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  1. Sorry haven't had time to build mine up and host...
  2. I'm retired from airsoft... Field Is only open to my private team. Sorry for inconvenience
  3. John Lu in a nut shell defined: " A man who got power hungry for the large scale AO Monopoly he had over the United States. An organization rises up to take revival his power hold, and he attempts to take the head off of his competition" Meanwhile the general population suffers. - Pretty Common Tactic in the Business world...
  4. I've ordered there a bunch of times. I did have one issue with shipping. I called the physical store on the phone and the situation was handled. I typically use ASGI most of the time
  5. Looks like everyone wants to be part of the outcome instead of part of the process. Its cool. Peli, Harv - Im making steaks this time...
  6. Guys, I am looking for some people to come and help me build my field up. I have alot of materials and such, but there is a large amount of down timber that needs to be cleared and cut. I am going for a natural "Vietnam" kinda of theme for my field. Wife says and I quote "I dont want it looking like a junk yard" My plan is to use alot of the already downed timer to create earthen bunkers plus building 3-4 fire bases through the woods. Looking for people who actually will put in a effort and work. Need(s) - Chainsaws (First priority) - Hand Tools - Building Materials (Check with me first before you bring) - Hammers, drills, screws - Shovels, rakes, other associated items - Tractor with a loader and backhoe If you are not willing to get dirty, actually work, or cant take direction from those in charge of planning. Please do not attend. 9:00am - Whenever we want to stop. 18 and over please - unless accompanied by an adult that is helping you on the field. All unaccompanied minors will be turned away Physical Address of my Property https://www.google.com/maps/place/8993+N+Co+Rd+450+W,+Farmersburg,+IN+47850/@39.2214685,-87.4974324,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x886d8132400ceccf:0x51da51e8e3026235
  7. I think there is only one way to settle this dispute... "Two men enter....One man leave".... "Two men enter....One man leave".... "Two men enter....One man leave".... "Two men enter....One man leave".... My proposal... Team Joker vs Team SZ... Joker and SZ draft 20 airsoft players each... We battle it out to the last man standing on a neutral airsoft site. "Winner takes it all.... loser takes the fall"
  8. I was the one who started airsoft in Indiana. me and my red rider bb gun back in the day used to shoot the neighborhood kids that walked by my house in the small rural town of Sardinia Indiana. Until one day little Casey Ferguson decided to take matters into his own hands and purchase the high coveted daisy model 25 pump action death dealing bb gun from hell. From that moment on, bb wars were born. You can look it up too. I swear to god its true.
  9. Is it possible to start a chairsofter sub forum for those like me who don't play but have all the toys?
  10. I will not be in attendance. Good luck to those of you at the meeting. I am willing to open my field for usage. Under certain circumstances. Peli can proxy in my votes and speak for me at this meeting. He also has been given the power to set up games and build days at my place. My field is roughly 5-7 acres. Can accommodate around 40-50 players. -50
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