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  1. So do we expect people to come to this, or is everyone going to Blackjack?
  2. Well, there are several fields throughout the state that are either professionally run or private groups that run game days. The closest to Indy are probably either Spec Ops in Franklin or a few private fields around Bloomington (Boneyard and Joker's Circus). If you wanna play, just gonna have to get used to the idea of having to travel an hour or two. Keep an eye out here or on the numerous Facebook pages for airsoft in indiana for game day updates.
  3. While I realize this is a few months old, if you ever decide to acquire additional gbbp's, I have been running the KJW KP08 for about 6 years now and it has worked fantastically, at least during the fair weather the propane needs to function. Only upgrades have been inner barrel and packing. I think I've had more mag issues than gun issues thus far. While TM may have the name points due to years of being the best around, the KJW's are actually great guns in my experience.
  4. They have done quite a bit of work on the field of late. A good group of players that put on some good games. Come out, sling some plastic and have some fun...
  5. As stated before, "Claypool" is inside Muncie City limits, at the north end of Claypool Rd. The original game planned got pushed back to Dec.9th due to work schedules. The field is also being cleared a bit more and a few new "barricades" are being put in. It is a pretty decent field, capable to handling a MUCH larger group than usually shows up, but it is by no means professionally run. I don't mean that in a bad way, per se. It is primarily just a place where a group of buddies get together to shoot each other. It is very inconsistent and poorly regulated. That being said, I have had a fun time playing there pretty much every time I've gone. Plus, free is always the best price...
  6. When it gets cold, I have had pretty good luck running MAP gas (big yellow canister at Lowes/Home Depot/Menards) Usually found right next to the propane. It runs HOT during the summer, but runs just fine in the winter. As a precaution, it wouldn't hurt doing some slight modification to your gun to ensure it's longevity, such as a quick sanding of any metal-on-metal contacts and a slim piece of rubber or silicone on the buffer where the bolt slams into it. That, or just do what I do and HPA tap your gas mag and cross feed it to a AEG mag, that way weather doesn't matter...
  7. Looks like I'll be able to make this one +3, probably tan
  8. I have a KJW KP08 (1911 hi-cappa) Gas pistol and run it on propane (basically the same as green gas, just smellier) and average about 315-325 fps on chrono with a fresh mag.
  9. The more the merrier.... The field is beg enough to easily handle 20-30 players if we use both sides of the creek... And I wasn't sure how many of the usual players there are part of this page/forum...
  10. So, late notice I know, but Claypool Airsoft in Muncie, IN is having an open play tomorrow at 10 AM. It is a pretty laid back environment with some basic games (TDM, Downed Pilot, Capture the Flag, VIP Escort, etc). It is a heavily wooded area, and with all the rain we've had lately, bring your bug spray!! Cost is free and address is 900 N. Claypool Rd, Muncie, IN. If you are looking for hardcore MilSim play with serious players, you will not find it here. If you just want a relaxed day of slinging plastic, this is for you...
  11. After having owned both of them, I would definitely recommend the SR25. With both guns in the stock configuration, the SR25 seriously outperforms the EBR. As mentioned before, the SR25 is easier to work on and upgrade as well. I had my A&K SR25 for a couple of years and left it stock for most of its life and I LOVED that thing. Even stock, I was outranging most everything on the field except for the bolt guns and P*'s. They both weigh about the same, but I think the EBR is a little more front heavy, but all in all personally I think the EBR has the cooler look. The Cyma is built decently, but it is a pain the the ass to change the inner barrel.
  12. any spare mags for the WE AK you'd be willing to part?
  13. Depending on the wife's plans, I may be able to go. Any idea when the next game at MTAC will be?
  14. If you can find them, I have had excellent results with Angry Gun inner barrels. If your budget allows, the Orga Magnus is also a great barrel. I am not overly impressed with the Angel Customs barrels, they are ok with a good bucking, but I have had much better results with the Orga and Angry Gun barrels
  15. Would any of the dust covers fit on a WE gbbr?
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