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  1. also, if you have any problems with TT, i know multiple people that have had their gear repaired by TT for the price of shipping....
  2. It's a M1911 pistol with compensators attaches, the same guns that were used by Henry Jane's character in "The Punisher"
  3. slavman


    Welcome, glad to see you around again!
  4. well, looks like Faust and Cali wont be there lol i still have my m4 so i could switch out my P90 mags for this game
  5. Translation: Hi Iron Maiden, how've you been, it's really good to see you here <3 Harvest Good to see you here, I believe you and I were medics at an *EMS* game a few years beck
  6. slavman


    good to have you here, nice intro, pics always help lol
  7. welcome to the boards, hope to see you at a game soon!
  8. slavman


    good to see you here!
  9. slavman


    Hi altes, hope to see you on the field soon in the near future
  10. welcome ya bastard!! glad to see you here
  11. first you say hi, then you insult....i just want your love and approval S_Z is that too much to ask lol
  12. Let me be your hero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQf1eGw77yg
  13. Hello all, Slavman from PARA checking in. Weapons: CA M4, TM P90, Tanaka M24 PCs (preban) Side arm: P226 I also like puppies Hope to see you guys on the field soon.... Peace up.....A town down ( as the kids may or may not say these days) edit due to S_Z being a meanie
  14. glad to hear from you again!
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