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  1. Green: Green Giant Rex Tomahawk AmazonWoman Foxfire tacelectrc Yoohookiller Tan/Black: Bipfog TK-04 OLLIE Eagle Dragon
  2. 7 magazines fired into that missing slat in the wall behind you. I dunno how many I killed but I ran dry, re-loaded a few mags, went dry again, then pulled people to my position and they went dry too.... haha I thought there were more of you in there. Makes sense now with all of that ammo and water bottles!!!
  3. I am looking to buy an Ops-Core FAST Base Jump Helmet Tan or Multicam Size M/L. Get ahold of me if you're selling!
  4. Quick payment, easy to deal with, and flexible on pick-up/delivery. Look forward to doing business again in the future.
  5. Making the one and only price drop. $90 for radio + accessories $160 full setup
  6. Selling the entire setup needed to get you field ready with some of the best comms you can get. Not currently looking for any trades, sorry. Radio is pre-programmed exactly how you'll need it, otherwise you'll need software and a programming cable (Neither provided) to customize your freqs. This radio is fully functional as are all of the accessories and while it is used, it's in great working order. Everything is sold as is and subject to all guidelines and laws set forth by the FCC, so use this radio at your own risk and I suggest researching any licensing for your intended purposes. No trades, no lowballs, and the first to pay either cash in hand or via paypal takes it. Nexus PTT can be used with most of the tacticool hearing protection like Peltor and Sordin! Icom F43GS, Battery, Icom Lapel Mic, Icom Acoustic Tube Earpiece (not pictured), and Icom Charger - $100 shipped or picked up Nexus Icom PTT - $80 shipped or picked up Icom setup + Nexus - $170 shipped or picked up
  7. I'll respond more in depth when I have time but for now, it is about me me me. At the last BF I attended there were over 400 Me's on that field, all of which I'm sure are concerned about themselves first in a hobby that they choose to have a part of.
  8. Limiting the capabilities of the weapon is wrong. IMO if you host a game and force a person to run their weapon at a lower FPS than the next guy, just because of performance, then you should probably stop hosting games. This is akin to controlling how a person can spend their money on items that they use and if perpetuated, the next thing we know, people will be requiring one brand of BB's on their field, or only allowing one brand of eye protection over another. As stated, the capabilities of the weapon mean little difference. I've run the exact setup that Francois is referring to at Irene 9 and was doubling the range of TFR while shooting semi-auto and I doubt there was a bolt gun there getting anywhere near the range I was, but this was an urban setting, well within visual range, and well within the capabilities of the DMR used today. When we choose to limit the use of current technology, we rob ourselves of the potential to push further than we have already. IMO, AEG manufacturers needed Polar Star so they would be forced to evolve. My AEG gets excellent range in comparison to most and the accuracy is top notch, but it doesn't compare to when I ran a P*, not even close. Polar Star is the current cutting edge and should be encouraged (with proper use), not discouraged. Limiting fps to level the playing field..... Wow. Will we next dial everyone down to 100ft of range so that Wal Mart guns are just as effective as PTW's? Now, while we're on the discussion, people have this ridiculous thought that by some unknown sorcery, Polar Stars can pump out insane Joules of energy while still at the same FPS using the same weight of bb's as an AEG and they're wrong and right at the same time. If tuned correctly, AEG's can experience an increase in kinetic energy in the same very way, by a volume of air continuing into the barrel after the BB has started its exit of the barrel. This can easily be regulated in the Polar Star by adjusting the poppet dwell down to a point where no air is wasted, thus making the system more efficient and actually more accurate. This "energy creep" is well documented and has been confirmed in AEG's as well, find the tests yourself on ASF if you don't believe me. So what does this all mean? Well it means that limiting the FPS of a Polar Star effectively limits its usefulness and part of the reason a person purchased it. I know it was the main reason I did, because my AEG's GB has now eclipsed more than 500k shots making it extremely reliable. So what can we do to combat the known issues with Polar Stars being used to gain an actual unfair advantage (increasing joules/kinetic energy output)? Two things, a tournament lock which PTW's don't have and checking Poppet Dwell settings. Get a few very experienced P* users who know how to tune their gun and determine the average amount used in a particular barrel length and set that in your rules. If someone is outside of this, they either have to adjust it or don't field the weapon, it's as simple as that. Do on the spot chronos measuring in joules of the BB's they're fielding, not .20 or .25 because if I'm using a .40 then your tests don't matter. If they're outside of your maximum joule settings, then they fail the chrono. Now, if the advantage of heavier bb's rustles your jimmy at all, then let's take a look at paintball for a bit of comparison. It would take a gun running 1,000 FPS with a .2g bb to achieve 10 joules of kinetic energy and paintball guns run 14-20 joules. In conclusion, P*'s are demonized, unfairly so, due to ignorance on the part of how things work. Dishonest players will be dishonest, no matter their platform. Correct rules should be put in place and enforced for all, not just P* users and people should be allowed to use what they buy as long as those rules are followed. Period. Whether I carry water in a Camelbak or a soda bottle, as long as I'm following the rules for hydration. Whether I wear a 6" boot or a 9" boot, as long as I'm following the rule on footwear. Having one kid twist his ankle in a 6" boot doesn't justify requiring everyone to wear a 9" boot just for safety's sake. When we start regulating the specifics of everything a person uses, we seriously start to take the fun out of the individuality of the game. I don't want to wear an impression or look like someone else, I want to do my own thing while being an honorable and respectful player. When I've lost that ability, I will leave this game and never look back.
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