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  1. TM 416D I am the second owner; original owner used it once and I used it less than a handful of times. Less than 5k through the system. Original owner installed a Prommy 6.03 TBB and a G&G Green Bucking. GB has never been opened; all stock internals. Package will include 6 genuine Tokyo Marui 416 Recoil Shock midcaps. All feed well and the last round "hold open" functions as it should. Also includes an Eagle6 lipo adapter. Selector switch is misaligned because its an airsoft ambi selector; but it still selects Safe, Semi and Auto modes. $500 OBO meet in Delaware / Grant County area. I will ship on the buyers dollar. Payment is with cash or PP (buyer adds 3% to cover fees). Not interested in any trades
  2. Looking to buy the following: a. Tokyo Marui 416/M4 Recoil Shock midcaps b. G&P PEQ 2 c. Insight M3 w/ long gun tail cap (preferably with LED bezel) d. Element Dual Pressure Switch
  3. When I ran a G36, I had good luck with the PTS G36 PMAGs. The are out of production and difficult to find last I looked for them Tokyo Marui standard cap mags are the best I have ever used.
  4. Disclaimer: You must be 21+ years of age for me to sell this to you and I will need to see a copy of your LTCH. Looking to sell my HK45C or trade plus cash for a Gen 4 Glock 19. I am only interested in a glock 19, maybe a glock 17, in gen4. Please do not offer anything else, I am not interested. Thank you. HK45C with box, manual, and x3 8rd mags $850 (or trade for Gen 4 Glock 19 + $300 on your end) I have extras for sale but would not like to sell these extras until the gun has sold x4 10rd mags $200 German-made threaded barrel and thread protector $150 Bravo Concealment DOS holster $50 Safariland ALS holster $30 Will sell the entire package for $1200
  5. Assuming he can get off work- yes. So far its looking to be that way.
  6. That right there should be enough to cost him his business in the community, aside from everything else.
  7. I will not be attending another LC event in the future. Its no secret in this community that LC games are nothing but a big, poorly planned skirmish at a cool AO. Its no secret here that John Lu is in it for the money, the dude is absolutely clueless about airsoft or his own events. So when he has REAL legitimate competition coming into an area where previously he has controlled the market on (Event Organizers with another community support and know how to put on decent events), he freaks out and pulls some shit like this. Cheating always has and always will be a problem in airsoft, and LC events were no exception. Do you know who John Lu made a stink about at his events that first led him to start kicking people out? Hint: it was not GMR or cheating players... But people who were not event sponsors trying to advertise their brand at his events. Money is what John Lu is out for. As a business owner, thats ok. But in a small and fairly underground community like airsoft, a sport relying solely on integrity and honor, John Lu is completely lacking in. I do hope these events make every airsoft step back and think about what they are supporting when they pay for events and how they want airsoft to look like in the future.
  8. Selling my TM EBR. It is a Tokyo Marui M14 inside a G&P conversion kit. Has a variety of internal upgrades including a TBB and last chrono'd above 340FPS w/ .25 BB's at Irene. Includes 6 midcap magazines Price: $375 FTF add $20 for shipping, PayPal or cash only not interested in trades. Sling not included. Charging handle is cracked but does not affect function. Wired to deans and shoots like a dream. Tokyo Marui hop up so you can expect their amazing consistency. Perfect DMR, just not the role I am looking to play anymore.
  9. Any VFC 416 owners on here? I'm looking to buy a folding VFC 416c front sight with mounting hardware, just need the front sight. Have fixed 416 irons for trade or cash. Picture for reference.
  10. Very lightly used. For standard AK side optic mounts. AKML adapter fits Aimpoint Mirco style sights. $140 shipped for both. AK303 $105 shipped separate AKML $45 shipped separate Aimpoint T1 not included
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