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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, I thinks there's a huge need in Airsoft for customize-able, active cooling and anti-fogging systems, that you can design for your personal gear and $$$, so I started tinkering around If you have put together a good CUSTOM cooling system for your goggles and/or helmet, let us see what you've come up with! I'll start us off with 2 models I've created. I'll start us off with 2 models (not very water resistant). These are both 5 volt fans powered by 4 x 1.2volt rechargeable AA's and a quick-disconnect plug with 30mm fans (single). I even found a cheap USB battery bank / charger. I've got some better models coming soon that are water-proof down to the fan, use 2 smaller fans instead of a single large one, and even one that runs off of a small, portable solar panel
  2. Asylum_88

    Eye Protection

    I've been looking around and haven't been able to find a thread about goggles vs. safety glasses/low profile goggles, such as the Smith Optics Boogie Regulator goggles. So my question is, has anyone used them? I want to try and avoid using bulkier goggles with simply wearing a boonie hat (at least for my current loadout) for now I want to keep the light weight pointman look but the ESS and Oakley type goggles are killing the look for me haha
  3. Darragon

    Revision And Ess Goggles

    Brand new Revision desert locust multicam goggles Comes with clear and smoked. Everything you see here 85$ shipped USMC issue ESS profile series Slight scuffing on the lens but hardly noticeable. Offer up
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