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Found 4 results

  1. Reign

    Hey Guys!

    Hey, I am a 16 Year old new to airsoft, I have been to a field back in philly and rented gear when i was up there with my family and absolutely loved it, However on the northern side of indianapolis I haven’t really been able to find a place to play. I think there might be a CQB place around here but I would really prefer an outdoor place just my preferred type of area from what I liked back in Philly, I ended up purchasing everything I need so i’m ready to get out and play, I just need to know where to go. Thanks guy for your time! ~ Devin
  2. Hey everyone! I was excited to find this forum as I'm looking for some fellow Airsofters around Indianapolis. We had a larger group organized about 7 years ago, but things fizzled out as people moved away. About 4 of us are looking to start up again, so we are looking for other people interested to either join our group, or we can join your already established group. We're currently all over the age of 20 and range from students to doctors. We have a decent place to play near Castleton, but it is not our property so we have to respect the owner's rules on where we can and can't go. Terrain varies between fields, hills, heavy woods, and creeks. We mostly play elimination with 1-3 lives each (rounds usually go fairly quick), but we switch it up with some "operational" games if we have enough people. If you are looking to join our group, we prefer ages 16+, unless accompanied by an adult. Full auto is allowed and we do not have any FPS limits as long as your gun is within reason. We typically have a 10 ft surrender rule as well - no close-ups. Eyewear is required. Intended face-shots are discouraged (accidental is fine) unless that's the only thing peaking out from behind the tree...then that's their fault. In general, we like to keep games very clean - avoiding foul language and showing overall good sportsmanship is important to us. We're a bunch of friends and would like to keep that atmosphere. If you already have an established group and are looking for more people to join up, we're open to that too. Age doesn't matter in this scenario as long as you're okay with our age (20-40). We'll happily follow all of your rules and come with great attitudes. We're looking to play maybe one or two weekends a month starting as soon as it gets a bit warmer. Let me know! - Cam
  3. Hi Everyone! I'm new to this forum and looking to play some outdoor games in the central Indiana region. Hopefully it gets warmer here in the next few weeks. Is there any groups of players that meet regularly? I just started playing airsoft and bought some starter equipment. Prefer older players 21+. See you guys on the field!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm a 25 year old guy who's recently gotten the urge to get back into air-soft. Would love to find a group of guys in my general area and around my age to play with. Also, I no longer own a gun so am open to an suggestions on assault rifles that are reasonably priced; also open to suggested retailers either in the area or online. Anyways, I look forward to talking to all of you and seeing all of you on the field, HOPEFULLY very shortly :} -Adam
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