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  1. The ACOG is another item I'm adding to the list. I will get pictures of the M4 up soon, as well as add more items. In case you were wondering where to ballpark your offers. On the G&P shoot for the $175 area. The CYMA and G&G in the $75 area.
  2. Foxy- Yes it is. Endgame- I know. I'll get around to it eventually. I still have a lot more to add yet.
  3. I've decided I need to start cleaning out. I'm not going to put set prices, just give me a number and we'll go from there. Most everything is in good condition with the normal wear and tear(unless otherwise noted.) Reasoning for sub-350fps on all weapons is for CQB use. Range is not affected. I accept paypal and will take cash face to face if you are within reasonable distance. AEGs: 1. G&P M4A1 Marine Edition (Limited Edition) (Discontinued) I bought this bad boy straight from the manufacturer in Hong Kong. It is my child. It has been my primary since I obtained it and it has been treated very well. I want a serious owner for it that will treat it well and put it to good use. BTW, it's name is Chesty. It has had several service repairs throughout the years. I believe I got it in 09 or 10. Cleaned after every game. Overall great weapon for any kind of fielding. Specs- 320-330fps Six inch spread at 25 yards One foot spread at 50 yards Aftermarket- King Arms Special Forces Crane Stock Daniel Defense 7" RIS Magpul PTS RVG Prometheus 6.03x407mm TBB Classic Army Hop-Up Polar Star/SCS Hop Up Nub Modify 110 Spring Shimmed by PELI Replaced Selector Plate Deans Wiring Comes with- 9.6v 4200mah Battery w/Battery Bag attached to stock Original Metal 130rd Midcap Original box with extra parts and goodies 2. CYMA M1A1 Thompson Very first real AEG. Barrel is a lil wobbly but shoots just fine. I believe I got this in late 08. Great for messing around with or time period loadouts. Specs- 350fps Nine inch spread at 25 yards Unknown at 50 yards Comes with- 8.4v 1600mah Small Tamiya 60rd Midcap 3. G&G M14 Socom I bought this used from user:Clayton a few years back. The stock is cracked, I simply put duct tape over it. Not pretty but can either be repaired easily or replaced. The specs is from before I left the spring compressed, after that I never got around to replacing it so it just sits. When it was fully functional it was a beast and one of the smoothest shooting AEGs I've ever shot. After replaced spring and body fixup it will be good as new. Specs- 330-340fps Four inch spread at 25 yards Nine inch spread at 50 yards Easily reaches 200ft accurately Aftermarket- I believe Clayton replaced stock RIS with King Arms New Fuse Comes with- 8.4v 1500mah Large Tamiya (seems small but it usually lasts a full day no problem) Original 250rd Highcap Gas: 4. WE 1911 MEU Bought this used from user:Hanback. It is nicely taken care of. I especially like the EGA in the handle. It's a sturdy pistol and shoots well. I never chronoed or tested accuracy but I can say it is typical gas pistol specs. I'll be sad to see it go. Comes with- Original Box Carrying Case Two 15rd Mags CO2(maybe) Gear/Accessories: 5. Condor Hydration Pouch w/2.5L Bladder (Tan) 6. Condor Radio Pouch (Tan) 7. 5 MAG M4/M16 130rd Midcaps (I would like to sell together) 8. Classic Army 250rd Highcap M4/M16 *Pics coming soon **Lots more items will be added soon *** I will be really lenient on price if you buy multiple or all items
  4. Seeing Ambu's post has inspired me to write this. Like him, most of you probably don't know me beyond a callsign on a computer screen, but this is for those I have had the priviledge to play with and to those I have gotten to know on a personal level. I've been inactive this past year, largely due to life: job, family, sports, school, and other things we'll get to later. I've been with this community four or five years now. I consider you guys family in a way. You deserve to know why you haven't been and won't be seeing much more of me. As some of you may know it has been my dream to go the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland with the intentions of becoming a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps (Infantry). I'm very happy to say that dream is coming true. That magic letter from the Department of the Navy finally came about a week ago. Just a few more things need to be done in the coming months. In that time I will be busy with a mound of documents, essays, my physical, my PT test, and speaking and meeting with several federal legislatures and a Blue and Gold Officer to get things tied up. Not to mention school will be starting in a little over a month. You can imagine I will be quite busy. I will try earnestly to make time for a few games here and there but this time next summer I will likely be signing off for good. I want to thank all of you for helping mold me into the person I am today. This sport and the people have given me a very unique experience in life. My understanding of military, government, and history has expanded due to this community. Also, my understanding of human behavior has broadened; I was there for the good days of the IAA, the months of everyday rage wars, the split (or as I like to call it The Revolution), the birth of a new community on an old foundation, and it's growth. I have no doubts that airsoft will continuely thrive and evolve here in Indiana, this community is in good hands, as I hope it always will be. Special Thanks (in no particular order): Dennis(Joker)- In my early years you were a great role model and after that, a friend. I have tremendous respect for you and what you have done here, sir. I know only bits about your personal life and know quite a bit of what you have had to deal with here over the years. My hat is off to you. Harvest-You are crazy and realistic and poetic and I love it. You may not know it but you've taught me a great deal just by me observing and listening. You've also given me some excellent advice when I needed it. Thanks! Horse Force Raphiki-Thanks for always believing in Zigg and I and our team. Your support was and is appreciated. Many memories with you on the field, man. Semper Fi! Trent(zebrex)- You've been a great friend to Zigg and I! You've always been cool with us and our team. Fun times on and off the field, man. Tell your daughter to keep shootin'. Rob(hrturner) & Mike(dragon)- Way to take leadership and pave the way for a better community. I've always looked up to you guys on the field and have learned a lot from listening to you talk and reading your many informational posts. Keep it going. PELI- Dude, you're awesome. You've been a tremendous friend to me and have done a lot for me. On the field you are a great competitor and off the field you're just a cool guy to chill with and talk to. Always been there to give me advice when I needed it, no matter how stupid the issue was. Thank you for all you have done. Altes- It's been real, man. Lot's of good times with you on the field! I'm gonna miss running with you. IMPACT- Always a pleasure being on the same field. Crimson, 50 I.N., it's been great running with you guys. Thanks for all advice. Pablo, I'm going to miss you, you crazy Spaniard, and your steaks. Zigg- I'm not through yet but when I'm gone I trust S.O.R.T. 712 to you, until your time of service. We've been through the Quigley and we've been at the very top. It's all been worth it. From you and I playing with Wal-mart plastics, to finding the IAA by chance, to Iron Spear, to our first Blind Fury, to now, it's all been worth it. We've been shooting plastic for so long, I think we're ready to shoot hot lead. Oorah! Everyone- To the many who have inspired and guided and helped me along the way thank you. You are not forgotten, I simply feel I need to wrap this sob story up. Also, to those I hope I have helped and guided I have a last bit of advice; keep your head down, keep moving, and ALWAYS listen. You will gain an abundance of knowledge if you but listen and observe, and eventually you will have gained the right and ability to talk and share. If anyone has any questions on anything at all, or just want to chat, PM me and/or I'll give you my e-mail.
  5. Sarge

    Will It Fit?

    Yes, they should fit.
  6. Welcome, and I apologize.
  7. Not possible. Not one part of an airsoft gun is made to withstand real steel or even to accomodate it.
  8. All PM's have been replied to and some I have not heard back on for awhile. Since the editor is not submitting my changes I'll post sold and price reduced items here. SOLD: Desert Marpat Top Desert Marpat Bottoms Woodland Marpat Bottoms Hydro Carrier and Bladder Price Reduced: Amp Tactical ACOG- $40 CYMA Thompson- $80 Bomb Prop- $5 Shooting Gloves- $2 Battery Bundle- $10
  9. Sarge

    Lost Assault Pack

    I thought I saw it in the Tan FOB night of Ronin.
  10. At first I was like -_- and then I was like 0_0. Very nice sir! If I see you in the field I shall consider.
  11. Hmm..maybe I just got some really good ones. Of course I bought mine 2 or 3 years ago.
  12. First off, unless you have heavily upgraded the internals I would not recommend a lipo in a Combat Machine. Which leads to what the problem might be, the lipo. It could be it is shooting so fast the mag is not able to feed. However, I think this is unlikely. MAG is a quality brand and usually feeds. What else it might be is the mag isn't fitting in the magwell properly, this is very common. All you must do is see what part isn't fitting and file it down.
  13. I had this problem once as well. It could be your fuse or lack thereof. Also maybe your wiring.
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