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Found 11 results

  1. I am proud to finally announce a build I'm actually proud of (lol). But here is my Beta Project x Polarstar JACK AK. I can't wait to finally debut this at Op. Pacific Rimjob. Internals -Polarstar JACK unit Externals - Replica EOTech mounted on a RIS rail which is mounted on the upper receiver - Battleaxe PEQ-15 with pressure switch - Magpul AFG
  2. Dthackattack

    Kwa Or Classic Army Or Echo1

    Hi everyone I've been looking at the kwa vm4a1 it's new on the website I found it at airsoft gi And I've been looking at classic army m4 ris ar004m-2-x full metal and the full metal and wood ak74 ca014m-1 The last one is a echo 1 red star akm real wood and metal I'm not really looking for a blow back gun because of the battery drain. .just looking for a sold aeg any input would be greatly appreciated. .I do love ak's and ar's with the original front sight post not complete flat tops
  3. I'm looking to sell my CYMA Beta Spetsnaz. This gun has had a fair number of modifications completed that make it a great CQB or midrange option. The modifications are noted below. - Madbul mock suppressor - G&G green bucking (ProWin hop up pending delivery) - SHS gears - SHS or Lonex compression (don't recall) - Gate Nanohard Mosfet. The rifle will also include 4 PTS magpul bega midcaps as well as 4 tan ranger plates. I'm asking $200 OBO. if interested, please PM and I will include pictures as I cannot figure out how to upload pictures onto the forum...
  4. DBOYS Full Metal RK-01 WS Steel Version AKS 74 UN CQB Folding Stock I bought this new 6 months ago and I’m eliminating anything in my arsenal that isn’t ‘standard’ M4 gear to pay for an HPA conversion and to standardize my gear. I bought it from AirsoftGI: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2903 This shoots fast, hard, and straight. It has only been skirmished once and it performed very well. I will include the High Cap DBOYS mag for the price of $199 (see below, I have $319++ into it). I will add the 3 mid-cap G&P mags and 2 high-cap zip mags for an additional $50 to make the package $249. If you are familiar with these mags, you know they cost around $15 each, so this price is a bargain. That is the price with the gun…until the gun is sold, I won’t sell the mags separately. This is the full steel and real wood version (not the cheapo Pot Metal version) which is both more solid and long-lasting. I have upgraded just about everything in the gearbox and electrical including: New Gears ($20) New piston and head ($18) New cylinder head and air nozzle ($15) New selector plate ($8) New trigger switch ($8) New Motor ($30) New Mosfet (it is crazy-fast with the 11.1 battery now) ($20) New wiring throughout Moved battery to rear and added pouch so I could use any battery I wanted rather than being stuck with those stupid low capacity stick batteries Tight Bore Stainless Steel Barrel ($30) New Metal hopup ($15) Flat-hopped Modification Newly Shimmed and GreasedTotal of my costs for the Gun plus upgrades: $319 (not including tax, shipping, and a ridiculous amount of time/labor). Again, I am selling with one high-cap mag for $199 or with all mags shown for $249. Please let me know what questions you have or if you want to see it.
  5. targetpractice

    Type 81 Ak Rig For Sale

    Hey folks, I have a Type 81 AK right for sale in green. That's the 4-cell Chinese AK chest rig, instead of the usual 3. I'm at work right now, but I'll post up a photo tonight when I get home. $25!
  6. I have a completely custom M4 that I want to trade for an upgraded/nice AK-47/74 with magazines. Body: G&P Evike Custom Two-tone brown and black with matte clear coat Full stock Magpul AFG2 Angel Custom 320mm Mock Suppressor Magpul MOE Motor Grip Matrix RIS with rail covers Internals: G&P gearbox shell SHS 32:1 SHS Steel rack Half-tooth poly piston Metal G&P M4 nozzle SP130 Core spring Silent Piston Head Full cylinder 8mm G&P bearings Lonex A1 high torque/speed motor BTC Chimera MK.II Computerized MOSFET wired to Deans 509mm 6.03 Madbull Python TBB Lonex Hard bucking ICS Hop-up nub All internals have been used in only one game as I've been busy and just recently got to field it. It shoots weaker than the spring is rated, but I believe it's because it's off-brand as the air seal was superb when I installed it. It's set to semi-auto and three-round burst. Will include the MOSFET manual and 3 rail covers that are brown as well. Will add pictures when I get to my computer. Offer up, I'm a reasonable negotiator. Prefer F2F trades.
  7. Asylum_88

    Ak Shoots Too Hot

    Okay, so I've scoured the forums and haven't found a topic on this issue. I have a buddy who has a CYMA AK (not exactly sure which specific model), and it shoots over 400 fps. I've seen fps limits on many fields for AEG's be 400 fps with .20's, so my question is.. anyone have any advice to lowering fps? Will I need any new parts? Etc. From what I've seen and read, the Chill and Grill is coming up and some tech things happen there. I unfortunately may not make it due to work (unless anyone is still there past 5 pm), and my buddy isn't too tech inclined.. so he may not make it either. Any tips, tricks, and hints would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Rules: All sales are final. Buyer accepts responsibility after purchase. All prices do not include shipping, I will ship USPS Priority Mail flat rate, whatever box it fits in is the amount it will be. Pick up will be in either Parker City, Farmland, or Muncie. We can workout details through PM. All items are priced fairly, but I'm open to some negotiation. SOME TRADES ARE ACCEPTED. PM me, the worst I can say is "no thank you". Items I'd be interested in are: OD MagPuls, lights, good MOSFET, Assorted Coyote Brown MOLLE gear/pouches, Mock Suppressor (ccw), good Iron Sights, Stick type 11.1v lipo batteries, EOTech clones, MagPul or SOCOM stock, etc... Just ask, you never know! All items will be clearly described, any defects or problems will be clearly stated. I can take pictures of anything you need and send them via text message. As of right now, I'm not willing to part anything out, but if some time passes and things that can be parted out have not been sold, I will part out. This will be known by a post by me on this thread. Payment will either be through PayPal, or FTF. Items: MadBull Mosquito 40 mm grenade launcher, and 2x 120 rnd King Arms 40 mm grenades. 1 grenade is in full working order, and 1 just needs a new set of ball bearings. I have only used these in 2 games, but a friend used 1 at IIA, and lost some ball bearings. These can be found cheap on most airsoft websites. $50 http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095195328_zps49850e62.jpg Barska Multi Reticle Electro Sight. Comes in original box with manual, cleaning cloth, and Allen key. Bought brand new a few months ago for $80 used a lot, but still in perfect working condition and looks like new. Has 7 power levels, and 4 different reticle: circle dot, cross, 10 MOA dot, and 3 MOA dot. Needs a new CR2032 button battery. $25 http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095195207_zps1e0e8574.jpg Barska GLX 5mw Red Laser w/ pressure switch and standard on/off. Comes in original box with 1x rechargeable CR123A battery. Bought new a few months ago for $70, used less than 5 times and is in full working order. $25 http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095195151_zps6c750a28.jpg 2x Phantom Gear dual M4 magazine pouches (hold 4 magazines each). 1000d Cordura Nylon construction. These are OD in color, and are barely used like new. $20 for both or $12 for one. http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095204007_zps339b54fa.jpg *P-Mags in picture not included* 5x MAG Brand 100 rnd Mid-Cap AK47/74 Waffle magazines. Used in less than 5 games, some need to be cleaned on the outside (just dirt). Come in the original box. $25 I also have 2x 120 rnd unknown brand Waffle AK mags. They have never been used, and cost $13 a piece brand new. $7 a piece or both for $10. http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095203246_zpsc3621ec2.jpg If you want to buy all 7 AK mags, I will do $30. 1x VFC Metal 300? Rnd Hi-Cap M4 magazine. Never used, $10. http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095204344_zps323923e9.jpg Matrix Carbon Steel Mesh lower face mask. Barely used, but padding on the inside is starting to come off just a tiny bit. This is a super easy fix. Color is Digital Woodland (MARPAT) This is the model that also covers your ears. $5 http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/20130730_203409_zps673d3aa6.jpg Matrix M95 spring. Never fielded. I put it in an AK, and decided I didn't want it. Practically brand new. Offer up. http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095203329_zpsc00ca669.jpg JG Krebs AK. This gun is really solid for a JG. It is in parts right now, and is about 80% there. Off the top of my head I know that it needs a piston, Sector gear, bearings, and a new stock adapter. Everything is in labeled plastic baggies. I can provide pictures for anything you might want. I can also get a solid list of needed parts. It's basically a parts gun as is. I'll accept any reasonable offer through PM. Offer up. http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/IMG_20130730_192239_413_zps854a91c4.jpg Evike Custom Punisher Fiberglass mask. Used ~5 times. Has some paint missing on the eyes, but in pretty good condition. Bought new for $80 a few months ago. $25 http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/20130730_203428_zpsb1ec5e88.jpg SOCOM Gear Pistol Lanyard. Black in color. This thing is really solid. Never fielded, basically brand new. $5 http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w486/adams-usmc/2013073095203346_zps841c2d83.jpg I have pictures of everything and can send them via text. I'll do my best to document any scratches, dents, dings, or any problems whatsoever. Thanks guys.
  9. Comrade Wichita

    Wts: Cm.048 Ak74

    http://i1355.photobu...zps298fbaed.jpg Original gun: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_408_416&products_id=5561 For sale today is my Cyma AK74. The gun is a little over a year old and needs some work. To my knowledge, the selector switch needs to be replaced. I'm asking $125 OBO. I will also consider trades, so offer up. GUN IS SOLD AS IS!!! Work done to this gun: Guarder cylinder kit Systema shims Systema m100 spring Both Comrade S_Z and Peli have looked over the internals in this gun several times. They have hammered out a lot of it's problems and it should function properly if you replace the selector switch assembly (http://www.toysoldie...ils.php?pid=385). Please PM me with any question or offers.
  10. Smoke

    ICS AKS74u

    I am looking into buying an ICS AKS74u. I would like to know if anybody has had experience with this gun. I have tried to look up reviews, but the only one I can find on it is reddragonairsoft's review on youtube. I searched it on google, and it ended up leading me to a forum where they were talking about the hopup being placed in a vulnerable position that is prone to breaking. I was wondering if this was true. Also, I have found it on three differnet websites: Evike for 330 Kastway for 310 AirgunDepot for 299 My initial reaction was to get it off AD, since I couldn't find anything on eBay. But AD seems sketchy, and I wouldn't trust it w/o positive reviews from people. I just ordered from Evike, but shipping takes a while, and it's the most expensive. And I've never heard of anyone's experience with Kastway.
  11. Red Jack

    AIM GBB Dragunov

    I recently found this on Evike and got a little excited and was wondering what you guys thought. Oh yeah its only $219. http://www.evike.com...oducts_id=39318
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