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  1. It may sound stupid, but how about a monthly AI podcast talking about upcoming and past games? And some nonsense of course. lol
  2. I do believe we also have a Discord. Which is a free application. If people reeeaaallllyyy want to hear each others voices, let's plan a day where admins and event hosts can jump in to hear what all of us little nerds have to say. I'll go back to staring at my beach now. Yeet.
  3. If all goes well, I should be in town. Will try to drag some buddies. YEET
  4. I'm only coming for the sweet rolls. And Someone better be selling some sweet rolls.
  5. In. Here for to help as well if anyone needs an EO nerd to help out.
  6. I've been writing some ideas for objectives and backstory for Urgent Solution 3. I can Get this wrote up and I'll send up some ideas to everyone. I personally have some big ideas. Definitely on board. I'm all in. Whatever is needed, let me know.
  7. Joker and Rex pretty much nailed it. More or less discussed values and that players need to start taking a little more initiative when it comes to hosting games. Food was good, still had fun!
  8. Guess I'll make my grand re-entrance to the community here.
  9. So as long as we get members out, looking like were gonna have quite a bit to discuss. Next question. When and Where?
  10. Message Inbound VIA IG dawg
  11. Zigg

    Overall Nato Setup

    Want advice from a dude who is stuck in full kit all the time? Multicam uniform. desert boots. tan T-shirt. Tan Riggers belt. IOTV FLC 3 Double mag pouches. Med kit on FLC canteen and Canteen pouch Run an M4 with a replica ACOG (Or a real one if you feel like spending 1500 bucks) and a PEQ-15 gloves of your choice. some ESS goggles. ​Boom.
  12. Good afternoon gents! Finally getting some time away from the Army, thought I'd come pew with some of the boys! Been a while since I've played so I thought I'd post up here to draw some of you out to come play! Field has everything from Hills, to a wooded area, all the way to a small town for some ​good ole' CQC. ​Playing several short matches of different game types ranging from objective based skirmishes, to some good ole fashion Team on Team elimination. ​Location: Silver Spur Splat Paintball in Princeton, Indiana! (On google Maps) ​Time: 10am-4pm(Approximate) Payment: $5 field entry fee! ​​Though it has been some time since I have been to SS, I do believe they still sell food and drink in the shop there! Recommend bringing water and snacks just in case. Don't be dumb. Indiana in August is hot so be sure to hydrate before hand as well. ​You or your guardian can fill out a waiver at the shop there if you haven't played there this year. Takes two minutes. Too easy. ​And if you are of legal drinking age, feel free to come hang out after the game and listen to me talk about how much I love Thailand over a beer after the game! ​See you there! ​​​-Zigg​-
  13. 45 minutes South of you is a very active community. Look up Silver Spur Splat paintball field. Airsofters there every Saturday, and in numbers. Great little field. Worth your drive!
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