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  1. my guess is joker will get on later today or tomorrow and play good cop and close it down
  2. always look before you jump out of windows too !!!
  3. how will teams be split up going by camo color ? Is nomagaddon the defending team or attackers ?
  4. so would this be just a big attack a defend at night game ? would players get to change sides at some point ?
  5. I have a L96 I am in if I can get a ride
  6. what is the age limit on this all I have is a gun and a high cap do I need camo or a vest?
  7. thanks for the replys I bought a l96 off a friend and the whole cold weather thing with gas so i am getting a AEG but still don't know what I want.
  8. I am still looking for a gun and now I think I want a gas sniper what do other people use ? I still want a MP5 is there anyone that makes a gas MP5? I have been looking at the svds can I upgrade them ? also is there any places near Frankfort to play big games?
  9. me and my friends want to play with more people and wanted to know if there are people around frankfort I'm still looking for a gun but soon I will have one and I will want to play more.
  10. I think me and 4 friends might be able to come I will have my new gun by then
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