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  1. I would like to buy a tan, Glock 34 gen. 5 CO2 pistol.
  2. I’m late. I’m from Evansville. See you on the field.
  3. Sounds like you want a DMR. Tbh everyone starts airsoft cause the videos and want to be a sniper. There are a few things to consider, what are the 2 fields you’ll be playing at most of the time? And definitely rent a gun if you can before spending the MINIMUM of $150 on a gun (go $350 buy once cry once) to see if you like the sport and what your play style is. What are their minimum engagement distances (MEDs), most important is the field (is it open or CQC? Do you even need a scope?), field gun power requirements, game mode, etc. Spring is the best for conventional bolt sniping, powerful and the most quiet. Air aka CO2 or Green Gas, I’m not an expert so idk maybe. Mostly for pistols. Electric, or AEG is what I use, a good ole M4. The most popular of airsoft guns, usually for rifles, subs, and DMRs. But always fairly loud, and mostly unable to silence. And really, in airsoft you don’t really need a gun “setup”. Pick a gun, and you’re done. I find $200 scopes, lasers, flashlights, bipods to be largely impractical. Between running, face and eye protection, adrenaline, and target distance, you don’t really need to or will, hard aim. Most of my kills are within pistol range. My opinions are mostly based on MY fields, if your field is big and with good long lines of sight, go full on sniper. If your moving around, your prolly advancing, enemies are also, don’t get out gunned, go full auto. But of course there are times you’ll need either speed or range. But remember everyone else is going to be running or behind cover, so you’ll have to get a flank most of the time or face losing wackamole. So do you even need the range of a sniper? But again, this all depends on the fields you’ll be at and your style, that’s the biggest factor. Airsoft is expensive, between gear and guns it’s easy to spend $1000. Sniping is the most expensive class to play. I can elaborate more if need be but otherwise, Welcome to airsoft soldier, Rattler out.
  4. Alex aka “Rattler”. I was at the Boneyard games Oct. 19th and Nov. 9th. Is there a secret airsoft spot in Eville? There should be. 11/11/19
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