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  1. Thanks! I'm hoping someone attending sees this and maybe wants to help me out lol. It's an hour's drive, so I don't really want to go out there on hopes and dreams. I posted to the event on facebook too. The Map looks incredible.
  2. Well, I just moved here from California, and I'm still spending most of my money replacing stuff we couldn't bring with us. It ended up being a moot point as I think my box with my batteries & chargers somehow went missing, so even if I could use my bbs, I couldn't use my gun.
  3. I'd like to attend this, but I only have non-bio bbs. Would anyone like to trade my non-bio .3s for your bios, .28 or higher? I'll offer a 2:1 ratio, your favor.
  4. I've got a ton of non-bio bbs, but this game I'd like to attend requires bio bbs. Anyone want to trade my non-bio .3s for your bio .3s at a 2:1 ratio, your favor?
  5. Hello! My name is Josh, I go by Jman over the radio. I just moved to Indianapolis from California. Out in California I did more running of games than playing of games. My friend and I founded Average Pros Airsoft Games, and we would run games for free on BLM land, nearly every week. Most of those weeks were like open play days at commercial fields, where we'd set up a scenario, take the players out, run the scenario, then take the players back to set up for the next scenario. We also started a series we called "Open Frontier" which were 12 hour continuous play games where players acted as independent contractors in a dystopian world setting. Players could take on contracts, which were like miniature games within the game (deliver this object to this location, or conversely, intercept this object on its way to location), or they could scavenge old tech (broken radios, electronics, hardware, etc) and sell it. Players could also rob each other, and there was a faction that had a bounty on their head as well. I had to leave most of my game supplies behind in California, so out here I'm just trying to get some games on and join the community for now. I'd love to find a field that I could team up with to start running more organized games again, but that's in the future.
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