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  1. Batteries and launchers are sold pending funds. There is a lot of interest in the M4 and ESS Goggles so those may be sold soon too. Thanks for all of your interest in these items.
  2. Here is an update list. I have photos I can send you. Triton EQ charger - $50 KWA G36C M4 magwell and Madbull 6.03mm barrel - $150 KWA M4 in Tan with battery bag and 1 hi-cap and 1 mid-cap mag- $100 Long grenade launcher tan or black - $25 each Gas grenade shell - $10 9.6v 3600 - Large NiMH battery -$10 9.6v 1800 - Butterfly NiMH battery - $10 each have 2. 7.2v 1100 - NiMH battery - $5 7.2v 3000 - NiMH battery $10 9.6v 1100 - NiMH battery $5 ESS Goggle with Dark and Clear lens - $10 ESS Google with fan - $25
  3. Man this sucks. For whatever reason, I can't edit the post. So I will post up some photos shortly as soon as my internet is working. Until then PM me any questions Please keep personal phone numbers off the public pages and keep them to PM. -E
  4. Since it has been several years since I last played....I have all of my airsoft stuff to sell. I will post up stuff as I dig them out. Please Txt or call me at 3176274954. All of the stuff is located in 46077 - Zionsville. Willing to drive 10 miles for a FTF or ship at your expense. Paypal is welcome. Willing to do a package deal at $400 for everything. I'm sure they would come out with a great start in playing airsoft. Those old timers that know my, I'm an honest person and willing to make you a good deal. 1 - KWA Gen 1 G36c with M4 Mag conversion and 6.01 barrel. - This shot consistent 425fps +/- 3fps with .2g bb's making this a very accurate and fun gun to shoot. I'm sure it needs a new nub and spring which is easy to do. All metal construction and just a great gun to shoot. - $175 obo Misc Batteries as I dig them up. $10 Misc Mags Mid and Hi Cap - $5. 6mm .28g BB's - This was from a rice bag that I have split up into 1 lb bags. Also have few bio bb in bags. $7/bag. Again...just starting to collect everything. Need to count how many I have. 1 deluxe battery charger - Charges all types of batteries. Paid $125 selling for $50. Tan vest with mag pouches. $15 Tan vest with mag pouches and dump pouch. $20 Green camo vest with mag pouches $15 Then I may have a KWA M4 painted in Tan that needs a new spring and nub. $100. All metal construction.
  5. When's the next game? Schedule seems light and could use more play.
  6. Wish i could have. Have been too busy with work and personal stuff to think about it till now.
  7. I hate to sell this, but I have too. Not playing enough and I have another gun. Up for sale is a G&G G2000. The best F2000 replica. It shoots 180ft with .28g consistently. Has a custom flash hider, a variable FPS system. The gun is quite and is one of the best guns I have shot in airsoft. Known issues: Motor connector comes off under heavy fire. Selector switch does not work (not a big issue since it has single shot with a 1/2 pull of the trigger). I really hate to sell this gun, but I have bills to pay, and this is a last resort. First $200 takes it. Can meet in Indy FTF. Not sure when the next game I will be at. Just shoot me an email at olson_racing@yahoo.com and I will get back with you. Here is a photo of the gun. (red dot is not included). IMG_0346 by Somethin Jumpin Rabbits, on Flickr
  8. Sold....Thanks for looking. Please remove post.
  9. Fair-weather Johnsons......Just like Colts fans. I will take this the general boards...but all I have to say is climate controlled CQB...
  10. FYI...there is an INAC event at Blast Camp...so that may be pulling some people from this event. But it seems like it gets hot and people disappear. But I love night games since they are cooler and the sun doesn't set till 10pm now so it should be a great time. Can't wait. Talking it up to some noobs in the area to see if they want to go.
  11. I encourage everyone that plays airsoft or owns any bb or pellet guns to follow this link to Pyramyd Air's tool to notify the key members in the California Assembly that you are against SB795. It took me less than 1 minute to complete and the representatives that sit on the committee that will be voting on the next set for the bill were all notified. So please take the minute to do this and help keep all BB guns legal in California. Here is the link: SB795 - Say NO! Thanks, RD
  12. I wish more retailers would pick up this product. They are worth the price.
  13. Goose would be in anytime he can make it. I would be hard-press to get from work and geared up for the game by 5pm. 6pm-10pm would work better. It is still light till 9:30 now.
  14. So I have been able to use about 20 of the Sports Smoke TSG at two different games in two different weather conditions and overall I am impressed with the ease of use and quality of the product. The specs on these smokes: - Cold Burning so is safe to use on most fields -a 75 second burn time -10,000 cft of smoke -pull-ring activation - 2.5" long x 1.5" wide It is easy to pack 6 of these into a canteen/dump pouch and they light quickly (2-3 seconds). Cost for these will be in the $7-$9 range, but the best place I have found to get them are at http://www.tacticalvirtue.com. If you have them shipped, there will be a HazMat charge of $30. So order a large quantity save in shipping fees. Performance of the smokes seem to work best in a light wind (3-10 mph) with high humidity. Hang time for the smoke is several minutes and they produce a solid cloud that you can not see through. I used 3 of these at one time at Wounded Warrior and covered the field from south of the fort to the cemetery. People in the cemetery thought the fog was coming in off the lake. I was able to create a zero visibility "cloud" that allowed a large group to move up on the fort and attach. The enemy at the fort were just blind firing and had no clue what was going on in the smoke. The conditions were ideal for the smoke with high humidity, cool temps, wind around 5mph and a haze due to light fog. The second chance to use the smoke was in thick woods. One TSG was deployed to cover our flank from enemy fire as we moved forward. Then a second TSG was used to obscure the view of the enemy as we were extracting a down pilot. There was a light breeze 1-3 mph in the woods with high humidity and temps in the 80's. The smoke worked well and provided great cover in both actions. 15 minutes after the pilot was extracted, smoke could be seen drifting out of the woods. It gave the woods a very erie look like a light fog was coming out of the woods. The TSG smokes would not work well in high winds or large open areas that a thick smoke was needed. They do work great for small smoke needs and in confined spaces like thick woods and building and light wind/high humidity conditions. Smoke is a great advantage when used correctly to conceal your movements or to work as a distraction when attacking. Anyone that is serious about playing mil-sim airsoft should include some Sports Smoke in their kit. Hope this helps. Here is a video of the sport smoke in action. http://youtu.be/9g13dv8b1T4 Rabbitdave
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