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  1. I will be attending along with Cygnus and ILL Freak will be attending....I can't wait Joker...I know it will be a blast.
  2. I'm there, posibly more. I will bring a couple of floor brooms and scoop shovels.
  3. I was going to bring my chrono but I mysteriously disapeared off of the roster. I thought we were teammates but maybe I misunderstood.
  4. Sorry fellas, I'm not going to make it down this time after all. The wife was just told tonight that she had to work a mandatory Saturday shift since it is the last day of the month. So I will be with my girls instead of joining in on the weekend fun. Hope you all have a great time. I am sure I won't be missed much considering the high roster count. Thank you as always. See you soon!
  5. I will be bringing three others with me.
  6. My vote is the o-ring, that is my thought but now u guys do have me curious about the cut off lever...good luck for you either way K-9 cause I should have plenty of extra parts around here including springs.
  7. Yea, bring it back over here and I'll take a look at it for you again. Lol
  8. Glad to see that you made it to the boards K-9. I am certain that you will feel very welcome here just as I have. Great group of people here at AI. I can't wait for this season to kick off in full force.
  9. Thanks for clarification guys. I always thought that clips were the decorative hair accesories that girls put in their hair and mags were wheels on 70s model vans. :0 lol
  10. Sorry fella's I'm not going to be able to make it down after all. I have both of my hands full with homework to finish up before Monday. I was really looking forward to being there but I got to make sure I get my assignments completed. The better I do now the more I will be able to be available for the rest of the season. Have fun guys!
  11. My heart pours out for you and your family Archfiend. I have two young girls. I can't even imagine what you are going through right now. I am sooo sorry brother, my family will be praying for you and your loved ones.
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