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Found 6 results

  1. Dthackattack

    Kwa Or Classic Army Or Echo1

    Hi everyone I've been looking at the kwa vm4a1 it's new on the website I found it at airsoft gi And I've been looking at classic army m4 ris ar004m-2-x full metal and the full metal and wood ak74 ca014m-1 The last one is a echo 1 red star akm real wood and metal I'm not really looking for a blow back gun because of the battery drain. .just looking for a sold aeg any input would be greatly appreciated. .I do love ak's and ar's with the original front sight post not complete flat tops
  2. Tomahawk

    Echo 1 Sof 1 (Osw/sa58)

    Hello all, Today I bring to you a few questions about the Echo 1 SOF 1 OSW SA-58 FAL gun (lot of acronyms I know). It is a gun I've been looking at for a CQB or sniper rifle backup gun. enough with the small talk, here's the questions 1. Since it has a V3 gearbox, if needed could I drop a CYMA AK gearbox into it? 2. Does anyone have one and could tell me about it? 3. Does it take normal FAL midcaps? 4. Any recommended ASAP upgrades? 5. ASG or Echo 1 Thank yah for helping -Tomahawk
  3. Chronos

    Echo 1 Mtc-3 Upgrades

    Hey guys, I wanted to make a post (again) about a DMR I might upgrade after shooting it. I am getting an Echo 1 MTC-3 in a trade, and it's upgraded some as of now. Below is what is in it, and below that is what I would like to upgrade it with. Before: Burst Wizard SHS Gear Set High-Torque Motor Angel Custom Cylinder and Head G&G Green Bucking Element 6.04 470mm After: Burst Wizard SHS Gear Set High-Torque Motor Angel Custom Cylinder and Head G&G Green Bucking Element 6.04 470mm Prometheus Air Nozzle for G36C
  4. Chronos

    Echo 1 Rec 7

    Hey guys, just found this gun for a decent price, wondering if anybody has had experience with it, or if they have heard if it is a good gun.
  5. cowboy914

    Echo 1 M16A4

    Hey ya'll, I have a Echo 1 M16A4 with the standard 733 handguard. My question: I have heard that Echo 1 uses a delta ring to hold the handguard in place. I would like to add a RIS rail to it instead of this 733 handguard as to add foregrips or bipods to my equipment. Would the the 614 RAS unit from Echo 1 fit my rifle considering it uses a delta ring? or would I have to modify it to fit her? This is the link I have found for the rail system. It's from the Echo 1 shop website but I dont want to order nothin' and it not fit. http://www.echo1shop.com/collections/replacement-parts/products/echo1-614-ras-unit-1 Any info would be appreciated Thanks, Cowboy
  6. Fraya!

    Echo 1 Zombat Stryker

    Heyoo! I know it's getting all cold and crappy and winter out now, but I got the Airsoft bug again today and decided to shop around. Some of you may remember me asking a ton of questions and checking out a bunch of different guns along with trying to get my friends interested in airsoft as well, I couldn't sell them on it (they don't have the cash) but I'm hoping it might grow on them. I kept going back and forth between a few guns and everything just seemed either super expensive, not perfect and I wanted to customize and mod the crap out of it.. or both So I didn't make a hasty decision and put airsoft on the backburner... well.. I found this at AirsoftGI.com today for a lot cheaper than a lot of other sites are offering (Around $225, heard it started selling at around $290 on it's release) Echo 1 Zombat Stryker AEG Airsoft Gun http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=4526 I checked out a bunch of reviews on youtube, seems like it's a good starter gun, comes with enough accessories to keep me happy for at least now - iron sights, front grip, M4 mags. It looks to be a solid CQB gun, which during the closing airsoft season would probably be more often inside than outside in the muck. On top of the $191.25 deal, I was smart enough to search online for AirsoftGI coupons and found a 12% facebook coupon on top of the sale price, and right now apparently AirsoftGI is offering free ground shipping for anything over $100 bucks. I saved about $75 bucks from all the deals and spent about $170 - the savings were the sealer for me, so I am now officially an airsoft player (as soon as it ships and gets to my house I'll give you a little review (as if I really know what the hell I'm doing at this point) and at least give you my opinion of this gun from a beginners perspective. Woop Woop!
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