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  1. It is still active, has not been postponed. Leave early and give yourself plenty of time to safely get there.
  2. I'll be there. Thanks for taking the initiative and responsibility to get the ball rolling Nox, we need more young guys like you stepping up. If you need any logistical help let me know. Is anyone opposed to the Jockamos venue of last year's meeting? If anything has rung true consistently over the many years of this community, and airsoft in this state before AI, this statement is it. This community self governs well in a face-to-face group environment, even if it means accomplishing little else on the dreamers' agendas, we still have that core level of self preservation. That alone is worth coming to the meetings for, to get a real understanding of what this community is, and what it means to the people here. If you were there last year, you know how that works out.
  3. I'm unfortunately working mandatory overtime now, but I'll still be there towards the end of the day to check out the field and chat a bit.
  4. I'll pick one up at the game.
  5. ICS Grease Gun, lightly used, painted to a parkerized color, TBB, wired to Deans. I bought it on a whim, never fielded it, just test fired. Missing battery cover, $4 part at evike. Includes Hi-cap mag. $80 FTF. Echo1 CSR replacement parts lot. This was sold to me as a complete AEG by a comrade (now suspected of being Gopnik) as a lightly used AEG that fired fine with no problems. "Oh yeah it works fine just a little piston problems." It never worked for me after countless hours of teching on it, so I'm selling this as a parts lot because I have more important projects to focus on. If you have a crazy amount of free time and you like beating your head against a wall you might be capable of making this a working AEG, but I'm selling it as a parts lot. All the parts are there, a few broken pieces (cover latch, bolt handle cracked, barrel pin, missing rear sight), all the important stuff is present and serviceable. Gearbox is complete but fires auto only, even after I replaced the cut-off lever (original was shredded), I suspect it needs a new trigger switch assembly or some new trigger linkage parts (has 3 gears on the trigger). Has a new Lonex A1 motor installed in reverse, this AEG has 4 gears not 3, and I handmade some 7mm solid steel gear bushings for it. FULL DISCLAIMER: The cylinder head is completely proprietary, and the piston is a 19 tooth helical cut which are very hard to find. The previous owner shredded 2 pistons while dicking around, it was a miracle he found a lightly used replacement for a decent price. Also includes a lightly used spare gear set and cylinder assembly, and 3 hicap mags (not pictured). I would not advise buying this as a project unless you know what you're getting into. $80 cash money, $50 if you don't want the Lonex A1 motor and gear bushings. What you see is what you get, no idea what makes the stocks are. $25 for it all. M16 small parts, 3 spare gear sets (JG,G&G,KA). $25 SRC AK gearbox shell and unknown crap motor. $5 King Arms M16 gearbox and parts, no idea where I got this but it look good. $15. Random springs, $2. Systema M130, NIW. $10. Systema Helical piston, NIW. $20. Blackhawk belt, XL, $5 511 belt, 32"-34", $5
  6. This thread will be continually updated. I always have a bit of stuff up for sale, because that's how I roll. I can ship this stuff, meet you at a game I'm attending, or meet on the southside of Indy. *Trades: - USGI 6-color Desert: Small/Reg top, Med/Short bottom. - Russian Camo and Gear. - TM or CA standard AK mags. - Old school TM and CA AK's, G/P compatible parts. - Ranger Green MOLLE gear. - TM or CA M16 standard mags. - Real AR and AK mags, parts, ammo, etc. -Legit Navy SeaBee issue NWU Type III (AOR2) top in Large/Long. Brand new. $50 FTF, $55 shipped, or trade for similiar in Small/Reg. -Flora 48-3 Top. Brand new. Earlier color variant, more khaki-toned base. $50 shipped. -Flora 56-6 top. Used, missing 1 button, otherwise VG cond. $30 shipped. -Flora 44-4 set. Looks commercial, no OTK stamps. Used, VG cond. $50 shipped. -Russian VSR winter coat in 44-3. Brand new (NOS), never worn outside. 1993 dated, which makes it second year of issue. Khaki-dominant varient, excellent pattern. Includes the liner and removable fur collar, the whole package. It is incredibly warm, very well insulated for Russian winters. Has internal leather-lined Makarov holster with landyard. This jacket fit me very well in the body and chest, but the arms are a little shorter than I prefer, just at the wrist when relaxed. I'm 5'10" with long arms, this would be perfect for someone that's 5' 7" or shorter, that normally wears a size Small-Reg or Small-Short BDU top. Without the liner it fits like a 50-3, about a US Medium/Short. These are very hard to source stateside, especially NOS, and with everything included. I'm only selling it to buy a size longer, when I can find one. Price is firm at $125 FTF, $145 shipped CONUS. Arktis B210 Windproof Smock, Danish M84 Flecktarn camo, size Medium. Like new. $135 shipped. LBX (LBT's overseas) Project Honor chest rig, like new. Rig looks solid, quality stiching and construction. $40 shipped. USMC FLC MOLLE vest, brand new. $55 shipped. USMC hydration carrier with straps. Like new. No bladder. $20 shipped. -(2) AUSCAM utility pouches. These were protoypes of some sort, 1000d construction, ALICE type attachment. Really neat pouches, AUSCAM just doesn’t work for me. $25 shipped for both. -USGI canvas M14 mag pouch, I believe it's the M56 webbing set. VG+ condition, no mildew/corrosion of any sort. You won't find these often in this condition. $25 shipped. -(2) Alice to MOLLE adapters, like new. $10 shipped for both LBT ACU and AirForce tigerstripe pouches. All new. $15 shipped for all 4.
  7. Green: Echo Joker Oxide Fen Targetpractice Tan: TK-04 OLLIE Brax Man + 1 Comrade Devil (ThirdGroup) Red Devil Comrade S_Z (ThirdGroup) Comrade Wichita (ThirdGroup) Basic (ThirdGroup) Noxtoof (ThirdGroup) HRTurner (ThirdGroup) Fill-ins: Red 2 Civey [will determine later] Zombie Machete [will determine later]
  8. PineSol should be fine, might want to double check for petroleum content though. It should work on alloy (aluminum/magnesium) and steel pieces, not sure I'd let polymer parts soak in it.
  9. That's large MilSim rules, traditional Tan vs Green setups. MultiCam was banned from games when it first came out, too. Most Indiana games don't care what you wear. Teams are divided relatively evenly, it's your teammates' job to ID their target.
  10. I second what Hanback says about the VFC "self shimming" gears, it's a bad idea. It allows the gears to walk and rub against each other under stress. I've made a handful of stainless steel solid shims for guys that remove the springs, that way you can shim the gears as normal. I have a first gen VFC AK104, and the gears are pretty decent in it, I'd rate them on par with Guarder. Compared to gears from Pablo's VFC 416, you can see the difference in quality.
  11. The LBX Project Honor camo was what I was referring to above by large pixel. It actually works better at distance than most patterns, doesn't look like a blob of dark color. The first time I saw it used was at the airfield in Springfield during an early summer game, blended in great at distance and looked like MultiCam up close.
  12. Facebook is a publicly traded company, they answer to a board of directors, it's a business decision. I don't like it either, but it's their house, their rules. Firearms and their replicas have been under attack perpetually since the dawn of their invention. The NRA is fighting a lot of the anti-replica laws, because they know the implications and precedents set will affect gun ownership, personal liberties, etc.
  13. You know, I'll try to bite my tongue on that again, arguing revisionist history is hardly worth the effort. You were present when organization began, yes, but you were not the driving force nor the cradle of birth for airsoft in Indiana. There was a reason PointMan, Harvest and I drove to Ohio and Kentucky every weekend to play, same as the members of 6MM and ASKY who lived in Indiana. You contributed to the growth of the hobby here under the IAA, just like every other player who hosted games in that organization, but a little humility on the subject would suit you well. I've known you a long time, and we get along, but I'll be damned if anyone is going to take sole credit for what was accomplished in the early days of organizing this hobby in Indiana. Good luck on your class.
  14. That baked on grease looks horrible, had a few of those myself on used "parts lot" mechboxes. This is where an ultrasonic cleaner really comes in handy, let them soak for days. Those are JG stock gears, so who knows what type of grease that actually is. I cringe everytime I read "worked good last time I fired it 3 years ago" in a sales ad.
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