 1.5-6x40 scope w/ green illumination canted iron sights jp flash hider king arms sniper grip mapul afg mapul xt rail covers very large 4000mah lipo battery guarder stock cheek pad(has a compartment on the side) random fall/desert paint jobThe gun shoots great and was built around October 2012 and has only been used 3-4 times for short games since then, one time last year. Internals are in great condition since upgraded, it shoots around 480fps with .2 """""THIS GUN SHOOTS IN SEMI ONLY"""""" full auto was disabled to make it more authentic. Asking 530$ for the gun, hope this gets some interest full gun only atm no part outs.
  6. Stamos

    Kwa Mp7 Review

    KWA MP7 Review Outline: Packing First Impressions Initial firing Game results Current issues with it Overall Opinion Personal Rating Note to readers: This is a review with some personal information in it regarding the MP7. My apologizes if you find that unprofessional, but I believed that it was needed for more detail. Packing: To start let me inform all who may read this that this MP7 was not purchased from a store. It was purchase from CStahl back in 2011. It did not come in any package at all. I just went over to his residence, paid him the money, took the MP7 and took it to my residence to get to work on it (explained in First Impressions). First Impression: Now here is where some of you will probably think that I am the luckiest SOB in the world. I paid 45 USD (US Dollars) for it, but that is due to the fact that it was non-operational at the time. The charging handle was stuck and the only magazine for it at the time was gone due to various problems with shipping it to another buyer who sent it back to CStahl. Now due to CStahl personal life, he was unable to work on it and gave me a steal for it. Now at the time I had not yet owned a Gas Blow Back and was totally unaware of how I was going to get it fixed, but for 45 USD it was a chance that I could pass up. Now after sometime trying to figure out why is was unable to work, I got a break after I had my father helped me out (cause I had no idea what I was doing and my father is a whiz with mechanical systems) and we found that the bolt had a screw lodged in a way that prevented it from moving. After we got the screw out by using a screwdriver to dislodge it, we noticed that the bolt had a screw missing and sure enough that screw that was preventing the bolt from moving was the screw that the bolt was missing. Initial Firing: After I ordered a 20 round magazine for it (plus a propane adapter) I got to test fire it to see if my 45 USD investment paid off, it did not. Nothing happened. Found out that the screw was the same screw that prevented the bolt from moving in the first place was causing the problem. It had no seal so all the gas would escape. After applying some sealant to it and putting the screw back I got 1 magazine off before the BB’s started to drop out of the barrel. That was caused by not having it lubed up; it was as dry as Death Valley inside the MP7. After lubing it though, there was not a single problem at all. Game Results: Now I used this from late 2011 to late 2012 in games and was very pleased with it. Over the months I used it I managed to buy two 40 round magazines and was using it as my secondary weapon for the first year I used it and as a primary for the latter months of 2012. It is very light weight, about six pounds with a fully loaded 40 round magazine, mock suppressor, and red dot sight. It has a very nice “point-and-shoot” feel to it when using it. To this day it still shoots around 380FPS with .20 gram BB’s (this is the lastest FPS reading I have thanks to OP: Chill & Grill 2). Current Issues with it: Now my MP7 from time to time it will not work right for unknown reason and right after events it will be back to working order (as Endgame and others have seen it happen before). It does not like propane and goes through my silicone oil like crazy as I try to keep it lubed up. I am still learning about Gas Blow Backs to this day, but that still hasn’t been a major setback to me at all. Overall Opinion: This is by far my most favorite airsoft gun I have ever owned. There are times where I feel like selling it, but I was back out because this thing is just too damn fun to use. This is a gun that is definitely a blast to use for any type of event, for both field and CQC. Personal Rating: Performance: 9 out of 10 stars (weird issues) Ease of Use: 10 out of 10 stars Cost of Use: 6 out of 10 stars (This is a gas blow back and running it as a primary has caused me to buy a bunch of magazines for it, which are not cheap) Maintenance: 10 out of 10 stars (easy to disassemble to clean it; remove magazine and make sure it is on safe, pop 2 pins, pull out bolt, proceed to clean) Overall rating: 8 out of 10 stars Once again I apologize for not posting pictures with it, I do not have any pics of my MP7 by itself expect with gear, other guns, etc.
  7. Ianghost

    Kwa G36 Double Feeding Issues....

    Hello, my KWA G36 will double feed every ten shots or so on semi auto. I have come to believe its a problem with the hop up. I have no clue about AEG internals. First I thought it was the high cap mag, like i had to break it in, but that wasn't the case, i've used two different KWA Highcap G36 mags in it. I've been using .25 Goldenballl Bios. Im thinking about just sending the thing to KWA, but I really dont want to.
  8. Ianghost

    KWA KM4 SR10 or Something else?

    Hello forum This is my first post, and I have a question. I am a teen, and my mother agreed to buy me an airsoft gun for 400 or less. I've been looking at the KM4 SR10 which is 380$, but my question is should I get this, or is there a better gun for less, which I could upgrade?
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