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Found 6 results

  1. Fang

    G&g Magazine Help

    Good morning, AI. I plan on attending a large MilSim this summer with some pretty strict magazine rules. They require midcaps with an ammo capacity no higher than 100 rounds. I was planning on buying some nice G&G midcaps that I know would fit the magwell of my G&G Combat Machine Raider-L (GC16 Raider-L) and feed perfectly fine. If anyone has run a G&G CM, they would probably know the magwell is a picky eater and one has to push the magazine forward or backwards for it to feed properly. So, my first question is between the following two magazines, does anyone know if they would have the same feeding issue as off-brand mags? I presume since they are brand mags, they would not, but I want to make sure before I put down $200 on magazines. Magazine 1: https://www.evike.com/products/89445/ Magazine 2: https://www.evike.com/products/68123/ My second question is: I've heard and seen some people in videos say they use tape on the magazine to make the it fit properly in their magwell. I've tried this, but it wouldn't fit into the magwell. I don't know the proper term, but the groove on the back the back of the magwell for the magazine to slide into on... the tape keep catching there. I will tinker with it some more today, though - see what I can figure out. EDIT: Figured out the magfeeding issue with some electrical tape. Finally got it working. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm currently in the market for a barrel & hop-up upgrade to my G&G GC16 Predator. The predator comes with a 260mm 6.03 brass barrel. The rifle shoots around 335 fps stock. Goal: Create a second barrel setp-up that can be quickly swapped with my stock internals for outdoor play. I would like to raise my FPS to at least 350. My current contenders are as follows... Barrel 300MM Prometheus 6.03 300MM PDI 6.05 For outdoor play, I plan to use a mock suppressor to hide the longer barrel. For indoor use, I plan to use the stock barrel and hop-up unit because it seems fairly consistent at <50ft. My concern is that the 6.05 PDI would not increase my FPS due to the wider bore. Thoughts? I have heard great things about the PDI and Prometheus and most sites sell the two barrels mentioned above for a similar price. What FPS increase could/should I expect out of the same bore but 40mm longer? Should I expect any compression issues with a 40mm longer barrel or is this within the stock system's limits? Hop-up ProWin Retro-Arms I currently use a ProWin in my CA M4 and it feeds perfectly; however, when I tried it in my G&G, it would not consistently feed my K-120's. I realize this may have more to do with the gun's magwell but I wonder if the Retro-Arms would possibly reach further into the magwell and feed more effectively. Has anyone had experience with the Retro-Arms M4 hop-up? I have also read concerns over the "new" ProWins and that they may no longer be made as well as the previous generation. Thanks!
  3. I have a G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider AEG Long - Tan and want to make it badass! I'm on a budget and am looking for the best deals I can get my hands on. I'm defiantly not trying to spend $50+ on each piece I'm adding to my gun because, at MOST, I have $100 to spend. I don't know how to tell compatibility and/or quality, but I want my gun to look as cool as I can get it. I was wanting: REALLY wantA scilencer A Black hand guard with Tan Rails (QUESTION - Do those come together?) A Black Stock (that looks like the Magpul CTR Carbine Stock)WantAn angled grip Cheap Cosmetic Attachments (Flashlight, Laser, etc.) Black Mags (something like a G&G Airsoft 450R GMAG-V1 [Design-wise])If you haven't realised yet, I'm an nooby airsofter, and I would absolutely love any help anyone could help me, if you have specific links, that would be the best!
  4. Twrecks

    Ascu Gen 3 Fps Loss?

    Im building a custom M4 with a ascu gen 3 in it im using a G&G ver2 gearbox before I put the ascu in it it was shooting 389-390 fps and now that i have the mosfet into the gun im getting 300 fps and i have a m120 spring. So im not sure why the gun would lose fps just from putting the ascu unit in the gun.
  5. I have a G&G m4 style gun that I recently started installing a mosfet on, I'm using a 11.1lipo 1100mah battery. Using stock motor, stock gear set. stock spring also (m120) i believe. The issue im having is the battery and the motor are getting hot when shooting on 3rd burst or semi in rapid sucession. The mosfet itself doesnt get hot at all, it gets to a point of shutdown in a way. The motor makes a slight beeping noise for a second then the unit shuts itself off. Im unsure if this is maybe a short somewhere or the motor just isnt up to par with the setup anymore. Looking for a bit of insight on this if anyone can help before I bought a new motor. Its probably the next to be upgraded reguardless.
  6. Fraya!

    G&G UMG

    So I've been looking at this - I've always loved the UMP's and prefer them of an MP5 or similar SubMachine gun G&G UMG AEG Airsoft Gun Folding Stock, Close Quarter Battle http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=2649 The only thing that is turning me off of this gun is that it doesn't have a threaded outer barrel. The flash hider is actually part of the outer barrel, I can only think that the reason G&G decided to do this is in order to sell their proprietary parts - like their quick release Suppressor - in order to make a buck.. Is there a way to replace this outer barrel with one that is threaded for 14mm ccw? Being constrained as to how I want to customize a gun is a huge turnoff and bums me out Thanks all!
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