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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys I just have a couple general questions about NVGs and the G&P Dbal, since both can run in conjunction to each other and benefit from each. Does anyone here run NVGs for night games? If you do, do you think it's worth it? Any other thoughts on NVGs? Any feedback on the G&P Dbal infrared laser and illumination or is a regular red/green laser more conventional? - Thanks
  2. targetpractice

    Tp Sells A Flashlight/laser!

    For sale is a UTG model LT-ELP38 LED flashlight/red laser combo. It has two tape switches and a separate on/off cap switch for the light (the laser only works with the tape). I've included a stock photo at the bottom to give you an idea of what it looks like, and a few photos of the actual item in my possession. Here's the light with the tape switch mounted on the XTM panel. Now that I look at it, I stuck the tape switch on backwards - the wire normally leads forward. Another photo of the light as installed on my CXP-16. The light as viewed in my back yard. I should have done it in a higher ISO setting - the light is a lot brighter in person. What I've done to it is to add hook velcro to the bottom of the tape switches, and I'll include 2 Magpul XTM rail panels, one that I modded to act as a base for the switch. I'll also include a little extra stick-side loop velcro in case you want to mount it a different way (I recommend mounting on of the other switches to a hand stop like a vertical grip). It's plenty bright at an eyeball-burning 150 lumens and makes for a great tactical light for those starting out. There's nothing wrong with it - the reason I'm selling it is that the new setup I've built up on my M4 doesn't leave me a lot of room for this particular light. Anyway I'd like $40 for it, or better yet $35 if you're gonna be at the AI community meeting on Saturday. Thanks for looking!
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