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  1. That's all I need. Better get my arm strength up for this heavy bitch I'll be carrying all day. To everyone else on the receiving end; the dicks, you may now eat them.
  2. Good thing I have a pkm and a krink I guess. Also, anyone selling bbs on site...? because pkm
  3. Small squad tactics? Sounds like my kinda party. I'll be with my team.
  4. I have an upgraded magpul masada I'd be willing to let go for that price.
  5. I've decided it's time to move on, to smaller and more compact things. I've decided to get rid of my masada. This thing has honestly more upgrades than I can remember, but for those who has seen it they know it's noice, A1 grade fire shit. This isn't that little boo boo a&k shit you see. Nah, this thing so nice it ain't even made by the same people anymore. Mine was made by ares, ares trigger switch whatever the fuck it is, also has a quick change spring. Fancy. Here's the facts: Fps: 320ish, fuck you need all that fps for. It's more wear on the internals anyway. Range: godly, pick a target. It's gonna hit it. Battery: she's a hungry bitch, prefers an 11.1v Lipo. I can add 2 legit magpul mid caps and 2 g&g midcaps if you for some reason are not with the program called being an opr8tor. Here's what I would like for the masada: Somewhere around tree fiddy cash dollars. A nice Russian weapon capable of deep dicking my enemy's. Also, ask about my war belt. I don't know kit but I know this thing is v nice. Lots of m4 shit, total oper8tor.
  6. I greatly enjoyed pelvic thrusting people to life for rodan. Someone please tell me they have footage of it.
  7. Well, a little effort on your end will go far in this community. Especially things that involve Google. Here are the places I get stuff from: - user classifieds, here in the forums. - airsoftgi.com - evike.com -ehobbyasia.com Seriously bud, sit down tonight for 5 minutes and google that question above. You'll be amazed.
  8. But seriously, that post I had about magazines. I'm going to need them. I'm offering to trade my M&P 9c with 2 mags and a drop leg. If you need pictures look at the picture of your glorious CO.
  9. Play with your gun and bit and find out just how fast you need to pull that trigger to get it to cycle once and only once. When all else failed, that's what I always did. it's not perfect, but it works.
  10. Same boat here, didn't realize how much time you put into an adult sales job.
  11. would prefer 120rd+ midcaps, brand doesnt matter as long as they work in proper order. I know youve got extra mags, ive got extra cash. help me, help you. I need these at or before OP: Spring cleaning
  12. I challenge you to a diabetic battle for that spot. Im back, IN black.
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