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  1. I'd pay $20 for a full day of play and I would try to attend at least once a month.
  2. Welcome to AI, glad you found us!
  3. Welcome! Always Good To See New Faces Showing Up!
  4. Not a big fan of Call of Duty but this sure does sound fun!
  5. Have a good time and a safe trip. Hope to see you at BF10!
  6. Going to work things out. If so me +2 dont know what team.
  7. KeeganG

    AGM aegs

    I need a new aeg and i was wondering of the brand AGM. just wondering but no for sure. I was looking at the full metal m4 ris with PEQ box. i like the look and fell of m4/m16 rifles. Just wondering if anyone has any specific details. would be nice to know. thanks, magz
  8. I personally like my woodland. It blends in decendly with the woods I play in.
  9. I need a new aeg concitering i only have a jg m16. I was trying to find a way to get a matrix but have no idea about them. I was wondering about a matrix custom full metal m4 zombie killer custom airsoft aeg rifle. It would be alot of help to know about this brand of guns. thanks, Magz.
  10. KeeganG

    Cqb Smgs

    Well thanks there.
  11. KeeganG

    Cqb Smgs

    Thanks that would help alot.
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