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  1. I'll add it to the [bW] calender. Rather our guys support an in state game.
  2. The second week of April (13-14) is very busy and as such I would npt be able to attend. Mir Tactical is hosting an opener at The Airsoft Factory in Kankakee, IL that weekend and will likely pull potential attendees of said meeting....
  3. Here is the link for the map https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IeQw_ziG2dicNlmvGo27DOFo72m0MTaG/view?usp=drivesdk Any questions or concerns please email me at ccaemoo@gmail.com
  4. Moo

    Fal Air Nozzle

    I've either run out of resources or overlooked something. I'm having a hard time finding a replacement air nozzle for a JG/Lancer Tactical FAL. I unfortunately threw the broken part away so I can't provide measurements or reference pictures. Any help at all would be appreciated.
  5. I honestly thought my question original enough to not bother with a forum search, my mistake. I was aware of the intended M27 AEG but can't get a release date from Umarex/EF. The HAMR, I haven't heard anything on in the realm of airsoft but to my untrained eye I can see no external difference from it and a normal Scar-L. What about the technical aspects? Should a V.2 GB take the beating of full-auto for extended periods? Fets seem almost necessary to prevent lipo damage.
  6. I've been thinking the past week or so as to the acceptability of an M27 or FN HAMR in the support weapon lists. I'd like feedback on this topic and will be posting on both IN boards. If either are acceptable support weapons would drum mags be allowed? The M27 can and has been used with drum mags. I only ask because like their RS counterparts they are lighter and more maneuverable making them a little easier to carry around all day. They can go semi, so they are a little better for indoors than say a M249. EOs feel free to chime in with your 2 cents being as this is mostly targeted at you. http://en.wikipedia....Automatic_Rifle http://www.fnhusa.co...ar-family/hamr/
  7. I have a final suggestion. http://www.crazycromags.com/javelin-warrior-m4-cqb-fde-jegp054.html I've actually had a chance to crack one of these open and I was fairly impressed. The trigger is actually a micro switch so you won't have to worry about frying contacts if you have to spam semi-auto fire. It's a really compact gun coming in at just under 23 inches and it's an AR platform so mag and attachment options aplenty. They chrono around 340 with .2s and clip along at about 16rps with a 9.6v.
  8. Moo

    Rubber Tomahawk

    Chiming in a bit late, I have owned at one time the aforementioned "rubber" axe. Honestly the thing is crap, it's barely got enough rigidity to hold itself up-right. I did buy the coreless one but I still felt iffy about throwing it at people. The pick end is a little harsh when you throw it and it wobbles so much in flight I never felt sure enough to throw it. I could miss a man-sized target at fifteen feet half the time and when it did connect it wasn't ever precise. Catching it with your face would suck. If I were an EO I'd approve it but not for throwing accomplished martial artist or no.
  9. Had a great time, big thanks to Turner and Peli for putting this on. Pros: 1. Not waiting till october to play a zombie game. 2. The field was awesome lots of stuff and terrain to break up line of sight. 3. Finally go to meet some of the people here on this board. 4. Nearly eveyone played very well and followed rules. (only recall two hits not taken all day but they were remmedied with follow-ups) 5. Nice to see props instead of boxes with duct tape labels 6. Weather was decent, cold was easily forgotten about(unlike Red Dawn 2) 7. The bridge was an excellent choke point in favor of zombies. Cons: 1: Didn't use the machete I made specifically for this event. 2: Hills were a bit of a pain. 3. Didn't get to say goodbye to everyone or introduce myself to many. 4. Having an hour of down time before the zombie game, would have loved at least one other quick game. I hope to see you guys again in the near future.
  10. I should be there with one possible other. How restricted are we talking for ammo? I may bring one hi-cap just to so I don't have to wear my tac gear. Look more like a survivor rather than some military force.
  11. Due to an unforseen situation I will not be able to attend. Hope you guys have a blast.
  12. I should be there on tan side. Will pay day of.
  13. Moo


    Crazy Cromag's Airsoft Emporium will be having it's grand opening this coming Saturday the 10th. The guy will have his CQB field complete later this month. Address is 359 South Meridian Road, Huntington In. 46750, google it.
  14. Moo


    There is currently a CQB field being made here in Huntington. Me and a handful of guys are actually planning on going to Butler,IN this Sunday. Welcome to the group, pay attention and you may learn a thing or two.
  15. I'm personally a fan of Echo 1 despite the fact that their spokesman looks like a tard.
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