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Found 27 results

  1. Bmen765

    Cyma Beta Parts

    I bought a cyma cm521c from evike because it was on sale and I have some old parts from boneyard guns and other bulds so most of the body I have metal parts for but now that I look at the top cover I don't think ak74u dust cover will mount and a standard ak top cover doesn't have irons I'd like to turn it into a loaner for a friend the internal parts I have no trouble with because it's just your regular version 3 but I've never owned the worked on a beta before so I'm not sure what parts will fit and I'm honestly too lazy to get to Dremeling so any advice ?
  2. Bmen765

    Cyma Beta Parts

    I bought a cyma cm521c from evike because it was on sale and I have some old parts from boneyard guns and other bulds so most of the body I have metal parts for but now that I look at the top cover I don't think ak74u dust cover will mount and a standard ak top cover doesn't have irons I'd like to turn it into a loaner for a friend the internal parts I have no trouble with because it's just your regular version 3 but I've never owned the worked on a beta before so I'm not sure what parts will fit and I'm honestly too lazy to get to Dremeling so any advice ?
  3. Dthackattack

    Kwa Or Classic Army Or Echo1

    Hi everyone I've been looking at the kwa vm4a1 it's new on the website I found it at airsoft gi And I've been looking at classic army m4 ris ar004m-2-x full metal and the full metal and wood ak74 ca014m-1 The last one is a echo 1 red star akm real wood and metal I'm not really looking for a blow back gun because of the battery drain. .just looking for a sold aeg any input would be greatly appreciated. .I do love ak's and ar's with the original front sight post not complete flat tops
  4. Snipin_Kyle


    Hey guys I heard that you have to shim some gears in AEG's what is it and how do you do it?
  5. Trip

    Need Advice For An Aeg

    Hey guys, newbie to the fourm here. I've already posted an introduction if you're interested. I just need help deciding on an AEG and sidearm (preferably Co2 for the winter) as I lost all my gear in a house fire recently. I have $400 to spend on just the guns, I am looking for an M4 platform gun but I have found one AUG that interests me (not too sure about the company). I have been mainly looking at specific types, mainly the standard 14.5 inch barrel (with triangle sight and 7" RIS, because classic) or a MK18 model. I could also possibly ditch the sidearm but the FPS would need to be 350 or under because there is a field near me that is indoor and has an outdoor area. Below you will find the three guns I have been looking at but feel free to suggest other options. ASG Steyr AUG A3 XS Commandohttp://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=21322 Combat Machine MK18 MOD1http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_150&products_id=15829 the only affordable mk18 that i can find G&G GR15 Raider Electric Blow Back AEGhttp://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_150&products_id=6235 Again feel free to suggest guns Also heres the sidearm I've been looking at: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=12587
  6. DBOYS Full Metal RK-01 WS Steel Version AKS 74 UN CQB Folding Stock I bought this new 6 months ago and I’m eliminating anything in my arsenal that isn’t ‘standard’ M4 gear to pay for an HPA conversion and to standardize my gear. I bought it from AirsoftGI: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2903 This shoots fast, hard, and straight. It has only been skirmished once and it performed very well. I will include the High Cap DBOYS mag for the price of $199 (see below, I have $319++ into it). I will add the 3 mid-cap G&P mags and 2 high-cap zip mags for an additional $50 to make the package $249. If you are familiar with these mags, you know they cost around $15 each, so this price is a bargain. That is the price with the gun…until the gun is sold, I won’t sell the mags separately. This is the full steel and real wood version (not the cheapo Pot Metal version) which is both more solid and long-lasting. I have upgraded just about everything in the gearbox and electrical including: New Gears ($20) New piston and head ($18) New cylinder head and air nozzle ($15) New selector plate ($8) New trigger switch ($8) New Motor ($30) New Mosfet (it is crazy-fast with the 11.1 battery now) ($20) New wiring throughout Moved battery to rear and added pouch so I could use any battery I wanted rather than being stuck with those stupid low capacity stick batteries Tight Bore Stainless Steel Barrel ($30) New Metal hopup ($15) Flat-hopped Modification Newly Shimmed and GreasedTotal of my costs for the Gun plus upgrades: $319 (not including tax, shipping, and a ridiculous amount of time/labor). Again, I am selling with one high-cap mag for $199 or with all mags shown for $249. Please let me know what questions you have or if you want to see it.
  7. I’m eliminating anything in my arsenal that isn’t ‘standard’ M4 gear to pay for an HPA conversion and to standardize my gear and reduce the long-term cost of maintenance. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=9253 Price: $149 (compare to $250+ without improvements online) This is a super solid gun with the following upgrades: Added lower rail for attachment of vertical handgrips and such. At the moment, it is attached at a 45 degree angle because I like that position for the vertical grip. But, it can be moved to the bottom for completely vertical orientation. CNC Metal Hopup and air nozzle. The original hopup is back on it currently because, oddly, it performs better with the original hopup. But, the CNC hopup is included should you choose to use it in the future. New piston, piston head and cylinder head Added external battery pouch because I like to use bigger batteries and the space in the handguard is limited to smaller batteries. If you don’t like this pouch, the wiring is totally and easily reversible.It is a great gun that shoots straight and accurately/consistently.
  8. This is an awesome and super solid machine. When you pick it up, you will think you have a real steel gun due to the weight and balance. It is running perfectly. Please let me know what questions you have or if you would like to see it. It originally sold for over $300 and I am asking $150.
  9. MattGyver

    Jg G36K Package With Extras

    Getting out of playing so I'm selling my JG G36, parts, and a lot of goodies with it. No trades or part outs please. Looking for at least $250 since I'm including a ton of extras that go with the gun. The gun is four years old, yet it has never failed me. lt's basically my go-to gun for day games since it shoots accurately. Originally, I bought it new as a G36C, but later purchased a G36K conversion kit, longer barrel, mock suppressor, and upgraded cylinder. Comes with 2 high caps, 1 mid, and 2 low cap mags as well as a 9.6V battery wired to deans. With the exception of the upgraded cylinder, the gearbox is stock. Not really sure of FPS at the moment, but I think it's right around 300ish at the most since the spring is old, but that's an easy fix. I'll include an M130 spring if you want to change it out. Hopup chamber has been replaced to the newer style along with the magwell. Includes: -JG G36K -9.6V 1600mAH battery wired to deans -2 High cap mags -1 Mid cap mag -2 Low cap mags -G36C handguard (with aluminum rails) -G36C barrel (OEM) -G36C cylinder (OEM) -M4 magwell adapter (works with older style hop ups) -G-pod (Missing main spring) -Integrated G36K 3x scope/carry handle -One-point sling -3D printed AFG -M130 spring for higher FPS -Box of extras with a G36K handguard, G36C handguard, steel flash hiders, two motors, parts V3 gearbox, extra fire select switches, and other various parts. -I've also got plenty of white .2g BB's I can add in as well. Asking price= $250 I live in Evansville and would prefer to meet F2F, but I can meet at Silver Spur in Princeton if possible. If neccessary, I can negotiate for shipping. Thank you for reading. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  10. Fen

    Back-Up Rifle

    Hey guys, I am toying with the idea of getting either a backup AEG or a nice sniper rifle (spring, aeg or gas - I don't mind) when I get money soon.. I'm wondering if anybody would have good advice for me on either of these ideas. For a backup aeg I'm thinking a g&g raider cm 16 or raider cm 18 and an ARES amoeba 'honey badger'. Preferably more of a cqb weapon as it would only be a backup so basically; would the honey badger be worth the extra hundred dollars over the raider just as a backup/cqb weapon? The snipers I have been looking at are; G&G GR25 (AEG), G&G G960 (gas), WELL L96 (spring), WELL MB10 (spring) or some kind of a Dragunov. If anyone has had experiences [good or bad] with any of these weapons or simply think something else would be better suited I would love to hear it!
  11. I didn't realize only Authorized Sellers could post on this, and I can't figure out how to remove it, can an admin please do what I couldn't figure out?
  12. I have some items that are well-known to me (the Echo1 ER-25k) and other items that I am not familiar with (grenade launcher, grenades, and drum mags). I spent a lot of time in fine tuning the SR25 model made by Echo1 (it is actually their model number ER-25K). I am including a high-cap mag plus the 2 drum mags for the price of $150 (sold in person and tested before purchase). I live in Westfield, just north of Carmel. Echo1 ER-25K Upgrades include: -6.03 tightbore madbull black python ver. 2 inner barrel 485mm) -replaced seals and air nozzle -re-shimmed and lubricated gear box -flat hop mod for high accuracy -o-ring mod -Custom length (standard length felt too long to me) -130 spring and 425FPS with. 2 BBs (high torque motor would easily pull 140 spring and I would install either 120 or 140 spring for additional $20 if buying wants higher or lower FPS) -400FPS with .25 BBs -very accurate and consistent Echo1 ER-25 Highlights -full Metal, reinforced gearbox -metal rails -Fold up sights I can't figure out how to add images here, so I am including the link to the posting of this gun on Craigslist. Please note that the CL price is $45 higher than what I am asking within the 'community'. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/spo/4883415239.html -vertical foregrip -1 standard high-cap and two battery operated auto loading drums (drums work, but I don't know much about them and I don't know if they are functioning perfectly) Also for sale is an M203 Grenade Launcher with 7 propelled grenades. I received these in part of a trade and I am totally unfamiliar with the whole system. That said, though the launcher itself was painted by the previous owner, it and the grenades are in good condition (grenades are like-new). $100 via in-person sale. I live in Westfield, just north of Carmel. Again, I have it listed on Craigslist for more money and you can see the pics there if you are interested. http://indianapolis.craigslist.org/spo/4883432687.html I am in the process of moving to the AK platform and will be using the money from these sales to buy and then upgrade a CYMA CM-048. If you have that model and want to trade, I'd be interested!
  13. Chronos

    Echo 1 Rec 7

    Hey guys, just found this gun for a decent price, wondering if anybody has had experience with it, or if they have heard if it is a good gun.
  14. Hey guys, what do you all think of the Snow Wolf Barrett M99 (AEG) Ver.2 Gearbox? I have been looking at the reviews between the Socom Gear and the Snow Wolf Barrett, and the only real difference that I have been able to identify is cosmetics. Opinions? Snow Wolf Barrett M99/M107 (AEG) Ver.2 Gearbox Zinc Alloy Frame Polymer Muzzle Break Velocity: 400-450fps with .2g bbs Range: 200-220 feet Weight: Approx. 16 lbs Magazine Capacity: Approx. 450 rds Detachable Bipod Battery and Charger Included Little Less than 1:1 scale Socom Gear M82 (Ver.2 Gearbox) Full Metal (everything) (not pot metal) Velocity: 380-400fps with .2g bbs Range: 180-200 feet Weight: Approx. 30 lbs with scope Magazine Capacity: Approx. 180 rds Detachable Bipod Monopod Battery and Charger not included 1:1 Scale (except lower receiver parts to abide by the law) I realize that some of these could be biased based off of the sites I got the information from, but that's why I'm posting it here. I'm hoping somebody can bring out the truth in these guns.
  15. Asylum_88

    Wts An Aeg M4

    Title says it all. I'm looking to sell an AGM M4-A1 metal body AEG. Here is what it has. Unless it is listed below, everything else remains stock. Internals: SHS 18:1standard gear set G&G standard motor (long) Lonex shims Externals: MagPul PTS MOE grip D Boy metal 300 round high cap magazine Custom attempted Project Honor Camo paint job Not a very long list because it was to be a project build, but things changed and the project was halted. Now I'm just trying to cut some losses so I can put money towards something else. I am asking $175 OBO for the gun. It was never fielded due to it not being done, simply test fired in the backyard. Shoots great and pretty quick with a 9.6v battery. I prefer to have money but if you have something you wish to trade, it never hurts to ask! Also, if you want to see more pictures or have any other questions please feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!
  16. Gimli

    Which Is Better

    Which of these is better than the other? I really need your guys advice. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9229-370-fps-custom-amr-4-spc-mosfet-rifle-w-scope-and-fore-grip.aspx http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/9768-combat-machine-mk18-mod1-airsoft-rifle-gng-egc-18p-md1-bnb-ncm.aspx
  17. Hey guys AA here with a chance for every one to help out a kid in high school who is going through some tough times and wants to airsoft. Background story: My dad is a teacher and he has a student that has stated to my dad that he is very interested in airsofting but sadly cannot afford the sport because of the financial/family situations he is going through. The kid is extremely nice and cool but just cannot afford to do the sport he wants to do. Me and my brother are going to take some parts of a springer gun and fix up an AEG for him and give it to him. Now my questions to you guys is if you would be interested at all in giving this kid just basically some cheap old guns you don't need. Ex. Springers! No one uses springers but he just loves any airsoft gun he gets to touch so he would love it! I would love if you donated anything and if not I completely understand. I have not quite found out though what I'll do to get the donations but also Admins/Mods... if this is in the wrong section then feel free to move it... Didn't quite know where to put it. -Thanks, AmazingAirsofter
  18. Reddragon

    Jg Mp5 Help Soon

    Hi I have had my Jg mp5 for a year now and I thought why not upgrade it and show it some love. Not a bad idea because I am going to Mad Max this week and I thought why not upgrade it and use it at an event. The upgrades that I got were a new barrel it is a 6.01 tight bore mad bull 363 mm ( to make a compression it is way longer than the stock barrel I cant rember off the top of my head on how long it is) and a silencer 150 mm. Also some other little gear but those two were for my mp5 only. The bb's i got were .23g Matrix, after installed the new barrel and put the flash hider on I went out to shot it and litter it only went 5 to 10 feet and that's all. So I don't know what happened and I need it to be fixed by Friday. My whole goal was to shoot farther than before and increase my fps by a little that's all and now I can out shoot by just throwing them . So if anyone knows whats wrong with it please help. Also my battery was fully charged. Also I got a sniper that is not working but I will make a new post for that.
  19. Rhino

    Aps Urban Assault Rifle

    http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=12148 Hadn't heard hide nor hair about this until it showed up. I've been looking for a bullpup along these lines for a long time but had been holding out for the PDW-R or whatever the airsoft equivalent will be called that debuted at SHOT show a few years back. This seems to be a lower end model along the same lines. The extra spring and the quick change feature it bragged about seem interesting ideas. Can I get some plasticheads to weigh in on this one? (Please wear fire retardant clothing to this thread as there is high risk of flaming.)
  20. Hello everyone, I offer a line of products produced, sourced, and/or assembled by myself as well as basic to advanced airsmithing services. Many of these products cannot be found in conventional airsoft stores, cannot meet my stringent quality and performance standards, or cannot be found for remotely reasonable prices, ergo why I have developed my own. To order, send me a PM with what you want and then we can work out payment details. I only accept PayPal payments at this time. Unless otherwise noted, shipping is not included in any listed prices. International orders are subject to additional shipping fees. Credit to the person(s) whose original concepts are implemented or adapted from is listed at the end of each listing. PRODUCTS Unless otherwise noted, all products come with a 30-day limited warranty. See warranty conditions at the bottom of this post. 1. Cleaning/Unjamming Rods The Jonezy Rod. Sometimes, it's the little things that get overlooked. Things like the cleaning/unjamming rod. The ones that come with most guns are delicate and brittle, making them hardly suitable to take out on the field with you. Some don't even come with cleaning/unjamming rods right out of the box and whenever you buy a used gun, it likely won't come with one. Once upon a time, Moondog Industries offered a coilable unjamming rod made of hollow plastic tubing. It had two major flaws: the tubing would bend and collapse if you put too much pressure on it and it lacked an angled unjamming end and an eyelet for cleaning. By combining the coilable feature of the Moondog offering with the slanted ram and eyelet from standard cleaning rods, I created the Jonezy Rod. It is made entirely of strong, flexible nylon as opposed to the cheap plastics found in that cleaning rod you broke or can no longer use effectively after you put a longer inner barrel in. Each comes with a Velcro loop to fasten the coil together. Available for the following barrel lengths (extra length added for average flash suppressors): 205mm (UMG): $10.30 229mm (MK5, AKS74U): $10.80 247mm (E90, MK36C): $11.35 285mm (MC51): $12.15 305mm (SBR, VSR10 G-SPEC, M733, CQBR): $12.85 363mm (M4, SR16, SG551): $14.25 455mm (AK47, M14SOC): $16.30 510mm (M16, Type 96, M14, AUG): $17.60 560mm (VSR10): $19.00 610mm (PSG-1): $24.00 650mm (PSG-1+) $24.70 Shipping is NOT included in the prices listed above. All other lengths not listed here are priced with the following formula: Price = 0.03 x (inner barrel length + flash suppressor or barrel shroud length) + 4.30 Don't want the Velcro strap or a specific end? Let me know and I'll adjust the price accordingly. If you have a barrel extension or abnormally long flash suppressor, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME AND PROVIDE A MEASUREMENT OF IT! I can easily account for the added length and it'll keep you from having to exchange it out. Credit to: Moondog Industries, bane901 (Airsoft Ohio) 2. Simplex Basic MOSFET Units Simplex Basic MOSFET Unit next to a pair of Deans connectors for size comparison. Close-up of above. Simplex Basic MOSFET Unit next to a pair of Deans connectors for thickness comparison. ***The Basic MOSFET Units have been discontinued in favor of the new Simplex Basic MOSFET Units*** MOSFETs are a fundamental part of any AEG you plan on running anything higher than a small 9.6v battery in. A MOSFET handles the current switching internally and uses the trigger switch in your gearbox to tell the unit when to turn on, preventing this from happening over time: Burnt trigger contacts. Image courtesy of HeXeD from Airsoft Forum. My MOSFETs are built to operate on up to 14.8v batteries and in some of the most demanding setups on the field. Each unit comes with 2' 16AWG low-resistance wire leads for the main wires and a 2' 24AWG super thin wire lead for the gate. Every MOSFET unit is hand-assembled and tested to ensure complete functionality. A large TVS diode filters out voltage spikes and interference created by the motor and safeguards the MOSFET from gradual damage, a feature the Infected Armory MOSFET units lack. PLEASE NOTE: These units do not support active braking (AB) features. Technical Specs: MOSFET used: IRLS3034PbF Max. voltage: 40V (14.8V recommended) Max. amperage: 195A (35A recommended) Dimensions: 14.5mm length x 12.75mm width x 8.25mm height Wire used (source and drain only): 16AWG PVC insulated fully annealed tinned stranded copper Stranding: 26/30 Outer diameter: 2.34mm Lead length(s): 2' each Wire used (gate only): 24AWG PVC insulated fully annealed tinned stranded copper Stranding: 7/32 Outer diameter: 1.42mm Lead length(s): 2' To install, you must have a soldering iron, solder (60/40 alloy preferred), wire cutters, wire strippers, and basic soldering skills. Your stock trigger switch is configured like this with one red positive wire coming in from the battery and one red positive wire leaving the switch to the motor: Stock trigger switch wiring. To install a Simplex Basic MOSFET Unit, de-solder one red positive wire from one side of the switch and solder it to the other. Then, solder the small green gate lead to the empty side like so: Basic MOSFET trigger switch wiring. It is often beneficial to re-wire the entire gearbox with the same low-resistance wire used for my MOSFET units and polyfuses. All wire (gate, red positive, and black negative) is $0.52 per foot. All MOSFETs are now backed with a 30-day limited warranty. Available in the following configurations: Standalone (no fuse): $18.00 each shipped With 20, 24, or 30A self-resetting fuse: $28.00 each shipped 3. Self-Resetting Polyfuses 30A self-resetting polyfuse next to a set of Deans connectors for size comparison. Close-up of the above. Self-resetting polyfuse installed in a KWA KM4. When a disposable tube or blade fuse blows on the field, you're in for a lengthy walk back to the staging area to dig for a replacement in a best case scenario. For those that would like to avoid this while lowering electrical resistance, I offer self-resetting polyfuses. These fuses heat up in the event that your AEG starts drawing too much current and break the circuit immediately to stop the AEG from operating. This can prevent further damage to your AEG in the event of an electrical or mechanical failure. Each comes with two 2' 16AWG low-resistance wire leads to fit nearly any layout. Available in the following trip ratings: All fuses are $10.00 shipped within the continental United States. 20A (for most stock AEGs) 24A (for lightly upgraded AEGs) 30A (for heavily upgraded AEGs) Credit to: Terry Fritz 4. Hopup Tracer Units (HUTU) From left to right: Metal AK HUTU, Metal M-Series HUTU, Polycarbonate AK HUTU. Close-up of mounted LEDs. The BB ready to be chambered is always illuminated by one or more LEDs. Wire harnesses. Choose from mini Tamiya, Deans, JST, or 9v disposable battery connector. I have been installing HUTUs in my AEGs for nearly a year now to great effect. I've used them at night events such as OP: Crucible and got quite a few compliments for it so I figured I'd offer a few to the public. These have two super-bright UV LEDs mounted in such a way that they always illuminate the next round. If you have a clear air nozzle, the chambered round can also be illuminated. They are capable of operating in all conditions, even underwater. The LEDs do not cause any feeding problems and will last indefinitely and are controlled by a micro-voltage regulator assembly so you can attach practically any battery you want up to 11.1v. This is a GREAT way to re-purpose those old NiMH batteries that came with your AEG when you first bought it. Technical Specs: Input voltage: 7.2v to 11.1v Moisture/precipitation/condensation-resistant: Yes Submersible: Yes Each set comes with your choice of wiring harness, the HUTU itself, and all related hardware. Choose from mini Tamiya, Deans, JST, or 9v disposable battery harness. JST harnesses are marked to identify the battery connector since both side have the same JST plug. For M4/M16 users, you must have your AEG rear-wired or you will have to pass the HUTU wiring through the open gap on the lower receiver near the body pin. AK users need to have their AEGs rear-wired. Available in the following configurations: AK Polycarbonate: $24.00 shipped AK Metal: $36.00 shipped M4 Metal: $36.00 shipped All additional wire harnesses are $12.00 each. 5. Sorbothane Pads with Neoprene Impact Faces V2/3 Sorbothane pad and offset version. Like how an airbag works to arrest a person inside a vehicle in the event of a crash, Sorbothane pads work to prevent gearbox fractures and reduce stress, as well as correct the angle of engagement between the sector gear and piston while slightly muffling sound. Each pad is composed of a 3/16” thick stamped Sorbothane disc and an 1/8” thick neoprene disc for a total thickness of 5/16”, perfect or nearly perfect for most angle of engagement adjustments. Unlike competitors’ Sorbothane pads, these pads come with bonded neoprene impact faces as a standard feature to prevent piston head ports from disintegrating the bare Sorbothane. Prevent this from happening in the first place: Price: $4.00 each shipped 6. M-Series Full Stock Washer M-Series Full Stock Washer M-Series Full Stock Washer installed on lower receiver More of a conceptual exercise than anything else, the M-Series Full Stock Washer is made to fill the space between a full M16 stock and the lower receiver. When you forget to reinstall yours and lose it or when your full stock kit lacks this piece, now you have a source of readily-available replacements. Price: $6.00 each shipped 7. Angle of Engagement Adjustment Washers Set of 4 Angle of Engagement Adjustment Washers Much like how gears can be shimmed to be more efficient, pistons can be shimmed as well. Adjusting the angle of engagement between the first sector gear tooth and first piston tooth alleviates stress and yields a longer-lasting piston. These adjustment washers are made of super-low-friction PTFE and are about 0.03” thick. Combined with a 5/16” Sorbothane shock-absorbing pad, 1-4 washers may be needed to perfect the angle of engagement. WARNING: Take precaution when adjusting the angle of engagement between the piston and sector gear. Complete removal of the second piston tooth is required and partial removal of the third tooth is usually necessary. Lightening of the piston assembly, also known as “Swiss-cheesing”, is highly recommended in AEGs with high cyclic rates. Price: $6.50 shipped per each 4-pack 8. Standard Motor Connectors (now with locking detents) Standard motor connectors. Tin-plated brass motor connectors sold in packs of 4 with a length of heat shrink tubing for the user to cut to length and install accordingly. The motor wires will lay across the brush hoods and connect to the motor terminals from the top. These have been revised as of 11/16/2012 to have locking detents that better secure them to motor tabs. Price: $2.70 shipped per each 4-pack 9. Right-Angle Motor Connectors Right-angle motor connectors. Brass motor connectors sold in packs of 4 with a length of heat shrink tubing for the user to cut to length and install accordingly. The motor wires will connect to the motor terminals from the sides, creating more space for the motor end grip to properly seat against the endbell. Price: $2.90 shipped per each 4-pack SERVICES: I offer all sorts of airsmithing services from parts installation and tuning to complete gun building. To request a quote for your specific needs, send me a PM. A la carte services (return shipping not included): R-hop/IR-hop installation and tuning: $40.00 plus cost of patch ER-hop/IER-hop installation and tuning: $65.00 plus cost of patch Barrel window and hopup unit modification for ER-hop systems: $45.00 Complete rewiring (can be applied to MOSFET wiring): $30.00 Cold weather preparation for Marui-spec gearboxes: $40.00 All other services are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for more details and quotes. More products and services will be added to this post as they become available. Warranty Information: All of my products, unless otherwise noted, are covered by a 30-day limited warranty starting from the date that you receive your shipment. This warranty covers manufacturer defects that prevent you, the end user, from being able to utilize the product to its fullest extent. This warranty does not cover damage due to user error, incorrect installation, excessive or abusive treatment, or otherwise incorrect usage. To redeem this warranty, you must send the failed product back to me for evaluation and assessment. I reserve the right to determine if the damage was caused by manufacturer defects at my sole discretion. If I deem the damage to be caused by manufacturer defects, you will be sent a replacement product and will have your shipping costs as indicated on the shipping label reimbursed in full. Liability Information: The buyer assumes all risk of loss, damage, and injury associated with the use of the product. Basic skills for airsoft gun disassembly and assembly are required. By purchasing any products listed above, the buyer acknowledges they have read and understood these conditions.
  21. SOLD! Thanks for looking! RULES: I do not ship first. Do NOT make offers on these items. The prices are already reasonable. Prices include economy shipping. A surcharge will be added for Priority Mail, UPS Ground, or FedEx shipping. Payment can be made through PayPal or money order. I will consider all trades. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. I got myself a pretty little G&P to house my P* and I don't have a need for these. I chronographed the gun with the stock barrel group at 415 FPS w/0.20g as soon as I got it so you may need to have it downgraded before you use it. It hasn't been opened at all; just test fired for 4 seconds and removed from the gun. I removed the baby Deans connectors that came with it and soldered on some real Deans connectors for real men. Asking $90 shipped for it. I can do the following things for an additional fee: Downgrade to <400 FPS: $15.00 Downgrade to <350 FPS: $15.00 Install Simplex Basic MOSFET Unit and lower-than-low-resistance wiring: $30.00 (MOSFET included in price) Re-shim, re-grease, adjust angle of engagement, install sorbothane pad, and round corners of cylinder windows to prevent fractures: $35.00 Thanks for looking!
  22. Hey everybody, I am looking at buying a new AEG rifle and I have narrowed it down to 2. My price range is under $215. I am wanting a gun with RIS and good Internals. Full Metal also helps. The 2 guns I have found: -Full Metal Sig 556 AEG- http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=5733 -G&G GR15 Raider Carbine (EBB)- http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=6235 If anyone has ever used this rifles or has any input please reply. If you have any other recomendations of AEG's in this price range let me know. Also one gun is EBB and the other is not. Is EBB more of an advantage or a disadvantage? Also what kind of mags does the sig 556 hold? looks like an m16 mag, not a standard 55x mag.
  23. Caboose

    UMP reccomendation

    Hey guys i'm planning on getting a UMP for my next purchase. Any ideas on which one i should look for? Any input is appreciated
  24. Ianghost

    KWA KM4 SR10 or Something else?

    Hello forum This is my first post, and I have a question. I am a teen, and my mother agreed to buy me an airsoft gun for 400 or less. I've been looking at the KM4 SR10 which is 380$, but my question is should I get this, or is there a better gun for less, which I could upgrade?
  25. KeeganG

    AGM aegs

    I need a new aeg and i was wondering of the brand AGM. just wondering but no for sure. I was looking at the full metal m4 ris with PEQ box. i like the look and fell of m4/m16 rifles. Just wondering if anyone has any specific details. would be nice to know. thanks, magz
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