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  1. I will be bringing a barrel smoker/grill to donate to the field if Joker still wants it, and if somebody has a old padlock and chain to donate, so we can lock it to a tree up by the table, that would be fantastic. Oh yea. can play for a few hours, so I guess team 1
  2. 7 pm EST.........dish, nex, endgame are green and put down same team name as dish and nex....that's if they don't mind, I'm sure they wouldn't.
  3. W. don't ever be sorry just because you pick a side to run with. A few people in this sport/hobby, want to put players down if they want to play "ARMY" a different way or pick a different CO to run with. It is the SAME game no matter what side you play on, just a bunch of grown ass men, yelling and having a great time. We have 4 going rangers, just love playing US, but Bubba is a cool mother-fuc*er. see you all there.
  4. oh crap, this will be the 2nd game that Thomas and I will have to miss, going to Red Storm East the following weekend, no way I can get off of work. Glad your playing more Poncho, "The power of Pew Pew Compels You"
  5. it will be cold, so just find a black zipper up, and dress in some layers
  6. Probably will have everybody who is riding with me ( 4 total ) glad you didn't pick BW3, I know that is a personal favorite for some.
  7. loved that video....... Glad to see you playing and hosting again, cant wait to get back up there.
  8. he is looking at a V2 Gen3 I still think he can save some money and get a Gen 2 ?
  9. Help him out guys, he is looking for a used, good price polar star Engine Kit
  10. BigAltes


    I would also like to recommend a 7.4 lipo. look for a small style to fit your stock, will give you a little faster rate than a 9.6, wont die in cold weather, and will last longer if you take car of them. http://www.all-battery.com/7-4volt-1000mahButterflypack31599.aspx a good and cheap charger http://www.all-battery.com/TenergyTB6-1BalancingCharger-01344.aspx
  11. Nex are you not working on Sundays anymore?
  12. nice roster boys have a good time, just too short of notice for most of us, but hey john just posted about Northern lights4 so all is not lost.
  13. They always charge more for your first lion claws event, my guess is 200 for you or 225, but it could be cheaper.
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